DIY Cutout T-Shirts EASY Skull & Skeleton Heart designs {How to Make}

DIY Cutout T-Shirts EASY Skull & Skeleton Heart designs {How to Make}

– Hi again, so do you guys remember my open-back DIY tutorial from 2009? Well, it’s time for me to update that to something totally fun. I’ve been having a skull moment lately and I saw this style
sold at Urban Outfitters for $40, totally can
make this for no cost. (happy, energetic music) These tops can be worn as beach cover-ups or over colorful bralettes
and bandeau tops. I made a skull version and I also made a skeleton heart version for those who find cutting the skull a bit difficult. (happy, energetic music) So let’s get started, shall we? Okay, so for materials
and tools you will need a pair of sharp shears,
some clips to hold your T-shirt together and, of
course, some stretchy T-shirts. So I would start with a few
T-shirts that, you know, you’re ready to throw
away just in case if you do mess up, then you
don’t have to feel so bad. Lastly, you will need a big box and you could use any cardboard box. Make sure it’s not
bigger than your T-shirt when it’s stretched out,
so you will need something that’s about the same size as your shirt. Okay, so open up your
shirt and insert the box. The front of your shirt
should be on the bottom of the box and the cutting part should be on the top part. This will allow you to
poke the sharp shears through the shirt without
cutting anything else, awesome little trick. Now, this design isn’t
supposed to look neat so if you mess up, then
that’s perfectly okay. Okay, so I usually don’t
like to trace the skull shape on my shirt, just because
I feel like it takes more time to follow the
lines if I do trace it on, therefore, I prefer to just cut the design as I go, or you could also put a photo of a skull in front of you
and cut out your design. Okay, starting with the eyes, visualize where you’d like it. I always start with a
small three inch snip, then I make it bigger
to seven inches as I go. So give the eyes two to
three slits side by side. The slit next to it can
be 1/2 an inch apart in fabric, that’s the line coming down the middle of the eyes. To create a bigger hole, you just need to cut a little extra off the width, about 1/2 an inch off the material is more than enough because
usually T-shirts are made of stretchy fabrics and
you will need to tug it gently in order for it to stretch. This will make the hole
bigger and the edges will curl in nicely. (happy, energetic music) So do the same with the nose. Start with a small one inch snip then slit it bigger to two inches. Stretch it out with your
fingers and if you want your holes bigger, then trim off an extra 1/2 inch of fabric off the sides, then stretch the hole
gently by tugging it. For the teeth, I like
to make the front four, then make my way with little one inch snips across. I would then go back and
make the holes bigger by trimming off extra pieces
of fabric off the sides. I usually take off 1/4
of an inch for the teeth because they’re a lot smaller. Now remember, if you’re not sure exactly where to cut, take a picture of a skull and put it in front of you and then work your way, you can also try to do some outlines but I, for me personally, I find it a lot more
difficult to follow an outline than to just go ahead and
snip it free-handedly. Okay, so if you’re
frustrated with the skull, then here’s an easy one for you, a skeleton heart. Take out some masking tape to help guide where you will need to cut, tape it along the middle. You can add more tape
to form a heart shape around the space you will need to cut. Make horizontal snips
starting with the top to the bottom. Start with a one inch snip, then make it wider if you need to. With the heart shape,
you will need to start with a short slit, then it will gradually get wider and back to being smaller. Again, outline with some tape if you’re having difficulty. Once your slits are in, stretch it out and the lines of fabric should drape down, forming a rib-cage
effect, pretty neat, huh? (rhythmic, high intensity music) Okay guys, so that is a wrap. Until next time, thank you, guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t, love ya. (deep bass, velvety music)

100 thoughts on “DIY Cutout T-Shirts EASY Skull & Skeleton Heart designs {How to Make}

  1. i'm thinking of making the rib cage heart one and a heart shape cut out one but i'm afraid it will fray. is there anything i can do to prevent fraying?

  2. :))) thank you i made me a skull shirt in 15 mins ๐Ÿ™‚ ive gotten oso many compliments on it ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you

  3. been staring at old clothes for a while now… FINALLY got the courage to slice up some old jeans..came out CUTE …now ! im trying this .. THNX !!! xoxo

  4. Went and made a skull singlet one for me, in black and white, and rib-cage heart one in a singlet for me too, and a skull black t-shirt for my friend as a gift she loved hers and i love all of mine! thank you so much for making this video!!! <3 c:

  5. Wow that's incredible thanks so much for helping out I'm going threw all ur videos I absolutely fellllll in loveeeee I can't wait to try out for myself stay being ur self be KUs I are just a,axing omg so jappppppppiiiiieee I found you!!!!!!!! <3

  6. Wow it just looks awesome*oo* i can't wait to do this by my own but i'm sure that it doesn't look as good as yours._.

  7. I'm going to try out the rib cage design. If any of you guys did the rib cage tell me how it worked out!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. this is such a cute t-shirt that shows off creativity, but GOD FORBID you wear this to school (with a bra at least and maybe a mini tank top underneath) because its a "distraction"….

  10. You are a life saver!! Before I tried this, I was trying to make stencils and everything, and ruined a shirt. :/ But, after I watched this, I tried the heart one and it came out great the first time!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ So happy. <3

  11. This is amazing!! I have just made the skull one, and it actually looks really nice!! I have been looking for a DIY vid of how to do this, and have now found a brillinat one!! Thanks!! (I also didnt ruin a single shirt!!)

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