35 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Countdown * Super Easy Holiday Calendar

  1. That is so cute, I like both but, I love the blue background. The blade holder is super nice I'd also like to know where I could get one! Thank you once again for another great tutorial and project.

  2. Oh man now I have to have 3D printer lol that is awesome! I think I will try it out and I have pearlized vellum that I'll use for the background. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you for such a cute and easy project. It looks like all the buildings are attached…how did you attach each row of buildings to the others?

  4. Beautiful! I like both colors; but, the white it my preference with the vintage color tealights. Looking forward to your Christmas Design Countdown. Thank you!

  5. Love the project. Can this be done with the Air 2? On what settings? I do vinyl but using cardstock is new to me. Thanks so much!

  6. I cant get the file to open in DS…this is the message I get: You have selected an unsupported file type. Select a different file type. I have no clue what to do now.

  7. Jennifer – Thank you for sharing this cute project with everyone. It is really cute! I do not need one but I know somebody whom might.

  8. I love your projects but I work off of an I pad. I like the easy ness of it going directly to Design Space. I don’t understand how to do all of the things you have to do to get your files. Thanks for all your beautiful files

  9. Please I like this! Very pretty! I need to know where can I find your tools holder that show in this video? Thanks.

  10. Love your tool holder !! is there a file for it ..would love to make one ..made one for my foil quills ..now need one like this for my tools…

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