DIY Countertop Contact Paper Removal Results (HD)

DIY Countertop Contact Paper Removal Results (HD)

hello welcome back before i get to the countertop results i wanted to give a quick shout-out to skit designs for redesigning my cover photo i love how it came out and if anybody’s looking for channel art you should really really hit him up so yeah you should definitely check out skip designs they have great prices a changeup anything that you don’t like with no hassle so yeah if you’re interested just make sure you check down below in the description box all the information is in there so thanks again to skit designs for my new channel are now moving on i’m going to show you the video and show you what i thought the results of the contact paper on countertops was ok and I’ll talk to you after the video hope you enjoy welcome back to DIY no need to cry with ivelisse and see if it’s easy to remove A, B if it leaves sticky stuff sticky residue from the glue and C if it doesn’t damage anything so let’s get started so there it was guys that was the result of the counter um contact paper on the countertops um I did like how it wasn’t too hard to come off it only took me about 10 minutes to takeoff it was a little bit tough but not that it was ok ah it did leave a little bit of residue but it was easy to wipe up and clean up i just use a little bit of soap and a brillo pad and he came right up I don’t recommend this on wood as it left a little bit of residue on that kind of surface i can only imagine what it wood do to would so I’m kind of glad i didn’t put on the cabinets I did like the way it turned out though it didn’t peel back and didn’t let up in it stayed put if it spilled something if I spilled something on else it was easy to wipe up it was easy to clean really a great alternative for people who rent that is the reason I did it in the first place everyone because i needed to be able to pull it off and take it off before moving out yeah so I think it was a great price easy to do for the most part if you have patience and I mean easy to take off great alternative for renters so i definitely recommend it however i only use the contact brand they don’t I can’t speak for any other brand and i’m not sponsoring contact brand that’s just the one that I happen to buy and I’m telling you yeah that’s the one I like because it turned out great and it was durable and stuck on I did not put pinholes on it in the little air pockets like most people do because i was afraid that if any water seeped into those pinholes that it would lift it so no i didn’t use a little pinhole method on every time there was the air bubble I lifted the whole thing back up again and started all over again that’s like to be so long to do it and that’s why i was kinda frustrated just know that it won’t damage your countertops it didn’t damage mind at all like i said it just left a little bit of residue and that was it

35 thoughts on “DIY Countertop Contact Paper Removal Results (HD)

  1. Oh my goodness! It looked great. I'm sorry, where did you get that particular contact paper? I just saw some made especially for doing countertops, floors, cabinets, etc,. It is probably inexpensive, compared to real marble or granite, but still a little on the steep side, for me. You did a great job! Thank you for sharing and please share more ideas. God bless.

  2. Hi there Ivelisse, love your name , it's also my sisters name, I'm new to your channel, I think it was a cool demonstration, thank you for sharing. Blessings

  3. That's good to know. I live in an apartment so if I move out, I'll have to remove the contact paper that I haven't installed yet. lol Thanks for the demo. Now I know it won't ruin the counter, I'll go ahead install new contact paper. ✌

  4. Thank you so much for your video I literally searched for this answer and you are the only one to show it thank you. I stay in a apartment and didn't want to put this on until I knew I was going to mess the counters up and be charged when it's time for me to move out Lol thanks again. your the best!

  5. Thanks for sharing !!! I live in a apartment & wasn't sure to try installing the contact paper. Till I saw this video. You are the only one to post a video like this !!!! Thank sooo much !!!!!

  6. I have laminate counter tops would you still recommend this as I would need to take it of as I am renting and I don't want to damage my kitchen.

  7. UPDATE: I have been told that others have done this in the past and have had trouble taking off the contact paper. I do not know if it's because of the brand or I've herd of people putting water to help it seal better. I did not put water as the contact paper already has adhesive on it and stuck just fine with that alone. I also only left mine on for 7 months, so I'm not sure if leaving it on longer, would make it harder to remove. These were my results, so please take note of this, should you decided to try this.

  8. I have done this to a rental bathroom in the past and about to do this in my new rental kitchen. One tip that helps with removal is heating it up with a hair dryer. It helps loosen the contact paper and helps prevent residue. Mine came up great and I am about to use the same brand in my kitchen. I recommend getting a high quality thick contact paper. Roserosa is the brand I am using in marble and had great success with it. Be patient putting it on and I highly recommend an exacto knife to cut edges and a wallpaper scraper or old credit card to smooth out the paper.

  9. What a cheap alternative to remodeling. Will definitely have to try this. So bored with the counters we have, standard with the condo.

  10. As an extra precaution, you could buy one of those clear heavy duty vinyl tablecloths & lay it on top of the contact paper too. It will keep the contact paper clean, stain free & prevent lifting. Then, you just take it off when company is at your house. lol

  11. I would use the contact paper brand.. not the ones from the 1$ store.. they are better quality and are only 5 to 6 dollars more

  12. What kind of contact paper brand did you use? I want to try it in my kitchen. I'm renting an apartment and cant do anything perminate so I thought this would work great. Dose the contact paper come off the same with any kind of countertop? I cant tell what kind mine is but I know is isn't granite at least i dont think so I'm afraid I would have a hard time taking it off because of that. Do you think it would come off gregadless of the kind of countertop underneath? Please comment back!

  13. I have a question?
    It’s almost 6 years that I put the paper in my kitchen. Same like your,u know it’s easy come out like u did?

  14. I've lived in my apartment for 15 years and will probably continue to live here for another 15 years at least. Can't afford to buy and I hate my kitchen. It's fugly. Not to mention the veneer on my cheap cupboard doors is already worn out, chipped, bubbled at the corners where I touch it the most. Even if I put on something that would ruin the veneer. I don't think it would matter. Whenever I move out of this place they'd need to renovate it anyway.

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