DIY Batman Wine Bottle Craft | How to | Requested

DIY Batman Wine Bottle Craft | How to | Requested

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse. DIY Batman Wine Bottle Craft All the materials that I used for this DIY
are listed in the description box below. This Bottle was requested by my significant
other. My Sweetie, Paul and also by Griselda. I designed this bottle after Tim Burtons,
1989 Batman played by Michael Keaton. Thank you, both for this super fun request! Let’s get started! Using some air dry modeling clay, I sculpted
Batman’s abs. I just looked at a picture and tried my best
to sculpt it. It’s not perfect but it works. You can skip this part if you want or take
a photocopy and decoupage the abs on, after painting the whole bottle black. I placed and shaped each muscle separately. The trick is to bevel each muscle. After getting the shape I wanted… wetting
my fingertips… I wet the clay enough to smooth it out. I then grabbed my thinnest paint brush and
used the back of it to create the bevel. The clay has to be slightly moist in order
for the brush to glide and create that bevel. Don’t forget to hold the brush at an angle. Make sure everything is smooth after you’re
done. I also used the water to smooth, join and
help mold the clay. Once thats done and it has fully dried. I smooth it out some more with 400 grit sandpaper. This is very important because you need this
to be as smooth as possible. If it got too dusty, I would brush it off
with a paint brush. You want to be able to see everything so you
don’t miss any spots. Also, use your hands to feel for any rough
spots you might not see. After that Using a pouncer brush and matte
black acrylic paint I gave it two coats, letting it dry between each one. Let that dry. Now paint the rest of the bottle with white
acrylic paint. Doing this acts like a primer, so when I place
the black over it, it pops. It also takes fewer coats of the black paint
when you do it like this. …and don’t forget the cap. Once that’s all dry, paint the whole bottle
and the cap with the matte black acrylic paint. I gave mine two coats and set it aside to
dry. Mixing the black and white paint make a gray
to highlight the muscles with. I’m not great at this either but It doesn’t
have to be perfect. You could just skip this step if you wanted
but after all that sculpting I wanted to make sure you could see them. I found that using the highlight on all the
raised parts and then going back with the solid black in all the groves worked pretty
good. Here I’m adding all the gray to the raised
parts. Now I’m going to go in with the solid black
in all the groves. Make sure to keep it black where the muscle
meets the bottle. You defiantly don’t want to highlight that. Once that’s all dry, screw the cap back
on and spray the whole bottle with a matte sealer. I used Mod Podge matte sealer and set that
aside to dry. While that dried, I prepared the belt. I bought a downloadable template online for
this belt, it was only $5. I’ll leave the link in the description box
below. If you don’t want to buy one you can always
try googling, free superhero belt templates or check Pinterest for templates. I wanted my belt to match the Batman logo
so I went to to fill it in. If you have paint or any other editor on your
computer, you can do the same thing on that. I just use this so that I know everyone can
have access to it. Upload both pictures. The link to the Batman logo is down below. On the left side, you’ll see all the tools. Click on the dropper. Now click on the yellow part of the logo. This tool picks up that color and saves it. That’s the color number code. Go to files then click on upload multiple
images Your belt template should be there. Click on it. Go to the left to the tools and click on the
paint bucket. It should already be the color you took from
the logo Now fill each spot by clicking on them, until
it’s completely yellow. I raised the number where it says fuzz to
make sure it fills each spot completely. Don’t raise it too much or the whole page
will turn yellow. Once you’re done, scroll down and click
the save button. Print out 4 copies at 50% size. You’ll need to print out 4 copies because
one whole image is for the front, the actual belt, and the rest you’ll be cutting out
the ends to attach them to complete the belt all around the bottle. Trace all the copies with a sharpie or any
black permeant marker. It has to be permanent because we’ll be
placing glue over this and you don’t want it to smudge. Also, make sure that the tip is nice and pointed
or the outline won’t come out right. Use a ruler to help with lines. Lastly, don’t leave the marker pressed on
one spot for too long or it will bleed and create a spot and make sure you don’t have
your other copies underneath when you’re tracing. Cut out all the end pieces from three or the
copies. You should end up with six in total. Then cut out the whole belt on the last copy. Now take a piece of cardboard, I used the
cardboard that came from a spaghetti box I cooked that day, cut out a piece big enough
the fit the belt on. Using a brush, place some Mod Podge on the
cardboard, place the belt cut out and then seal it with more Mod Podge. Set that aside to dry. Once it’s dry, carefully cut the whole thing
out. Now it’s time for the cape. I know you see the logo already but i messed
up and glued the logo before placing the cape. I take it off later on in order to place it. Don’t make that mistake as I almost ruined
the whole thing when I was peeling the logo off. Wrap the fabric around the neck and mark where
you want to cut as shown here. Now from those marks cut on an angle all the
way down. Do this to each side. Grab the bottle and measure how long you want
it. Mark it and cut the excess off. Now fold it in half and clean it up where
needed. Now cut triangles on the bottom as you see
here. Using a hot glue gun, glue the belt on. I put glue in the middle section first, placed
it and then added glue to the ends. I was dreading this part but it had to be
done. I got lucky it didn’t lift any more of the
paint and that was going to be covering that up. Glue the rest of the pieces to the belt on,
all the way around. Do the same thing you did with the belt to
the logo. I printed this one out at 40% size. Cut it out glue it onto some cardboard seal it with more glue wait until it’s dry … and cut that out. I wanted the black parts to be darker so I
colored them in with a sharpie. I spray painted the fabric with some black
primer spray I had left over from my very first DIY I did for this channel. I did this to take the shine off of the fabric. You could just paint it with the matte black
acrylic paint you used for the bottle but I had run out so I used the spray instead. You could also just leave the fabric as is,
I just didn’t want it all shiny. Oh my goodness, never thought I’d hear myself
say that! Lol Hot glue the cape on as shown here Cut the logo out and hot glue that down as
well. And here it is all done! Like I said in the beginning, this was such
a fun bottle to make and even though it has zero shine, I love how this came out and so
did my Sweetie. This is such a cool gift for any Batman fan. If it had been for me. I would have glittered the heck out of this
thing. Remember you could customize this to your
liking. You can even do this on a plastic soda bottle
to decorate a kids room. Just make sure to fill the bottle with something
so it has some weight… or do this on a canvas. It would look like some cool 3D wall art. They’re so many ways you can do any of my
crafts. It doesn’t have to be on bottles only. If you enjoyed this DIY, don’t forget to
thumbs up the video and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section
below. As always, Thanks for watching, and if this
is your first time watching I hope you consider subscribing to get updates on future videos
and remember, do it yourself there’s no need to cry!

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