DIY Decoupage/Crackle Wine Bottle For A Friend (HD)

DIY Decoupage/Crackle Wine Bottle For A Friend (HD)

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Decoupage Crackle Wine Bottle For A
Friend What I used, all items are listed in the
description box. I first soaked my bottle in hot water
and dish soap until the labels detached Then I scraped off whatever was left,
with dish soap, a scrub pad and or a stationary knife. Place in the sink
upside down to dry. Once that dried I painted the whole
bottle with white acrylic paint and a round sponge brush. (Pouncer Brush) While that dried, i prepared the paint I
was going to put over that. I mixed acrylic and water in a small spray
bottle. I did this with all the colors i used. I
eyeballed it, just don’t make it too runny. Using the lid of a shoebox to
contain the spray, I sprayed each color on until the entire
bottle was covered. I ended up only using the yellow and
brown for this part. Once that dried, i dab some paint on the
bottle randomly using cut pieces of hand towel and paint. While that dries, I took my tissue and
cut out the design. Then separated the plies of tissue by wetting my fingertips. Using a clean dry paintbrush, I put some
Elmer’s glue on one section of the bottle and waited about two seconds. Using another brush I put paint over it.
As it dries it starts to crackle. I Let that dry and then continue to do
this in sections until the bottle was covered. Then glued the tissue pieces using Mod
Podge. I put glue on the bottle where i was going to place the tissue, place the tissue and then put more glue
over it. Do this with all the pieces. I decided to lightly paint the top I did
this using a round sponge brush. I also wipe paint away with my fingers
so it wouldn’t be so heavy and the color underneath which show in some spots. I did the same to the bottom. Once that was dry I place the remaining
tissue. Once that was dry I gave the whole
bottle of coat of Mod Podge and when that dried, I sprayed it with a matte finish. Let
that dry and you’re done. Thanks for watching if you liked this
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41 thoughts on “DIY Decoupage/Crackle Wine Bottle For A Friend (HD)

  1. I love this! The crackle came out gorgeous and I love sunflowers! Will be trying my hand at this one for sure. Thanks.

  2. This is a beautiful project. And the tutorial was great…..very thorough explanation of what you were doing. Thanks!

  3. hello, amazing work thank you for your videos. i would like to know what kind of glue you have used for the end , because it looks very very bright. Thank you for your answer later .

  4. First i want to say i love the way the bottle came out. i want to create the cracked look on a wine bottle but I want to use white and gold paint. so do i paint the bottle white and then gold and then use the Elmer's glue and then repaint white?

  5. Loved all your videos and learned a lot from your channel . You got a new subscriber. 🙂
    I am also a new youtuber and would really appreciate it if you would have a look at my videos.
    Thankyouu ! <3

  6. Beautiful! Where did you purchase the clear, plastic paint mixing 'egg carton'? Or, is it a real egg carton! TFS such a great DIY project!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I don't have any Elmers glue, do you think it would work if I used Mod Podge where you used the Elmers? I'm loving your videos, Honey. Sending you some love from

  8. I would like to try this on a clear bottle so then I insert lights inside. Which steps should I follow?
    Paint? (can that be chalk paint?)
    Glue and then tissues? and glue again?

  9. Hi pls can you explain after applying the cut out napkins should we apply a coat of modpage gloss lustre lustre and keep it dry and later put a coat of modpoge matt finish. Pls guide me on this, also would like to know if these bottles if when put underwater is spoilt does the water affect the decoupage bottle

  10. I have a problem with my paint crackling. I used one layer of acrylic paint, let dry thoroughly, layered mod podge, immediately applied paint, but as it dries it doesn’t crackle! what am I doing wrong? I’ve played the video over & over. Thanks for your help!

  11. Loved the video. Nice job! God does some amazing things when we turn ourselves over to Him. One day at a time, be blessed! (:

  12. This is absolutely beautiful!!! Where do you get all of the wine bottles? I don’t drink so what can I use in its place?

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