DIY Cardboard Gift Boxes

Today, I’m going to show you to make a really cool box, out of a single sheet of card. They’re quite easy to make and they look fantastic. Start by taking an A4 piece of cardboard. I’m using white so you can see the lines easily. Then use a ruler to draw line across the bottom I’m making mine the width of the ruler So its nice and easy This line will be the depth of the box Then turn the paper around and do exactly the same again. Next we need to fold the card over on these lines so we have something which looks like this. Then fold the card over to the inside of the line here, and make a fold line. Open it out, and do exactly the same on the other side. You should now have two fold lines down the middle of your card. Next, we need to use our ruler to draw a line the same width down each side of the card. And I’m also drawing in the middle line to make them easy for you to see. Next we need to take some scissors and cut the short lines all the way up the sides like this. Then we need to bend over the tabs, apply some glue, and we can start sticking the box together. Do the same with the lid, and if you like you can use binder clips to hold it all in place while the glue dries. Once its ready, remove the clips, and there we have our finished box. Pretty cool, huh? I like to make them out of this patterned card which is different on both sides. And rather than using a pen you could just score the cardboard with something metal to give you your fold lines. This way you don’t get pen or pencil marks on the inside of your box. Make your cuts, bend over the tops, and apply the glue. Stick the box together, and do the same with the lid. They look really nice and they are quite easy to make. I made this one out of gold card, and it looks really smart. You can make different colors, and different sizes. This one is made out of silver card. And guess what’s inside? If you are making smaller boxes, you might need to cut down the length of your tabs to give you more space when you fold it all together. And you can chop the corners off at a slight angel like this, to make it a bit neater. Your template will look like this. Stick it all together like before to make your finished box. I made this one out of pink glittery card, to make it nice and sparkly. You use them as little gift boxes, maybe fill them with something nice, and give them to a friend. I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you want to see more you can click them on the right-hand side or take a look at my YouTube channel page. Stay safe have fun and as always, thanks for watching!

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