DIY Easy Indian Wedding Nail Art Designs Using Craft /School Supplies | Swag-e-Shaadi

DIY Easy Indian Wedding Nail Art Designs Using Craft /School Supplies | Swag-e-Shaadi

he angels welcome back to the polished
girl wedding season is just here and we all are gonna attend someone’s wedding
but at least once in our life there is a case when we don’t get time to be
prepared for the wedding and especially when it comes to nails nail art supplies
are not easily available in the market you have to order it online and those
never reach on time here I got your back today I’m going to show you all how to
do these easy-peasy nail art designs using just craft or stationery supplies
which you can literally find anywhere and you know about Indian weddings right
you have to perform so many of rituals in just a day. You just change your
clothes that’s right nail art? you don’t really get time to change your
nail art. But these nail arts are gonna be so much easy and you can change it
like Oh in the matter of minutes and yes this video is gonna be in Hindi. Don’t
worry I will be providing important subtitles in English. So we should
finally get started but before we get started make sure you have subscribed to
my channel and also press the bell icon. so without any further ado let’s get
started. Before you start, make sure your nails are completely clean.
I am gonna start with a white adhesive. Okay! I will apply one layer of this.
Removing nail art becomes a task When you have to perform so many of rituals. White glue comes handy for this. This works as a peel off base coat. This is a cheaper & easily available alternative for peel off base coat & cuticle protector.
You can also apply this around your cuticles. for easy cleanup
I will leave a link in description box Do check that out
Keep applying more layers one after the other when the previous layer dries. Go for atleast 2-3 layers.
remember the more layers you add
the more easy it will be to remove. While it is drying, I’ll be adding
a golden sheer polish to my ring fingernail. This is a stationery or craft glitter which you can find at any stationery store Take a good amount on tissue
paper. Once the glue is completely dry, Take a polish of the color matching to the glitter or take a top coat Or you can simply apply
a clear polish Pour the glitter with the help of a fanbrush before it dries. You can do it using your hands if you don’t have any fanbrush
That works well too. You have to pour the glitter very generously.
So that there’s No empty space visible.
Once you are done with pouring the glitter, You have to clean it By tapping off the excess.
Apply a layer of top coat or clear polish After which it would look like this. Do another coat of glitter Before the polish is dry.
It will start looking like this. You can go for topcoat but I will leave it as it is because I like it like that.
After that, using nail polish remover with a cotton swab I will clean up around the cuticles It will easily clean up the excess glitter & white adhesive which is left on cuticles. You can use another fanbrush for extra cleanup. This is a nail art striping tape which you can easily find anywhere.
In case you are not able to find it, You can make your own by cutting thin stripes of a normal duct tape.
To make it less sticky, I place it on my skin for once.
After that I will place it vertically on my nail.
The yellow one is a normal duct tape. You have to cut very thin stripes. Apply clear polish between those tapes & pour the glitter. Tap off the excess. Remove the tapes before the polish dries.
Make sure your polish stays between the tapes Otherwise the glitter will stick here & there & that doesn’t look good. Clean the excess glitter with the help of a fanbrush You can use any other brush instead of fanbrush.
Even a paintbrush would do. Here we get our nail art ready. You can put on some top coat if you like. This was an easy breezy not so cheesy nail art. You can get these craft supplies at any stationery / craft store. You don’t need to order anything online. We will be using red glitter for the next nail art. Red is a very preferred color for Indian weddings. Even golden is very popular. You can use golden glitter too if it’s available. I have misplaced my golden glitter & even my topcoat. That’s why I am using this red glitter topper. While it is still wet, I will be pouring glitter using the same fanbrush. I have used white glue as a peel off base coat here as well.
White glue works really well. You just have to apply atleast 3 thick layers. It also dries fast if you don’t mix anything & use it on its own. You can peel it off when you don’t want the nail art anymore. Tap off the excess. Don’t apply glue on the ring finger. Because it can get peeled off with the tape. Apply top coat & clear polish . Pour the glitter once again. I am gonna use a top coat to achieve anything effect of a textured polish. The ring finger is gonna be my accent nail. Fold a duct tape in a V-shape & cut half of a heart. You have to keep your nail size in your mind while cutting the heart. It should look good on your nail size. Once you open the tape, you’ll get a complete heart. Remember to keep some extra tape. So that you can easily remove the tape once you are done. Paste it over the ring finger. Put it on the desired position. Put some polish. Pour the glitter & tap off the excess. Peel the tape off & your heart is ready. Let me know in the comments below which nail art did you like. Like this video if you enjoyed it. & share it with your friends. Don’t forget to subscribe. See you in the next one till then, bye! take care.
thank you so much for watching

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  1. Hey angles! You can turn off the subtitles if you understand Hindi. just click on the 3 dots & turn off or turn on the subtitles. Don't turn on automatic subtitles.
    I will be doing other videos in English. Also please ignore my dry skin. I was not well & went through some dehydration & obviously winters are here so it has turned into dessert.
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