Diy Caixa em eva com sabonete e toalha decoupage

Diy Caixa em eva com sabonete e toalha decoupage

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in today’s video I’m going to make this beautiful box with the washcloth and
mothers day souvenir, and if you are not already enrolled in my
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This work, we’re going to need eva. the one of 5 mm that is this, here more
Thick here I made two squares of 17 x 17 cm, and the normal eva, that thinner, I’ll do the tracks with 6 cm
each one of this eva that I have, gave do one two three four five six
strips, and I
I already left it scratched, I do not know if it will see on the camera, and the first step that
I’m going to teach how to do it. decoupage, then after you’ve crossed eva and
made the strips with 6 cm each, You fold in half, you’ll keep this
marking, now I’ll get the napkin
napkin here I’ll do decoupagem in the middle of it, because I want it
Look, I’ve already left the rolls. here for the video not to stay
very long, and I will do two colors, smooth with patterned, so I used eva
I made the rolls and I go teach you to do the decoupagem, because if you want to make the whole box smooth, or smooth and stamped as I’ll do, r is also an option,
so now I’m going to take the movies from napkin, he has three
movies, I’m going to take both of down I’m just going to use the top, to do the decoupagem in Eva, I go
use the colorless shellac, you apply and leave well eva wet, you pass the shellac underneath and
over. now I’m going to take that part that’s left
to place here where it was missing, and look how it was, so I did the collage
the napkin with the shellac, and now I’ll wait for the drying,
so here after it’s dry, I’m going to turn the other side where I did the stripes and
I will cut, so here it is, as I doubled it
half before doing decoupagem in Eva, Now I’ll explain to you.
because I only did half, This part is stamped and I’m going to roll it up.
on this side where is the print, When you get here in the middle, I’ll pass the glue.
instant, I’ll turn the other way now, they’re
seeing if I put it if I did the decoping here, all stamped,
at the time I was about to roll I was about to smooth part, so that’s why I just used it
the half, I’ll pass the glue here,
curl the opposite side of the smooth part, look, I passed the glue and it will look like this, a lis and a print, if you want both sides, the two
You will have to to do this half on this side, and the
another, for when you wrap up stay the two stamped parts, it will look like this and
you’ll do this on all the rolls, now made the rolls I’ll start the
assembly process, then one of the 17×17 cm squares I will
base and I will put a Plain scroll and a print with glue
instant, now look, they’re open like that, loose are not they? O
What am I going to do? I’ll pass the glue on the half and unite, and look how it was, I did it to that extent
17 x 17cm but you can do it the way you want, you can do it in
of heart, can make round, not It matters, you’re calculating. How many rolls will you use, the one of 17×17 cm I
I made 12 rolls, I needed to make This one from here, then done that part now
Let’s go to the cover, now to do the part of the lid I’m going to use
the other 17 x 17 cm square, and I I chose this napkin, I already cut it
here I’ll do the same thing in the movies, I’m going to take
the two that I will not use, and stay alone with the one from above, Good, it’s already gone, same thing, I’m going
pass the shellac, the same process that I I did not roll, I’m doing with the shellac because
I want the finish to be shiny, but if you want to do with the glue gel
and then you pass the varnish also can, now I will wait for the drying, so I cut a strip of 1 cm, and the size
It will be according to her. with the size of the box you choose to do, so now to do the finishing in the
cover, I’m going to use the ribbon, I used it the satin ribbon here in the middle to stay
thus, white with pink. You pick up the satin ribbon. and pass by here, look inside, stay
I’ll stick with the silicone glue, I start the amendment, from where I stopped here to
close and finish well pretty, in this part here I will paste the sock
Pearl, and stayed like this, now I’m going to make a tie,
to put here in front, I’m going get this tape here and I’ll give you a
Collop of cola here, now another Collop of cola here, and together here,
there it was, and to do both lace legs, I’ll cut the strip of the same
size, if you stay long you cut, I’ll put it here on the lid, it’s here
where I made the amendment that I go necklace, in the middle I’ll put a half pearl, then the finish of the
cover, now I’ll do the finishing of the box,
the other strip I made I’m going to pass here around the box with the glue
instant, that’s how it used to be, now I’m going to tape it
pink finish here to finish the finish in this box, and the box is now finished, now
we are going to the next process that is the hand towel, to make the towel
hand I’ll put a plastic here by because I’m going to use glue and do not leak into the
other side, so I’ll wear the same napkin I
I used it in the box to make the hand towel, I chose that piece of napkin and now I’ll apply it on the towel, I’ll take the two films, and here I
I will apply the cloth glue, here the cloth glue you have to put
enough, because she has to penetrate in the fabric, if not, when you
to wash The decoupagem is going to leave, it has to pass
enough glue, and I’m applying to few, you put the glue and go passing the hand,
then go to the next piece, after I applied the glue cloth,
now I’m going to spend milky termoline over, the milky terminolina is used for waterproofing
the napkin, if you want to just the same cloth glue, can pass, then you can
wash the washcloth after the drawing,
the ideal is to dry for 72 hours, but cause of the video I’ll speed up the
drying process with the dryer, the back is also important you
dry well, why then I’ll iron the hot iron, So I’m going to put a washcloth here.
underneath, I’ll get the towel, put her on the wrong side and iron well
hot, Is the towel ready, if you want
increase, put a surrender too, you can put, now the next step is the
soap, I chose two parts of the napkin to put in the soap,
I’ll take the films again, I’ll use the gel glue to apply the napkin
no soap, stayed like this, then I’ll do the same
process in the other soap, so after you’ve applied the glue on the
napkin, now we will pass the stained glass, to
does the stained glass varnish? waterproof the drawing, then you can
use the soap, wash the hand that the drawing will take time to leave, let’s go
pass the stained glass, and here is finished our work
of today, Look how beautiful and delicate I looked, I loved it.
can do this job, you can give remembrance both on Mother’s Day and on
Teachers’ Day, Tea Souvenir of baby, is at your discretion,
I hope you have enjoyed the video, if you are not already enrolled in my
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Thank you for your company and until the next video!

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