DIY Decoupage box (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #300

Hi. Today I will show you how to decorate a box
by using decoupage technique. I made it by request from my viewers. We need: …paintbrushes… …scissors… …decorative napkins… …letters… …wooden box… …paint… …wood glue… …and clear varnish. First, paint the box. Let it dry. Cut flowers from napkin. Place napkins and letters on the box. Remove 2 layers of napkin. Apply glue on the box. Glue the napkin. Apply a thin layer of glue on napkin. Do the same with all pieces of napkins. Let box dry. Now, apply clear varnish on entire box. And let it dry. Finally glue letters to the box. And it’s done. This box is perfect to storage small things. For example jewelry or souvenirs. Please give a like to this video
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Thanks for watching! Bye bye.

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