DIY Crafts : How to Make Cute Handmade Decorative Small Gift Box | Paper Crafts

DIY Crafts : How to Make Cute Handmade Decorative Small Gift Box | Paper Crafts

How to Make Easy Decorative Gift Box This paper gift box looks very cute and is easy to make. Things You Need… Decorative Paper, Decorative Lace, Decorative Mirrors & Pearls, Scissors, Adhesive, Cutter, Pencil, Ruler, Glue Gun, Glue Stick Mark the distances on the paper and draw lines as shown. Cut the paper as per the markings. Slightly run the cutter on the markings for easy folding. Do not cut it. Fold the paper as shown here. Mark and cut small portion of 1 cm on the paper as shown here. Paste the flap of the paper using glue. Now arrange the box as shown here. Now, Your box is ready. Take the printed paper and draw a design. Fold and cut the paper to get two shapes of the same size. Paste these shapes on the box for decoration. Fix the two opening flaps of the box to close it. Cut and paste the decorative lace on the box using glue gun. Decorate the box with pearls and mirrors as shown here. Use decorative chain to decorate the box further. This is how the box will look like post decoration. You can put your stuff or chocolates in the box. Wow!! Your amazing decorative gift box is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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  1. style rich I like yr craft so much so can u give me an idea how to make an invitation card for inviting on birthday party

  2. could I get you to draw me some out so I can make me some box's like that in all colors if you will
    I have cancer and I'm trying to get some help getting something to do .. I'm sick more of the time but went am not sick I want something to do ! there just not to mention people that would hope people like me ! I like at video all time and wish I had some of that so I could do that but can't get the to do it ! But it's OK you don't no me thank so much for your video I will just keep wishing and one day God will get me there one I hope and pray again thank you so much for your video

  3. ma'am plz mention the measurements in description box…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏plzzz maaam
    becoz we are trying to learn now so it will be much easy

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