DIY ANGLERFISH night lamp | Paper crafts

DIY ANGLERFISH night lamp | Paper crafts

Hello! In this video I’ll show you how to make Anglerfish night lamp If you like my videos SUBSCRIBE to my channel! You’ll need 3 LED candles Cardboard to make basic construction I used office tape to hold all in place glue newspaper to the form I used water to make newspaper more flexible glue newspaper to the inside and paint black with more newspaper make lips this will be tongue I fixed one side to make it more even use plastic foil to make shape for lower teeth Add teeth Cover all with tissue paper Time to paint I used tissue paper to fill the gaps but white glue works too silicone glue I used cap from the deodorant to make eye shape Use thick wire to hold LED candle broken magnet to help hold it in place I painted bread clips bottoms black and glued to the body And that’s it! Thank you for watching!

13 thoughts on “DIY ANGLERFISH night lamp | Paper crafts

  1. Now I know what bread clip you were talking about…Very creative!!! I know it may be creepy to some, but I could honestly see this in a child’s room among the other movie characters made in a similar (but somehow unique as only you can do) way as this character was. Please continue to look at the world & everything in it for what it is & what it could be!! And thank you for sharing your unique perspective & talents!!

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