DIY clay miniatures bases

DIY clay miniatures bases

hello guys wargaming lobby here with a simple quick and beginner friendly tutorial on how to make your own basis
for your wargaming miniatures first of all here you can see what you’re gonna
need to do this you need a like working surface a
cutting mat or whatever you have to work on top then you’re going to need a
roller pin some clay air drawing clay there’s no preference you can use Das
or you can use whatever you have available then we will need some
parchment paper and a couple of devices we may say there jigs that I made with
3.5 cork sheets and 0.5 millimeters plastic card on top so I will use these
as spacers to have an even spreading of the clay so yeah let’s do this it’s really fast
and really easy so let’s do this I get my parchment paper which is really
important that you fix below your spacers so that your clay doesn’t stick to the
base so your bases don’t stick to the base I didn’t do that on purpose
but then but you get your clay you put it in the middle and you just spread it
using the roller pin we are just cooking today making cookies we’re not doing
anything special it’s not rocket science I’m not good at this
actually I suck at this kind of things but it’s really easy so you go back and
forth you get a strip of your clay like this way and say we wanna make a couple
different sizes like for a lake marine and some fox Walker’s I don’t know any
equivalents in other armies because I do that guard but we wanted 25 millimeters
and 32 millimeters and here I have a couple of cookie cutters they actually
come in a really convenient box like this and I bought these of Amazon
they’re really cheap like the 15 bucks I think what is nice about these cutters
is that they are seamless there is no welding on the sides oh well there is
but it’s seamless you you don’t see what it is so it doesn’t leave any mark on
the basis that you’re doing so we’ll do a couple with the small 125 mil you just
dab it in give a slight rotation and pull it up
as you can see doesn’t stick to your parchment paper so you can put it away
whatever you want that would just just for the sake of information we just put
it here and this is your face bed first base then we can do another one
same technique just put it down pull it up and here you go you have two bases
already then we can go with a bigger one thirtytwo millimeters and we can keep
cutting as many as we want until we are done with our surface the bigger the
base the you know the harder is to get it off without damaging the shape but
you can do it with some patience yeah so here you have it now I have my bases the
sizes the right size that I wanted and I can start over again with my clay just
mixing it up again and I can do more bases which I’m not going to do because
I don’t really need them now but this is to show you what we do next just move
our stuff outside so we have our four bases they’re pretty good actually
that’s so easy now we want this to dry all this sheet of paper will be
placed somewhere but you want to take care not to over dry the external part
otherwise the bases will warp on the top like this so you want to put some damp
cloth on top of it to make it dry more evenly it doesn’t need to be wet just
need to be slightly damp so it will slower the drying process making it more
even I will do that and I will come back after the bases are dry it takes a night
so this is going to happen tomorrow actually but I will show you the dry and
finished bases and will show you how to do the final finish to the pieces before
using them so guys we are back the next day
the bases are dry as you can see I made like three more bases because I
realized I needed them and as you can see they’re pretty good
they’re smooth but they have some rough edges the result of the cut you can see
probably the contrast with the black on the background so we have to get rid of
these imperfections here and to do that I normally use some sandpaper as you can
see it’s heavily used you’ll have a thousand grit sandpaper and what I do it
it’s just basically moving around this you can see I’m scratching the border
like this like if I was rolling a coin and I would just remove all the
imperfections from the outside you can also quickly a little bit of sanding on the bottom
and if you have like a perfect 25 millimeter base ready to use you can
texture it and do whatever you want and you can see how easy and quick it is
bigger bigger bases actually no difference at all so remove all the
imperfections from the outside just give it a swirl and here we are with a nice
base again boom you can do all the batch and you can keep going and going and
going it takes you maybe 10 minutes to do I
don’t know 20 30 bases you can do even more actually to a really good result
actually they’re smooth they’re flat and well basically that’s it that’s all you
need to know on how to make your bases so before moving out I just want to show
you these bases and once against bad ones like this you can
see how smooth they are you have like a little small blemish in here but it’s
fine you can get rid of that with texturing they’re flat they are not warped
they are not cracked they’re good good to go actually another thing I want to
point out is they shrink like just a little bit depends on the humidity on
your clay so your mileage may vary but in my case I measured them this is 24 so
it’s slightly smaller then what it was cut when you know when it was 25 and it
was humid this may be an issue if I if you’re a tournament player but if you’re
just playing for fun nobody will mess with you so now you
have a technique to use to rebase your age of Sigmar armies from Warhammer
Fantasy battles or whatever you want to do with them you can get hundreds and
hundreds of quick and easy clay bases just in no time actually I hope you liked
this tutorial and I will see you in the next one we will texture these very same
bases yeah we’ll get some texture on top of them and maybe if I can find a way to
do that on cam we can do some silicone molds out of them to replicate them with
resin with casting resin which can also be really interesting to show so this is
it I hope you liked the tutorial see you next time
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  1. This is just what I needed!!!!! I have been running into some issues with my bases. This is perfect. 👌

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