DIY Cell Phone Case – How To Make Cute Iphone 6S Designs by ANN LE

DIY Cell Phone Case – How To Make Cute Iphone 6S Designs by ANN LE

Hi guys! It’s me Ann! So in today’s video,
I will be showing you guys how to make customizable cell phone cases. Now a lot of you guys have
been asking for this, and this is a highly requested video. If you guys followed me a
while ago on Instagram, I posted a photo of cell phone cases I purchased from Ebay. I
asked for some of your suggestions and design ideas, what kind of designs you would like
to see. Many of you guys had some great suggestions, so I gathered some stuff together – that’s why it took me a while. But, I came up with some great ideas that I think will be super
easy for you guys to do, and also fun to customize on different kinds of cell phone cases. This doesn’t
have to be on just the case I have, you can pretty much do this on any single other cell phone
case that is out there. I purchased mine from Ebay, and it cost me around $0.99 to $1.99
for these cases. I’ll put all the links on the bottom of this video if you are curious
where I purchased these and where you can purchase them. So before we get started, what
I would suggest for you to do is look for some solid basic phone cases that matches
your cell phone style. And then a clear case as well. So I have solid white, I have some
clear ones, I have some color clear ones. These should be fine. So once you have your
case, we can get started. some Next, I have craft supplies that you can also find on Ebay. I have some scrapbook making paper, I have some stickers, I have some rhinestones, I
have some paper flowers, and I have some little jewelry pendants. So, if you are wondering
where I purchased this from, I try to find links that are similar to these items below
this video. For glue, I will be using E6000 and Mod Podge. Lastly, you will need
a clear gloss spray, or a paint gloss will do. So let’s start off with the first design,
and I am going to make a flower bed for my phone case. Okay, so the first thing you will
want to do is clean the cell phone case with some rubbing alcohol to make sure you get
all that grease and other things off the phone case. Next, with the glue I am either going
to put that on the side and dab the flowers onto it, or just go ahead and apply it straight
onto the cover. Then I will simply place the flowers onto where the glue part is, and that
is basically it. It’s really simple and straightforward. I love this design, it is so cute, and girly,
and it’s perfect for summertime. Okay, so this design is dedicated to those of you who
like that 3D glitter, glam type of design. So here I have a necklace pendant that I’m
going to glue on the center of my case. Next, I’m going to take some rhinestones from my
old, previous projects and I’m going to place that around, however way I like it. You know,
just play around with the design, before I really want to stick them on permanently.
Then I’m going to take my E6000 glue and then dab the rhinestone into the glue, then place it
back onto the phone case. And that is basically it! Just decorate this however way you like.
I recommend you use different size embellishment to give it more dimension and add more design
to this. Okay! So let’s jump into these next two designs right here. So all you would need
for this is a picture. You can print out a picture, you can take a photo, or you can
cut out a picture from a magazine. And here I’m just cutting it with a pair of scissors.
And then I’m going to cut out the details with an exact-o knife. Then I’m going to clean
my case with some rubbing alcohol. And then I’m going to place the back of my picture
with some Mod Podge and then I’m going to apply that to the center of my case. After
that, I’m going to cover up with the gloss paint so that way it will protect the picture
and also give a nice glossy finish. Once you’re done applying out the paint, let it set for
a day or so before the paint completely heals. This next design is very simple. Instead of using a picture, I’m using craft stickers from the scrapbook making section, and placing it onto
the phone. You basically do the same thing, you clean the back of the phone. After that,
just spray on the clear adhesive coat to protect the stickers, and that is basically it! It’s
very simple, but it’s so fun yet you can customize it according to how you like it. This next design will
make a great gift. It’s inexpensive, plus it’s really fun to customize. Okay, so to start
this, I’m going to use a picture that was given to me inside the phone case. I’m going
to take that and just trace around it. You can use your phone cover to trace around this
as well, but what you will have to do is cut it smaller because the phone case is wider
on the outside. Next, I’m just going to use the phone case to trace where the camera part
is, and then I’m going to cut that out with the scissors. For the camera part, I’m going
to cut that out with an exact-o knife. So that’s pretty much it! You can pretty much
make as many as you’d like for the person you’re giving this to, or for yourself! And
that is basically it. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to thumbs up if
you liked this video and also subscribe for more weekly videos. Talk to you next time!

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  2. I first came across this video months ago thanks to a buzzed article; I really wanted to make the orange flower case because I love flowers and orange is my favorite color, but after looking on eBay and etsy for the little flowers and not finding them, I gave up. Today I went to Michaels looking for stuff to DIY some Christmas gifts and I, by complete luck saw a pack of them hanging up on the wall! So I am back, taking note of all your instructions to start my case lol. Wish me luck!

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