DIY Black Hole Table (infinity mirror + galaxy resin!)

DIY Black Hole Table (infinity mirror + galaxy resin!)

(electronic space beep) Someone is trying to
tamper with the black hole. (keyboard typing) But that will
destroy the planet. Would it not? We should be fine as long as
they know what they’re doing. KATELYN: This video is
brought to you by Squarespace. The all in one platform
for all your website needs. (static) Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re
going to be making a galaxy black hole table. (laughing) With resin, too. I thought you were gonna say
galaxy black hole resin table. Resin table. I don’t know if you guys
know it but I love space, I love galaxies, this
is the very first thing, the very first gift
that I made Katelyn. Eight years ago! (crowd awes) We weren’t even dating then. Nope. That’s crazy. And I think some of my very
first paintings ever were of– Galaxy type stuff. Galaxy type stuff. This is like this, you know. This is like galaxy
patterns, keep going. Very clearly space. Planets. Lots of planets, lots of
space, I just love art of that type. We came up with this
idea awhile back to do a galaxy table. And we didn’t really
know what it was gonna be until the idea of making
it a black hole galaxy table and embedding an infinity
mirror came into being. Then it was just one
of those ideas that, once it entered our
heads, it had to be done. (imitates beeping) That’s what the lights
doing inside of it. Oh, yeah. I was like, lasers? So it should look like a
tunnel going through space and time which I guess is kind
of more of like a wormhole. But, black hole table
had a better ring to it. Are you googling pictures
of wormholes right now? You know, where it’s
like you go into, um, like, space pathways. (laughing) You know, space pathways. Wormhole table (laughing). Everything in this project
is gonna be built around the infinity mirror
literally at the center. Making an infinity
mirror is pretty easy and it’s really satisfying. All you have to do is put an
LED strip between a full mirror and a partially
transparent mirror. The full mirror will
reflect all light back and this lets a little
bit of light out each time it bounces back and forth. So what you end up with
is this really crazy effect of light seeming
to go on forever, and it fades a little bit
every time it reflects back and forth. For the table itself,
it’s not just a flat slab. We need it to contain
that infinity mirror and it’s gonna have to be
a couple different levels. So, to cut those slightly
more complex shapes, we are going to cut
them on our X-CARVE CNC. And then for the resin tabletop, we’re gonna do galaxy resin. Which, I know we’ve had a
couple attempts at before. Ready to go with a
galaxy themed pour. I’m gonna make a
galaxy knife Katelyn. I’m gonna use most
of this green up. KATELYN: Kinda looks
like Mardi Gras. Dang it, I’m making
a Mardi Gras blade. But we have some new
techniques in mind involving acrylic that I’m
very excited to try. And to top it all off, well I guess to
bottom it all off– (crowd applause) We need some legs. We’re just gonna steal
some from (laughs) a table that we found
at a local store, because they’re perfect. I don’t really know
how we could make them any better ourselves. That’s cheaper than buying
your own legs online, honestly. Yeah. What are we, a DIY channel? And then hopefully it will
look as cool as this mock-up we made does. Because we have high hopes. And I don’t want
them to be crushed. (both laughing) No, we got this, we got this. KATELYN: You guys may know we
have what we affectionately call our army of robots. And while you could technically
do this with a jigsaw, sometimes we just want the
pieces to create themselves. (orchestral music) Phew, that wasn’t too bad. Can you imagine if the
stop motion animation had taken us all day long
and it was 11PM at night? (both laughing) But, anyways, on a
not related note, it is time to try out
our new toy, I mean tool. That this project
completely justifies. Okay–
(tool whines) I was gonna explain like what
it is and what we’re doing. Oh, okay. I just wanna go. So you may notice that we
are using MDF and not wood, and that’s ’cause all of
this is gonna get covered in paint and resin later anyway. But, we do have some unfinished,
kinda rough looking edges. So what we’re gonna do with
the new tool is round over these edges which will clean
it up and give it a little bit of a slightly
rounded corner. Yeah, it’s gonna look classy. It’s gonna look real classy. (upbeat electronic music) Whee! So we read online that
gluing MDF panels together can be a little tricky
because it’s more absorbent so it could like (imitates
slurp) slurp up the glue before you get a chance to
glue the panels together. So we’re just gonna try to
work quickly and swiftly, and with grace. Did you just drip?
I just dripped. (laughs) With grace! Okay, so this is the
piece that’s gonna allow for our electronics to have
some space on the underside of the table. That’s why we have this
recessed area in here. And then this piece will
attach to here and allow us to seat it perfectly
into the little recessed area of those legs. Oh, that looks so cool. You can just like
lift the whole thing. Yup. (mechanical whirs) Gracefully.
Grace. Kinda looks like an
alien spacecraft. I was just about to
say the same thing! It looks like a spacecraft! Alrighty, so, let’s let it dry. See you guys in the morning. Hip, hop, hop, hop,
hop, hop, hop, hop. Time to de-clamp. Nice! (upbeat string music) All right, so one thing
we’re gonna do to help the resin pour, we’re
gonna paint the base black. And then we’re gonna add
some stars on top of it. So then the resin doesn’t
have to do as much all by itself. I think that’ll give it
some depth ’cause you’ll kind of maybe see through
to it in some places. Yeah. Do you want the big brush
or can I get the big brush? No, you go for it. Oh, yes. I was gonna not help and
do camerawork anyway, so. Okay cool. That’s satisfying (laughing). It’s abstract art. Did I do too much? Yeah, maybe. That’s a lot of paint. Looks like a record. It’s so thick! I got a little bit ambitious. I’m just gonna. (silly piano music) There. All right, so it’s time
to paint the stars. We have a few tests set up. Do you want gloves? Oh yeah. (laughs) I guess. You just kinda flick the brush, and it sprays out
a little spatter. EVAN: But if you
get too much paint, then you fling globs. Oh yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, look at that. KATELYN: So if you kinda
pick up extra paint on your thumb, like that, it gives you more
control than just dipping the whole toothbrush in. Oh that looks so cool. You ready to do it
on the real one? I’m ready. I feel ready. EVAN: Sorry, holding you with
one hand was really hard. I was just like really
close up on your face. Ready. Oh. Try not to get it on my
Evan and Katelyn hoodie! EVAN: Nice. Or my Evan and Katelyn pants! EVAN: Nice. (laughs) I like how you’re curving
it around the black hole. Nice. KATELYN: Thanks. (upbeat piano music) All right. You wanna do the thing? Oh. Resin time. Resin time. Do, do, do, do resin time.
Do, do, do, do resin time. I don’t know if we’re gonna
have to do that every time but like it almost
feels like we should. At first I thought
that I misread you, ’cause the first resin time
you didn’t do anything, and I was like uh oh. He’s talking about
a different thing? No, no, it’s resin time. KATELYN: We’re setting
up for the resin pour. And somebody snuck in. COMPUTER: Am ninja. KATELYN: Hey!
COMPUTER: Later nerds. KATELYN: You double gloving? Oh, you know it. KATELYN: Double glove! (bright orchestral music) I’m gonna go ahead and
start off with a little bit of clear. KATELYN: To like prime it? EVAN: To prime it. So then when we
pour the colors on, it’ll flow better. And you can start mixing colors. KATELYN: Oh, okay. Just ’cause you’re a little
more reserved when it comes to mixing colors. KATELYN: So this is a little
bit of a different pour then we’ve done in the past
because we’re relying on the background with the stars
to be part of the end art. So this is a little bit
more of a layered approach. So we’re going with a
subtle color palate. A lot of like
interference colors which basically don’t show
up much until the light hits them right. KATELYN: We also want to
try kind of like maybe concentrating more color
around the center of the black hole. Yeah, I mean, ’cause we’ve
gotten our first picture of a black hole now. And that’s kind of
what it looks like, so. Yes, we’re gonna mimic
that photo exactly. All five pixels of it. (both laughing) Hmm, you know what we didn’t do? What? EVAN: We didn’t level it. Oh. (sighes) EVAN: But we can’t really
put a level on there. Oh yeah. Okay, well we have to babysit
this thing and complain about it being un-level
the whole time. Okay are we ready? EVAN: Ready. Woo boy. Woo boy! I’m kind of nervous, just
’cause this is different. EVAN: Yup. I don’t really know how
the interference colors are gonna look on the black. I’m gonna kind of
follow the path of stars that we did earlier. Woo. But then like also– EVAN: I think I’m just
blocking the main camera with this camera. Well, you know. It looks so different
over the black. EVAN: Right, it shows
up so much more. Yeah, I’m gonna have
to like spread it out a decent amount. Oh, wow look at that. Right, it’s like so vivid.
EVAN: Whoa, so vivid. And this isn’t just the
interference whites. Yeah. EVAN: What are the full
colors gonna look like? I have no idea. EVAN: I like what’s happening. Should I add any glitters in? KATELYN: You can start
adding some glitters. EVAN: Yeah. KATELYN: This is like
a little more vivid than I was expecting. EVAN: I know. I thought it would
be more subtle. And it’s kind of like
not subtle at all. I think I want to
add more black. EVAN: Okay here,
here’s black blue. KATELYN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m gonna try adding in just
like a little bit of the interference yellow,
just like a hair. Oh, Katelyn I’m
blowing outwards here. Woo, cool things, cool things. That’s looking really cool. Woo, oh, yeah! Oh my gosh. I’m glad it’s kinda coming
together because I’ll admit, when we first poured the
two interference colors, I was like ah! Ah! (laughs) I know that look. It’s a look of regretting
that you didn’t double glove. (upbeat orchestral music) So I detected which
way it’s tilting. We lost the gold on one side. The game you play when
you don’t level it first. (bright orchestral music) All right, well I think that
we’ll just babysit this, and we’ll see ya tomorrow. Do you like it? I don’t dislike it. It’s like more than I thought. I think it’s pretty good. Yeah, it’s a little bit– I had three gloves on. (both laughing)
(electronic beeps) I’m gonna order some
space dust pigment. (phone beeps) Thank you for calling
Space Dust R Us. Hey, can I place an order? Why are you calling? Don’t you know our website
has built in e-commerce, because we built it
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of products we can sell is vast and limitless. Okay, but– And the website
works on mobile too. You can even book classes
with us via our website, all because Squarespace. Can I just uh– If you want to make
your own website, go to
for a free trial, and when you’re ready
to pull the trigger, go to
for 10% off your first purchase. Did you order the space dust? Uh. (suspenseful electronic music) Are you guys ready to see it? Ah! It looks so cool! It’s like a majestic
space donut. EVAN: I’m glad that
the whole thing didn’t just slide off. And you can still see a
little bit of the stars on the under layer. And a little bit over here. Though, I think maybe doing
another layer of acrylic stars before we do the
final clear coat. One interesting thing that we
noticed as you go to the top, you see a lot more of
the color and the detail. Yeah, but next up is adding
this semi-opaque mirror. To the very center, which
we’re gonna do on our CNC. Which should be pretty fast. (speedy electronic music) Whoa! That was so fast. So fast. Now it’s time to
glue this in place right here in the center so
that we can do another resin pour and it won’t leak. It won’t leak. Yeah, well and the reason
we’re doing one final resin pour is to kind of
unify it all together. Technically you probably
don’t have to but I think it’ll fuse the edges and
give us one final round over on our sides, which I
think will look nice. Yeah. (upbeat electronic music) All right, so we are getting
ready to do the clear resin pour and we realized that we
forgot to do the acrylic stars. The stars. Yeah, it woulda made a lot
more sense to do that before we added the mirror in
because we don’t want stars in the infinity mirror. But thankfully, I totally
didn’t accidentally cut a wrong-sized circle
earlier that happens to be the perfect fit to
cover up the mirror. So I think we’re good to go. Yeah, totally on purpose, yes. I need more. (upbeat electronic music) Woo, it is time. Yeah, now time for the
clear pour, for real. That was me. Mine are more farty. Yeah. It’s like so much more
than you would think. You got a good satisfying angle? EVAN: I think so. Ohh. Ohh. Oh we didn’t level it. Should we level it? Uh. We should level it. Yeah. I think we just need
a big sign somewhere, that says did you level it? Like right in front
of the camera. Oh, you have the big one. It’s more accurate. Good enough. Cool. Yay. We shall proceed. I’m just gonna pour in the
middle and let it overflow. EVAN: Oh my gosh. KATELYN: That’s all of it. My calculations
were somehow wrong. I just guestimated a
quarter inch depth, but, must have been deeper. Oh, you didn’t measure it? No. Let’s try this again. Oh. KATELYN: Hopefully
this is enough. EVAN: It should be enough. Really? This is more than we mixed
up for the initial go. We’re just gonna pop
some these bubbles. Third bucket of resin. I’m gonna pour like
right up to the edge. And hopefully it’ll just
go over on it’s own. All the layers are
coming together. You should get like a,
get like really close up satisfying shot of me
pouring right along the edge. (funky jazz music) EVAN: All right I’m gonna
brush it as it flows over. KATELYN: Yeah. Kinda help disburse. Oh yeah. (air bubbles popping) Oh it’s looking so good, oh. It looks so much better. And now our stars
that we had on top, they have like depth ’cause
you can see the first layer and then the second layer. EVAN: Oh, yeah, you totally
can see the two layers. Ooo, it’s looking so good. Okay. Kinda makes you just want
to do more, and more, and more, and more layers. But that’d be bad. It is kind of tempting. Nobody got time for that. Well I guess we’ll just
keep an eye on drips, we’ll let this cure. And then we will come back
and do the infinity mirror. That’s kind of– (torch blowing) (bright flute music) EVAN: Uh oh. Uh oh, what do you mean uh oh? (somber piano music) EVAN: Did it get too hot? KATELYN: Whoa, whoa,
whoa, no, no, no. What’s happening? EVAN: I think it got too hot and it’s warping the acrylic. Oh no. EVAN: Is it, did it
bulge up or bulge down? KATELYN: I can’t tell. I think it’s bulging
up in the middle. EVAN: That’s weird. Well. It is what it is. I don’t think there’s
anything we can do now. (somber piano music) Okay, so, whoa! So, there’s not too much we
can do about the warping. No. We’re just gonna try
to pour more on top. And hope that it looks okay. The warping actually
like messed up the smooth surface finish that
we were going for. The mirror is totally warped. We need to do another pour
to get it level again. But I’m actually, can I pour? Oh yeah, sorry. I’m actually thinking of that,
you know, this might end up being a good thing. KATELYN: Really? ‘Cause it looks
like even stranger. It looks even like
you know more like, it looks kinda cool. KATELYN: But what if our
infinity mirror doesn’t look like an infinity mirror? I don’t know what if it likes
warps it into a weird shape? Oh my gosh, did I
mix not enough again? We’ve been through this. (bright transition music) Okay. (claps hands) So we did the clear
coat to try to save it. EVAN: And I actually
think it might be better. KATELYN: I think
it might be better. This might be even cooler. If it doesn’t do
something really weird. It already looks like a
weird optical illusion, like there’s a bubble
coming up from the middle. So, I guess that
works in our favor. (both laughing) All right, so with most
LEDs, you can get this, oh! No, not that one. That’s the fancy one. KATELYN: Should we start over? No. So with most LEDs, you can
get kind of like a generic rainbow effect, which
looks pretty good, but that’s not what I was
going for for this project. I wanted a specific sequence. I wanted pulsing purple light. Because that seemed
like a black hole to me for some reason. So that’s what I
programmed with this little circuit board right here. I’ll have links to
all the details below. The code, all the electronics,
and these really cool super dense LED lights. KATELYN: I know! I like how tightly
clustered those are. But I think it’s time
to install this into the infinity mirror and
do final montage mode. (upbeat electronic music) Okay. KATELYN: Oh! EVAN: Oh! (upbeat electronic music) Yay, it fits! Not that I had any doubts. No, no, no, no. (upbeat electronic music) Okay. So, we have not looked
at it turned on yet. You ready? (drum roll) Yes. Whoa!
Oh my gosh! Oh, oh, oh it does warp
it in a really cool way! So cool! Agh! It looks like it goes on
even farther than I expected. EVAN: Oh my gosh,
look at that guys. KATELYN: Whoa! (funky space music) Looking straight down
is so interesting. It like lines up and the
warping doesn’t matter much. But as you walk around. EVAN: But then as
you walk around, it warps in different ways. Oh, that’s so cool. Oh, it’s so funky I love it! EVAN: I need to like turn
down the brightness of this, so I can like appreciate. I mean I know this was like
what an infinity mirror is supposed to do but
seeing it in this setting, like with the galaxy
resin really gives it like a purpose. EVAN: It tells a story! It tells a story! (funky space music) (both laughing) Man. I would say this was worth it. This was a lot of work. But this is like literally
exactly what I hoped for. EVAN: Yeah. Like everything together too. The gold legs, the galaxy resin, the infinity table, like
this is what I mocked up in hopes of having. I don’t know whether
I should film it, or look at it. The pulsing light’s really cool. Oh thank you. You did a good job.
Thank you. Do we want to put
it into party mode? Yeah, this is party mode. Ah, this is woo! EVAN: I can’t wait to like
put our coffee cups like right in the middle
of the infinity table. ‘Cause it looks like you
shouldn’t be able to. EVAN: Da, da, da, da! Oh, we did it. We did it. It’s so cool. Get the Supurrvisors approval. She what she thinks. KATELYN: In her throne. What do ya think? KATELYN: What do you
think about that? COMPUTER: Is bright. Oh my goodness. Joobie look! Do you approve? COMPUTER: Am bored. I kinda worried we’d
have to start over. No, no, no, no, no. Well thank you guys
for watching us make this creation. And, if you want
to see more videos, we also have a gaming
channel where we post like twice a week.
Yeah. So, Evan and Katelyn Gaming. So check that out on YouTube. Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next time. Bye! Oh hello everybody. We’re playing this
rogue-like game. In which you die a lot. And every time we die, we’re gonna be eating hot sauce. And every time we die, we’re also gonna be
increasing the amount of hot sauce we’re eating. So it’s like hot ones,
but we’re gonna put it on chips because we don’t
have chicken wings. (laughing) That’s so much Tabasco! (both laughing) You know, if you want to
make your own website, no. (laughing) I just love it! No, no, no, no, oh no. (laughing) I’m so close, it’s just
so funny, I’m just like.

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