DIY Baymax Paper Craft!! [Big Hero 6] ► JamesChats

DIY Baymax Paper Craft!! [Big Hero 6] ► JamesChats

How’s it going and welcome back to JamesChats
today is the anniversary of “Big Hero 6” and to celebrate I thought I would get a
little bit crafty. Baymax is my all-time favorite Disney character which is a high standard and “Big Hero 6” is tied for first for favorite Disney movie of all
time so yes I am Baymax trash and I am of the mindset that you can never have
too many baymax’s. So naturally when I found this papercraft on Pinterest I had
to do it and I was like you know what let’s make a video let’s make this
happen. Now seems pretty straight forward you just print off this PDF file that I
found it has the designs and the templates and everything you cut those
out and glue it together and then you have yourself a little baymax. I opted to
get mine printed in eleven by seventeen so mine could be a little bit bigger but
you can of course print it off in eight and a half by eleven standard printer paper I
went to FedEx I went above and beyond I’m Baymax trash so you know, gotta go all out.
I don’t know how this is gonna go I’ve never done this before I’ve never done a
paper craft like this so it’s an adventure and I’m excited to bring you
all along for the ride. Without further ado let’s start making this little
baymax. I’m just gonna do a little rough cut on all of these so I can get them
all separated and then I’m going to take my exacto knife and get all the little
details. Use caution when using an exacto knife, don’t swing around like I am like
an idiot because these are very sharp and they can really hurt you ok I got all my pieces separated now I’m
going to start by cutting out all the intricate details of the base and gluing
it together and hoping that it all works Okay.
Base has been cut out let’s move all these scraps to the side. Now we can glue
things, I don’t know… Ohh, that was satisfying. Okay I might need to use the Elmer’s glue. Man I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m already so stressed Oh man, this is not going good. Noooo How am I gonna do an entire baymax I can’t even do the freaking block he stands on. Oh man I’m
gonna have to put a new battery in the camera. I think it’s okay. Here’s the stand.
All right now I got to switch the battery on my camera and then I’ll get
to work on baymax I’m scared. I’m gonna do the body I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do
it ok here we go This is a lot more than I thought it was
gonna be. All right got it cut out now Now what? I feel like my best bet is to glue
this first. He’s done, look at that, boom all right see he’s got his arms his legs
his body, perfect. Oh my god, this is not… This is the most stressful thing I think I’ve
ever done why did I do this Okay, I really hope this is worth
it, I really hope it’s worth it. You have to have a lot of patience. You know what, I’m gonna glue these together And then cup it down. That seems that seems like the
logical approach. I’ve never been like so unsure of a video in my life. This is why you just buy an action figure on Amazon I think I got the body. I think.
The body alone took like 25 minutes. Now let’s let’s do the limbs okay legs are cut out time to start
gluing. This… video is a train wreck oh god, oh god, I’m sticking to it
I have so much glue on my hands at this point. One leg. This is the left leg.
I really underestimated how much time this would take. oh my gosh. Whhyyyy. Just work. I got two legs down, now two arms okay got both my arms cut out now it’s
time to start gluing them together figuring out how it’s going to look. It asks you to bend paper in completely unreasonable ways. Like this just… this
doesn’t make sense. I don’t know about this this just doesn’t look right like how do you glue this onto here
though that doesn’t make any sense I think I’m gonna get the hot glue gun
because I feel like that’s the only thing that will actually work and make
sense but I don’t know I don’t know if it’ll work or not let’s move on to the
head the final part and then I will try to assemble this okay wish me luck in
gluing this little head together you know what I’m gonna get the hot glue gun
here we go I have genuinely no idea how to really
attach these arms what they do something wrong okay I also grabbed some some tape
some clear tape come on this is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life did I just die yes it did okay battery
died up there all right battery replaced its there’s gonna be the death of me
like what is happening here like I don’t I just don’t get it I’m gonna freak out real soon I’ve never wanted to be done with a
video more in my entire life this is the worst thing ever
how how I don’t I don’t get I just I don’t get it I don’t I don’t understand
this oh yeah you know what hot glue is really not smart for its kind of a thing
cuz it hurts but I’m just so over this I just I just want to be done
okay there’s a head this is not a craft this is a test of human endurance and
patience Kenny what I’m gonna put tape on this side of the arm
I guess tape the front – sure why not I just want to be done okay
he’s becoming a baymax I’ve literally no idea how they expect me to attach his
legs though I please you know I’m just taping the legs on I’m just taping them
on cuz I’m just I’m so tired I’m exhausted
I’m gonna smash them together with a little bit of hot glue in between all
right now I need to glue him to his little base just inside did it here he
is baymax papercraft from a distance he
looks okay he looks alright from a distance who is this project for
your worst enemies or for those of you who have some weird masochistic choice
and hobbies take a paper crafting like this because it is miserable
I started out so chipper and so naive and I soon realized the tragedy of the
situation I will leave a link to the files in description down below although
I would recommend just spending like five dollars on Amazon and buying a
little action figure I’ve never been so happy to be done with something so I
guess there’s that sense of happiness you have to like force yourself into
misery to then experience this pure bliss of being done with something but
that’s about the extent of it I did it I accomplished it and from afar he looks
ok I’m gonna go and watch big hero 6 to celebrate and actually feel happy about
something in my life let me know what should I do next
time please don’t say more paper crafts like this cuz I won’t do them if you
want you can give the video a thumbs up you can subscribe to my channel you can
watch some of my other videos or you can hit me up on social medias right there
I’m gonna go thinking for watching and I’ll see you all next time

23 thoughts on “DIY Baymax Paper Craft!! [Big Hero 6] ► JamesChats

  1. 😂😂😂 oh man. This video turned out so funny hahaha maybe do something less confusing, like a Lego baymax? Idk just don't put yourself through this torture again hahaha

  2. whoever designed that forgot to add the top bits so you can put it together easier. You actually put it together so well that (as a paper crafter) would have had me throwing it in the bin.

  3. I made a Direwolf paper craft for a gift a couple years back. I thought it was going to be a quick craft to complete. I had the exact same frustration as you. But i was happy it turned out, however I will never do a paper craft again!

  4. I feel you on this, James. I tried making the Nemo and Crush versions of this craft with my kids, and I ended up finishing by myself, QUITE frustrated and in utter disbelief that it was so HARD! They look cool, though…

  5. James, James, James. Your first mistake came at 00:25, when you said, "So when I found this papercraft on Pinterest…"

    No! Pinterest is where all DIY projects go to TAUNT YOUR INADEQUACIES. Whether real or perceived.

    Step away from Pinterest.

  6. This is like seeing myself making a 3d Model for college. I'm an architect now tho, I won't have to do any model soon if I don't want to 😀 all digital from now on!!! So happy about that, thanks for the remainder!!!

  7. This is like seeing myself making a 3d Model for college. I'm an architect now tho, I won't have to do any model soon if I don't want to 😀 all digital from now on!!! So happy about that, thanks for the remainder!!!

  8. I really recommend the paper crafts on the disney family website because they are EASY af but they look good and there's a ton of star wars ones so if u wanna torture urself again… u know where to go

  9. I’m sorry but I laughed so hard! It was just so relatable… like every youtuber makes diys like this look so easy, but when you actually do it, turns out into something like this.

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