DIY Easy Tissue Transfer To Candle/Decorating Candles  (HD)

DIY Easy Tissue Transfer To Candle/Decorating Candles (HD)

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry With Ivelisse DIY Easy Tissue Transfer To Candle that can
be lit. A gift set for my sister. What I used, all items are listed in the description
box. I wanted to make my sister a custom candle
to match the coasters I made her. There are tons of videos online of how to
do this but I found one in particular to be very helpful. By Kim Wallace. The link to that video is in the description
box. Also this video is in real time because I
wanted to show you exactly what I was doing and if I had time lapsed it, you won’t have. Hope you enjoy. I first measured the tissue with the candle
and cut it to size. I left a slight space at the top and bottom. Place the candle on the tissue and make sure
it will roll up evenly. Once you do that, take a piece a wax paper
and place it on the edge where the tissue starts. I wanted to bond that part first so that when
I rolled it up it wouldn’t slip and be as tight as possible. Using a heat gun, I set it on low and started
to heat it. You will see when the wax goes through the
tissue. Don’t hold the heat on it to long. Once that part was done I took the wax paper
off… wrapped the tissue around the candle and cut
the excess off. I then re-wrapped the tissue as tight as I
could. Then took the wax paper and wrapped it all
the way around the candle holding it tight while I proceeded to put heat on it. I rewrapped it because the wax paper had wrinkles
and I was afraid that that would make the same wrinkles on the candle if I had left
it. Heat all the way around until the hole candle
is done. Remember not to leave the heat on it for to
long. When I was done I pealed the wax paper off. I then added some flat back sticker pearls
to the top and bottom. If my sister wants to light it all she has
to do it peal the top sticker pearls off and then she’s all set because the tissue is now
infused with the wax and is safe to burn. And that’s it! You have yourself a custom candle you can
use. I made this set for my sister and I think it came out so cute. If you want to see how I made the coasters the link to that video is in the description box. Thanks for watching! If you liked this video, Don’t forget to hit the like button and If this is your first time watching I hope you consider subscribing to get updates on future video’s and remember, Do it yourself, There’s no need to cry!

13 thoughts on “DIY Easy Tissue Transfer To Candle/Decorating Candles (HD)

  1. Love decorating candles I've decorated some with images of friends and family even my cat has some. Luckily they always come out very well. Will be doing some this weekend stocking up for Christmas presents :). I also hope to decorate a wooden box lid with a photo of my friend's grandchildren. Box is coming along nicely the image I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to apply it to the lid. Love your tutorials they are always very insperational. Hugs😀

  2. You said your able to use the candle after you applied the decor on it. I know the candle will melt over time but the decode will not cause a fire. Is this correct? Melting I get. I am going to be giving candle for Christmas I just want to make sure I give a correct answer. So the candle are useable not just decoration correct?
    Thank you.

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