Diy captain marvel star

Diy captain marvel star

hey folks today I’m gonna show you how
easily turn this into this The star of Captain Marvel suit let’s dive into it. hey I’m Raphael, I work in movie industry
as a professional Steadicam operator But I also have an unusual skill I make
awesome pop for movies like this with just a few pieces of cardboard and some
easy tools I explain to you how to do this So if you are new here consider
subscribing in this video I’m gonna show you how to make the star of the Captain
Marvel suit. but hey at any point during the video check out the show notes and
links in the description below I’ll list all the tools that I’ve used as
well as some additional resources and of course templates for all parts that I build now let’s jump into the video to start I cut a piece of cardboard to make
the base of the star using the template that is in the description
below I reported to drawing on a piece of cardboard like this. and then I cut it I made this mark to keep in mind the top
of the piece and I defined the middle like this afterward
I made a roll like that and I cut a small piece from it which is about one
centimeter long Using a steel ruler and precision knife I cut several pieces
like that each piece are slightly different so pay attention to follow the
number order that is on the template in the description below try as much as possible to close the
remaining openings between the pieces and repeat that for all the pieces hey remember sharing is caring so if you
like this video can you share this out to someone who will be interested about and by the way if you like this video hit that like button I would really
appreciate then erase all the marks on the piece afterward using a pencil I drew
a line at about four millimeters on the side then I cut slightly the line with a
precision knife but pay attention not to go through entirely the layers and I widen it with a small tool using wood glue and small tool I smooth all the angles and I covered the whole craft with a mix
of wood glue and water I made two layers of it the first one with an equal mix of
wood glue and water and the second one with twice as much wood glue as water and the
last step that I do on all of my crafts was to cover it with two layers of varnish I know you’re probably like, Raphael this is
maybe easy for you because you are used to it but we are not, and you’re wrong.
all you have to do is practicing a little bit watch my other tutorials
subscribe to my channel and you’ll be on your way. thank you so much for watching
I do appreciate it and I’ll see you next time

18 thoughts on “Diy captain marvel star

  1. QOTD ⚡What is your favourite marvel superheroes?  Next video : How to make Thor's Hammer using cardboard only ➡️

  2. Dude your channel is about to blow up I can tell the amount of work ur putting in is insane. I love your videos so far, and hope you keep making them! (P.s. Blade runner gun soon?)

  3. Aw i'm sorry i'm sorry late for these! what's great about this is there are no rough or flimsy edges and its all nice and pointy. of all metals and vibranium in the universe its this cardboard material that will deflect any space alien ray gun for sure 🙂

  4. Thank you so much I really appreciate the template I am doing a Captain Marvel costume and I will follow your tutorial but I will do only the backing in Cardboard I will do the Sokes in EVA Foam and cover it in Black Worbla so I can put it on my costume.

  5. I just needed ideas because of a marvel endgame cosplay lazer quest party and i wanted to dress as captain marvel.

  6. I have a question, do you have a Twitter or something where I can send you pictures, cause I don't know if my cardboard is too thick or I'm just bad at this.

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