DIY Decoupage Vase | How To Tutorial

DIY Decoupage Vase | How To Tutorial

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Hi my crafty family, today I’ll be showing
you how I made this Chinese inspired blue and yellow vase. I made this as a housewarming gift for my
younger sister and her hubby. DIY decoupage vase a how-to video tutorial. Please turn on your notification bells so
that you can get notified every time I upload a video. Let’s get started. Using a dry pouncer brush and matte white
acrylic paint, give the vase a coat and once that’s dry, gave it a second one. Don’t forget the rim. In between coats, I wrap my brush in plastic
so that it doesn’t dry out while the first layer dries. While the vase is drying, you want to prepare
the images you will be using, whether they are printouts, tissue, fabric or what I’ll
be using… paper napkins. Separate the plies of paper, Cut each square out, and then cut out the roses. I cut these roses out altogether and then I cut separate roses out as you see
here. That way you have different sizes and shapes
to chose from. Now it’s time to decoupage, you want to
figure out where you want the image and then you want to glue it down using Mod Podge and
a brush. I like to hold my image if it’s big flip one side spread the Mod Podge evenly place the image back down
and using a piece of crumpled up plastic wrap smooth it down. Then do the other side. Do you see how I keep turning the plastic
wrap, it’s because I’m getting glue on it and I don’t want that touching the napkin
while I’m doing this or it’ll rip it. Make sure everything is nice and smooth before
sealing it with another coat of Mod Podge and let that dry before placing any more. Place all of the images the same way, for
smaller ones, I don’t even bother with the plastic wrap but you do what you are comfortable
doing. Once they’re all placed and dried, using a
brush and yellow acrylic paint I give the whole vase a coat being very careful not to
get any on the images. Also for this step, I wet my brush and mix
the paint so it won’t be so thick. It’s easier to detail like this. For the second layer, I use a dry pouncer
brush with the yellow acrylic paint, no water this time. Be very careful not get any on the image but
if you do, wipe it off immediately and it should be fine. I use a slightly wet cotton swab to clean
up any mistakes. Now to add all the detail that will make it
pop, Using a small pouncer brush, paint the top
rim navy blue and paint the bottom rim white. Both of these are done with dry brushes, paint,
with no water. For the next part, you want to thin your paint
out so it’s easier to line with or use a paint marker to make it easier. Use a thin round brush like this and dip it
in water, mix it with a little paint until it has an ink consistency. Don’t overload the brush. It should glide like this. Now paint a white line under the blue rim outline all the images in white and the middle of the neck without going over
the roses. After that dries, go back and underline the
white in the middle with the blue on the bottom as you see here. and lastly, I added these lines on the bottom
rim to finish the look. Touch up the vase anywhere you mess up and
let it dry. Ans finally, give it a few coats of your favorite
sealer to finish it off. I used the glitter sealer spray because I
wanted it to have a really glossy finish so it can look like ceramic or porcelain. Well my crafty fam, here it is! I have to say I’ve been on a roll lately
because I’m loving this one too! It’s exactly what I was going for. I love it so much that I’m going to make
one for myself but with a damask design and yes I’ll be showing you that one too! My inspiration for this vase were those Chinese
blue and yellow ceramic and porcelain vases. If check online they can easily go for 100
dollars or more. Well, for the price of a pack of napkins and
some paints you can make your own! You can mix and match the colors to go with
your decor or event. As always, have fun be creative and make a
mess! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please don’t forget
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to cry.

85 thoughts on “DIY Decoupage Vase | How To Tutorial

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