DIY – Easy origami envelope tutorial

DIY – Easy origami envelope tutorial

Hello dear friends
in this video demonstration of how to fold origami envelope simply and easily.
This origami – paper folding for beginners take a sheet of A4 format folded horizontal top edge and bottom edge fold fold lower fold to the folded top center line reveal fold the bottom right corner refold the lower left corner lay down in a vertical line refold vertical line
reveal fold to make small rectangles so
here to make the fold fold open on the right side
 the left side is also open triangles bend to lay down the central part of the horizontal fold vertically and fold angle
I refold the left side fold to make a bend and fold
I refold the left side add up to make a bend and fold fold the origami envelope full place class subscribe to a channel

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  5. It was really very easy making this envelope .(I think I can't make this without this step by step video)
    Thank you so much

  6. When watching this video I was like wow there is so much folding to do and then remember I was watching an origami video so that’s the point 😂

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  10. Todos os vídeos que eu via eram muito difíceis esse foi oq mas deu explicação é o que eu achei mas fácil

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