41 thoughts on “DIY Custom Shadow Boxes: How to Design Your Own!

  1. This is awesome! I just love the shadowbox and I've seen so many this year. Woo hoo! I found the word of the day but when I go to enter it I already have a green check mark next to that portion. Am I doing something wrong or can you only enter that once?

  2. Love the video. I am going to try to make my own design, and make a shadow box. Will upload a video or picture of it, when I get it made.

  3. Jennifer, your instructions are spot on! Always wanted to make on of these but didn’t know where to begin. Thanks for giving me the confidence to give it a try. I can’t wait to start one. Question: Would vellum be a good layer for the moon and pond reflection or would that take away from the white look of everything else?

  4. At 7:04 up in the top right corner… did I miss where to get that cool looking container for tools? Thanks so much for always coming up with clever ways to keep our minds and hands busy with neat craft ideas!

  5. Once again this is awesome, Jennifer you rock! So pretty, the reindeer scene is absolutely gorgeous…Could you please add that to your resource library!!!

  6. Thank you so much for making a How-To! I created one after seeing your first Shadow Box video, but having some issues with executing it – this helps sooo much! I LOVE the box idea – I figured it’s a great way to keep everything together and make it very easy to interchange if you want to not have multiple boxes, but be able to create different inserts for the season or holiday. Thank you again!!!

  7. Thank you so much for doing this tutorial! I know many crafters (myself included!) appreciate learning how to get all those layers to work together. Woo Hoo! We CAN create our own custom shadow boxes.

  8. I don’t own a cricut yet but I’m getting one for Christmas so I’ve been binge watching lots of tutorials. I can’t wait to try this once I get the hang of it!

  9. Love your video! But I would like to know how to start with a image, like from a coloring book and turn it in to a shadow box…

  10. Absolutely brilliant! You make it look so easy! Thank you for showing us how to do it! Look forward to the next tutorial! I hope I have the confidence to make a similar one!

  11. This is my favorite crafting/cricut channel! You do such a great job explaining things and you have a beautiful personality!

  12. Thanks to you, I finally understand the process!!! I can't wait to get started. Your video tutorials are always perfect – and you have an amazing gentle voice that is so relaxing to listen to.

  13. I"ve had my cricut forever and am just starting to use it thanks you and your tutorials. I made this today and the countdown village yesterday. You make what should be scary easy to understand.

  14. l
    Lol, I had no idea, that I could do so much with my Cricut. So many features I have not utilized!!! (fairly new). Thank you!!!!!

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