[DIY] Car Decal with Film-free Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper | 무필름 메탈릭 물전사지로 자동차 데칼하기

[DIY] Car Decal with Film-free Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper | 무필름 메탈릭 물전사지로 자동차 데칼하기

Today we will be applying a gold design
and transfer it on vehicles using metallic decals. Unlike our other videos we will not
be printing gold on the paper and transfer. Instead, we’ll be using a film-free metallic paper to print a black and white image, Then using a laminating machine, transfer a very thin gold film on top of the black ink. By transferring the actual gold film, we are trying to make the image look
more like real gold and not some cheap junk. This is also a perfect way to promote your business
by applying company logos or phrases in gold. Otherwise you can have other cool designs
and cars to impress your friends. First print on the blue decal paper, then place the gold foil on top.
Make sure that the film faces up. Feed the overlapping papers through the
laminating machine at 120 degrees, lowest possible speed. You might have to glue the top end
of the foil to avoid forming wrinkles. Peel off the gold film,
leaving only the printed parts with foil. Next, laminate for the second time
but with the coating paper. This time, dab the blue decal
with wet tissue and remove it. Cut out the image. Immerse in water and then take it out. You want to make sure that the film comes off loose before applying them on the car surface. As you all know, apply the Glue W1
where the decal will be applied. Generally car decals are quite large; so make sure you squeegee excess moisture
and air thoroughly. Repeat the same step on the other side of the car. You will find glue and water dripping everywhere so you might have to wipe that off as well. Finally we want to blow dry for three minutes, remove the film and then blow-dry again for another extra 3mins to make sure that the films stays
stronger and waterproof. You would not recommend overheating the decal as this could burn the ink when
you remove the film. If you are not confident that you will achieve
the best results, don’t bother removing the film. You can still achieve the best result
even if you don’t remove the film. The film edges are not noticeable
unless you look closely. If you want to remove the image later on
use nail polish remover to give it a gentle scrub gentle scrub make sure you’re going to
scrub too hard to avoid the car paint. from coming off. More DIY videos are on
the way so please check them out. Until then, ciao!

3 thoughts on “[DIY] Car Decal with Film-free Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper | 무필름 메탈릭 물전사지로 자동차 데칼하기

  1. This method is awesome. Great job. Can I use this process to make decals to apply on my antique sewing machine to replace the old ones during a restoration? What kind of glue is that you used in? Is that easy to find those products here in Brazil?

  2. Can I use a heat press instead of the laminating machine?
    How do we remove the decal on the car if we don't need it anymore?

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