DIY Custom Print T-Shirts | NO Transfer Paper!

DIY Custom Print T-Shirts | NO Transfer Paper!

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today’s video I am super excited about I’m going to be showing you how to make
some custom print t-shirts so anything you can think of you want on a t-shirt I’m
going to show you how to do it without any transfer paper needed and I think
that’s super cool so whether it’s memes, quotes, whatever you like – you can put it
on a t-shirt and slay this is so inexpensive and absolutely in love with
how it turned out so in case you want to print your own t-shirts without any
transfer paper just grab anything you want and let’s get started!
Actually no, I’m going to show you what you need for this DIY. So you’re going
to need your t-shirts, some cling film, some parchment paper – which is usually
used for cooking or baking but we’re going to use it for printing today. A
pair of scissors, an iron box and obviously your prints. You need to have
prints because this is what you’re essentially sticking onto your t-shirts.
So for my prints I just typed ‘aesthetic’ pictures and chose the ones I loved and
once you have a selection of prints just cut off the white bit because
you’re not going to be needing it I printed this off on normal paper so no
special paper is needed for this at all once everything was nice and cut, I had a
couple of prints to choose from which actually took about five hours to choose
which prints I wanted to use – that is not the point of this video but now I’m
going to show you what went wrong the first time I did this. So I followed all
the steps and when it came to ironing my prints down, I ironed away. I took my
time, I was not rushing this at all but when it came to lifting off the
parchment, ‘they ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine and you’re
not really fine and you just can’t get into it because they would never understand so now I’m going to show you what
exactly to do to make sure your print sticks onto your t-shirt and you have a
fire t-shirt in your hands. So all I’m doing is I chose a print I liked and I
wanted to stick onto my t-shirts this is the second one obviously the first one
backfired and all I’m doing now is I’m wrapping the print in some cling film.
One mistake I did in the previous attempt is I only wrapped part of the
print in some cling film you’re supposed to wrap the entire thing because
essentially what you’re going to do is melt the plastic onto the t-shirt and
this is what makes the print stick properly so make sure you cover this bad
boy from all angles possible so if your wrapping paper is not sufficient on the
back just add some like I’m doing and you will be good to go. Cut off any
excess, you also don’t want any lumpy bits when you’re ironing it down that
way there’s no bumps on the back of your print and once everything is nice and
wrapped you’re going to position your print exactly where you want it, take
some parchment paper and iron your prints down. So what I did in this
situation is I started with moderate heat and then ironed it a bit,
make sure you focus on the edges that way it really sticks down and then I
turned my iron to the highest setting and started ironing. This in turn burnt
my parchment paper a bit but it’s completely okay because the marks do not
transfer onto the t-shirt so just be careful and make sure you’re doing this
as you lift your iron up that way the t-shirt does not get burnt but this is
what burns the plastic and melts it onto your t-shirt and this makes the print
stick so I do recommend doing this instead but just make sure you’re super
careful that way you don’t destroy your t-shirts once everything was nice and
ironed, I took out my parchment paper and my print was stuck on I celebrated
at this point and I really love how this turned out and this is the final result.
One advice to you guys if you’re going to wash this, make sure you do not wash
it in the machine, hand wash this and air dry it because the machine is going to
destroy the print. So yeah, this is my first t-shirt. I love it. It says ‘captured
because one day they’ll all be memories again’ and I also did this with a pink
t-shirt and I just used the ‘Good Times’ print. I love how vintage-y and aesthetic
these prints are and I just love how this two t-shirts turned out. Anyway, that is it
from me today thank you so much for watching let me know how many t-shirts
you’re going to be making… I recommend a thousand so yeah! Get to it right now. I
really hope you enjoyed watching this video and I’ll hopefully catch you in my
next one but until then – agressively make meme t-shirts, I am with you on this! Love
you guys, see you soon. Bye!

100 thoughts on “DIY Custom Print T-Shirts | NO Transfer Paper!

  1. You should sell the type and brand of shirts you use to make in the Video you will make a lots of money can you send me the link to buy it?
    Thank you

  2. I love how she showed us what she did wrong and what she did do correct it. I watched a video earlier and all the comments were saying how it wasn’t working for them. Thanks!!

  3. 😀 Such a super easy way to DYI cool graphic t-shirts for a cheap price but the feel of this was weird🤨. It totally felt like I had a piece of stiff square paper ironed onto my T-shirt, not soft or comfy at all 😫😫

    •Turn the top inside out so the image is on the inside.
    •Then hand wash it gently without roughly scrubbing the picture.
    🤠It's pretty simple! 😊
    Also, use white tees so that if it does come off you can bleach the tee and do it again

  5. This doesn’t work, I just tried it and the whole picture just got burnt onto the parchment paper and left my shirt smelling like burnt food

  6. What type of paper were used in the photo print?

    Because it made me think if its only a normal paper then i think it get wet after a wash?

  7. i tired this and it stuck on but then the paper was very stiff and was not moving with the shirt. Everytime i walked it make a paper noise. It looked like i taped the picture on to the shirt

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