DIY Fairy Art Doll – How to Sculpt a Face with Clay – Doll Sculpting Polymer Clay Tutorial – Part 1

DIY Fairy Art Doll – How to Sculpt a Face with Clay – Doll Sculpting Polymer Clay Tutorial – Part 1

I almost stepped on a fairy in the forest
today. A blur of pink caught my eye, and then I saw
her. She had pink hair and wore a pink rose petal
dress, but her eyes were as green and golden as the woodland around her. For today’s polymer clay tutorial, I’m going
to show you how to sculpt a face. I’ll be sculpting a miniature doll head, but
you can use thes principles of sculpting a face to make whatever you like and in any
size you like. This is certainly Caroline, with more Polymer
Clay Fairy Tale Nonsense, create your own fairy tale world with my miniature art tutorials. As always, a link to the supplies I used for
this tutorial will be in the description below. Start thinking of your doll’s head in the
shape of an egg. To help you do this, I thought I’d show you
how to begin sculpting the head by sculpting right on this egg. Draw a vertical line down the middle, then
a horizontal line across the middle. The horizontal line is where the eyes will
go. Now draw a short line in the middle of the
lower half of the face. This is where the bottom of the nose will
go. Now place a short line between the bottom
of the nose and the bottom of the chin. This is where the bottom of the lip will be. And just move up a little from that line to
place the opening of the mouth. The ears go on the sides, obviously, between
the eyes and the tip of the nose. Now divide the middle horizontal line into
fifths, starting from the beginning of the ear on this side, to the end of the other
ear, like this. You can indent with a ball tool where the
eye sockets will go, right here and right here. And the nose is one eye-width across. But if you’re going for the doll look, you
might want bigger eyes, and a smaller nose. I start with a quick sketch to get out what’s
in my head and to decide on the size and proportions of my fairy doll. Using a wooden tool, I smooth out the rough
edges. And ‘draw’ a basic idea of where I want the
features. I make the eye sockets by pushing into the
clay with a ball tool, and I round out and smooth down the sockets, because I’m not really
going for the Corspe Bride look. While I’m smoothing out the sockets, I’m watching
the profile and indenting for the nose a bit. And while I’m doing this, I have Google search
I’m referring to. I just typed in “woman’s face profile” in
Google images. I indent a bit around the lower part of the
nose to form the cheeks, and to begin to define the nose. I’m shaking because I’ve had too much coffee
and not enough food. Food break. Must eat something. Anything easy. Cold pizza works. Now I want more coffe. To refine the nose, I start by making very
light indents just above the nostrils using a rubber tipped tool. I beginto indicate where I want the nostrils,
almost sketching at this point, and always watching all angles. This is a dental tool; it comes in handy when
you want to define the nooks and crannies around the nose. I just need to get the thicknesses of the
nostrils just right, and I’m also trying to get the alignment right. To sculpt the eyes, I start by baking a little
ball of clay, then I cut the baked ball in half, and place them in the doll’s eye sockets. I add little, thin, strips of clay for the
lower and upper lids, and carefully smooth them out using my wooden tool and my blunt
rubber tipped tool. I’ll list the tools, and where I get them,
in the link below. I’m continually checking the profile while
I work. I’m refining, smoothing, and defining more
and more as I go. And I finish off with the pointy dental tool. I love sculpting the lips. Since it’s the last feature I work on, it’s
usually the easiest, and it’s the most rewarding because the face just seems to come alive. After making an opening with my knife, I use
my blunt rubber tipped tool to make indents in the corners a little, and then I pull the
clay down a bit. I’m using very light touhes since each touch
matters now. Just take your time and tap tap tap, lightly
touch and smooth until you’ve found the face you’re looking for. This is the relaxing part of sculpting. If you’re frustrated right now, take a break
and go do something else. False alarm. It wasn’t a bug. It’s not a bug, it’s a bubble. If you really want to learn how to sculpt,
you need the long version of this video. I made the long version so you could sculpt
along with me; we’ll sculpt a doll face together, side by side. Check the link below. If you’d like to provide a home for one my
little fairies, I’ll provide a link to my shop below. In Part 2 of my fairy art doll tutorial for
YouTube I’ll show you how I attach the face to the head, and I’ll show you how I made
everything else. Like this video if you liked it, and if you
haven’t already, subscribe to my strange little world of polymer clay fairy tales.

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  1. Hi Caroline! I really enjoyed your video on face making, it was very good! Can't hardly wait to see the 2nd one. I am an Artist and recently got into sculpting dolls. My very first is a mermaid. It's so much fun, however there is so much to be done, patience is a must! Funny to me now to do dolls. When I was a young girl I rode horses and did have my own, so I never played with them. The world of make believe, fairies and mermaids and… Is enchanting to me so I was driven to do this now. Your other video on mermaids helped me s great deal, thank you for making them and sharing your talent and time, Laura

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  4. Pretty cool! I love making faces. It is one of my favorite things to do with clay. I just find it relaxing and exciting to see what kind of face comes out. I don't use reference pictures etc. I just wing it and see what happens. I figure the clay will make the face it wants to be. 🙂 My other favorite thing is making lentil beads with clay. I find that relaxing and exciting too. I need to start selling some though because I love making them but not so fond of assembling them into jewelry. 😛 – Heidi

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  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering a real time version, awaiting my email shortly. Also, you could perhaps consider having a patreon website such as this guys one, At $4 per month as a starting contribution for the tutorials its affordable even for someone with a very limited budget but it also allows me to contribute a small amount to you for all the efforts you put into your tutorials as they are much appreciated, especially the long versions that gives me a real chance of increasing my skill. I have only just started using polymer clay and have not used any form of clay since I was about aged 14 in my year 8 art class, (I was rubbish then lol) I am almost 32 now and have not painted since I was in primary school so have a GREAT deal to learn but its an enjoyable process and thanks to kind wonderful people such as yourself sharing your skills and experience on Youtube you offer me a chance I would otherwise not get as I both live in a semi rural location in Australia and as I have a disability cannot go to workshops even if they happen to exist in my area (they don't) also annoyingly all the supplies such as clay and paints cost FAR more as much as 3 times the price the US pays which makes any hobbies much more costly. $4 per month is affordable even for me.

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