DIY Christmas Cards 2019

DIY Christmas Cards 2019

hey everybody I’m Ingrid Blackburn if
you’re new to my channel welcome this is the scrapbook calm handmade holiday
paper crafting parade I have an amazing tutorial for you today on easy
mass-produced cards but first this is the gift guide that scrapbook calm has
this holiday season and scrapbook dot com is giving away $100 gift certificate so
you’re definitely going to want to leave a comment all along the hop and the hop
takes place over several blogs as well as a few YouTube channels so be sure to
check out all the links and details below let’s dive right in I can’t wait
to get started I love adding unexpected things to cards and this is a great
mass-produced cards especially because there’s these wonderful cut files you
can see you have lots of different variety here you can do some with the
snowflakes some with out there’s actually a little snowflake that fits in
the oh there’s this great tree background you know added on to color or
white you know you have so many options so first off I need to create a very
simple kind of wavy mask out of some masking paper I’m gonna go ahead and
adhere that to my cut file panel and I always like to rub those onto my sleeve
or my jeans just to help even remove a little tiny bit more tack you know it’s
just me even though these are removable sheets I still like to just do that just
to help ensure that it really does release very well and I’m gonna take the
dome scrapbook comm tool and I love these tips they make blending effortless
and I’ve linked to another video here in the upper corner if you’re interested in
a little more ink blending and I’ll link it below as well and you can see just
really creating some very simple little drifts and this technique is just so
much fun it creates such interest on your cards and you can see by having
these cup files that you know you cut out with an electronic cutter you’ve got
such an amazing background already kind of done for you so when you’re mass
producing cards I mean my gosh talk about making things a lot easier so to
get them really nicely England at sky we’re
use some of the life-changing brushes here and these are just some of the
blending brushes that are around on the market they make blending so much easier
especially when you’re covering big areas such as this you know this is
two-thirds of a card front here so I’m taking various shades of ink and don’t
worry everything is linked in the description area below along with all
the links to the parade hop we’ve got 20 amazing crafters that have created
something very cool on either their blog or youtube channel for you don’t forget
you can get a chance to win $100 gift certificate to scrapbook , I mean that’s
an awesome prize so definitely leave a comment below all the details are in
that section as well but here is my little tiny secret for creating an
intense beautiful sky adding a little bit of purple there to that top because
when you combine purple and blue it creates this beautiful shade of indigo
and it’s just a really nice finishing touch there at the top you want to come
back in with blue so it takes away some of the tinge of the purple but look at
this isn’t that a great impact now we need to come back and just make sure
that our bottom matches the intensity at the top you don’t want it to be overly
intense but you want it to be balanced and there you have it I absolutely love
that look but this is not the end to this card we’re taking this card to a
whole different level it would be perfect it would be great right here on
the white but you know it’s snow and what is snow it’s sparkly so I’m taking
these full sheets by scrapbook not calm and I love double-sided adhesive it’s
great that you can get you know full sheets that you can trim down and then
I’m just gonna pop this on to the front of my card base I cut it down to the
exact same size using a bone folder there that’s my Teflon bone folder by
Tonique love that tool it went over a little bit so I just trimmed that up
with my scissors I’m gonna make sure that’s adhered really well peel that off
and it’s the perfect way to adhere glitter I’m taking some of the pure
Sheen glitter by tonic I’ve just got to got it in a little container there that
I like to store it in as glitter gets everywhere let’s be
honest and look at that what a great sparkly background for this
card and it’s perfect because the cut file or you know if you were to use any
dye to you know if you don’t have a electronic cutter you can use dyes to
cut out your greeting or shape so you can cut out snowflakes are so many
different things you can do I want to pop this up though so that you really
have the dramatic effect there’s a shadow almost creating like a shadow box
and then you have all that great glittery snow peeking through there is
that not a great card it’s actually a great mass-produced card and you could
very easily you know do all your panels and then do all your backgrounds and
then attach them together I love that one but wait till you see what’s coming
up next for this project we’re gonna actually take some sentiment stamps and
this is the big bold Christmas I love this sentiment stamp set these are
really big and honestly both this was the perfect name but what’s great about
them is you can do so much I’m gonna use a play on the pine and cardinal red
hybrid inks by scrapbook comm but first we’re gonna use the premium white ink
and I take this bold Merry Christmas stamp and first snapping the lid into
the base love that I can use these ink pads as really nice handles and the
finger grips makes it very easy gonna get that inked up really well and I’m
using one of the scrapbook comm blocks because this works really well with a
block it would take too long with a Misti you know you’re gonna be
constantly inking it up and moving your paper around so having my glass mat
right there and having all those straight lines really did help and just
wanted to kind of move this around I don’t want the Mary to all be in the
same place so kind of creating this entire background stamp of Merry
Christmas if you will now I’m going to take a cleaned off version of this and I
am gonna use my Misti here now and just going to stamp my Merry Christmas in the
cardinal red and this is the perfect Christmas red you’re gonna hear me say
that again it’s the perfect Christmas red I absolutely love it
both the red and the green work so well for holiday cards and just kind of
stamping that a couple times and then I’m going to do the same with the green
I ended up not securing my paper and needing to do it a second time so
there’s always the flip side of every sheet of paper right love that about
stamping got to use every single little scrap if you do the same tell me in the
comments below I would love to know so gonna give that a quick set he’s set
with my heat tool because it is hybrid ink so it’s part pigment part dye based
ink and does it dries a slightly slower than regular dye based ink and it wasn’t
exactly sure if I wanted to leave these long but I ended up deciding to trim
them down and this is just that real simple little pop off the background
which we stamped on to some Desert Storm cardstock gonna edge those and add a
little bit of liquid platinum embossing powder it’s the perfect little accent I
love it because it’s not quite silver but it has its own unique characters and
properties it’s truly one of my all-time favorite embossing powders I use it all
the time and so I’m using the one by Ranger just gonna give that a heat set
I’m gonna do the same to the corners of this card and you can see how this card
really lends itself well to mass production you can do all your
backgrounds and do all your sentiments and assemble it’s something that can be
done on the go you know get all your pieces done ahead of time pop it onto a
white card base and there you go I’m adding a couple of the sparkling clear
sequins and these are from the crater lake sequin little collection by
Katherine pool I love these they’re my favorite sparkling clear sequins
absolutely love them quick easy simple card on to the next I absolutely love
masking shapes and you can make real statement pieces so I’m taking one of
the wafer thin star dies and going to just run that through my Big Shot I
popped it out and I probably should have spent a little more time making metal
little stripe that’s okay these great shapes nice big sizes you
can make some really cool things especially around the holidays like
ornaments and shaker cards and lined up the joy sentiment this is a really nice
bold sentiment using the scrapbook calm embossing ink pad I love how the lids
snap into the basis of all their pads such a great tool and it makes it so
much easier when you’re inking upside down as I out do often especially when
using a Misti I’m gonna get a really nice image there make sure to do that
twice I always do when I’m embossing using the Misti so gonna get that really
well onto there and I’m then gonna go ahead and heat set this using liquid
platinum it is important if you saw me originally use a little embossing buddy
there on my project before because that helps to keep the embossing powder and
just the places that it’s supposed to be look at that and then we just quickly
heat set that I always like to start from the reverse side of my paper
because it paper is fibrous and just it’s always good to just kind of heat it
from the backside it helps to prevent with the warping and it actually makes
the embossing process go a little bit faster love that it’s just so beautiful
and that’s pretty on its own but here’s a great little tip take the part that’s
the cutout position it exactly where you want it then put your mask over it it
makes it a lot easier because I can’t see through my piece of paper and
especially if you do end up cutting it like I did a little crooked using
cardinal red Reds can be tough to find and this is a really great read and now
we’re gonna do a little bit of quick ink blending with the domed tools and I love
these tools and look at how smooth that goes on these tools are awesome to get
some really flawless ink blending coverage especially when using the
hybrid ink pads by scrapbook comm and the colors you know they’re really
impactful and what’s really great about it is because it’s a hybrid ink which is
a combination of pigment and dye ink it’s really going to hold its color for
standing test of time which is really great and
they do dry waterproof which is another great feature of them so I’m gonna take
a light misting spray bottle and just lightly mist a paper towel I’m just
gonna kind of rub off any ink that might have collected onto the embossed areas
because that resisted the ink and look at that is that not awesome
I love the impact that that shape gives this card it’s quick it’s simple it’s
definitely something you can easily mass-produce but it we’re not done yet
you know I need the perfect coordinating base so I’m just taking my ink pad wide
and snap the lid into it I’m not quite sure and just rubbing it along the sides
you know this is not a foam pad so it’s a little bit more durable you could very
easily do techniques like this and I love that I can get the exact same shade
on a base to go with my card and look at that quick and simple now when you do
techniques like that you want to make sure that you also have the refill
because you will need to refill your pad because you’re giving off a lot of ink I
always want to make sure to securely get my card front to my base and then I’m
gonna add some of these sentiments and I love a lot of the sentiment sets that
they have over at scrapbook comm because they give some of the inside sentiments
and those are kind of hard to find stamping it with their premium die based
black ink not hybrid that’s the black ink that’s the dye pad and it is crisp
and nice and deep it’s absolutely fabulous love it so you can see how you
could very easily mass-produce several cards quick and really make a statement
and that’s perfect for any holiday season here’s a little more inspiration
with some great techniques be sure to click that link in the description below
all the products are listed there as well subscribe and hit that notification
bell till next time bye you

70 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Cards 2019

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  2. Nice and simple! Love that when making a stack. I remember sitting with the whole family around the table and making handmade Christmas cards together. Treasuremoments.

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    Christmas Eve at Mom's was our tradition. Mom loved to decorate at Christmas.

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