DIY American Girl iPhone and iPad

DIY American Girl iPhone and iPad

[Intro Music] We want to give a Shout-Out to Hatty Bee!
Thanks for the request and Just Craft It. For this craft you will need printables from
our blog,, Craft foam, Glue, Scissors and Packaging tape. Start by
printing and cutting out the printables from our blog. You should have an iPad, an iPad
Mini and three iPhones. Then cover the front of your devices with packaging tape to give
it a screen like look. Just like that. Cut out each individual device. Now take your
craft foam and apply your devices to your craft foam. If your craft foam doesn’t have
a sticky back, just use glue and glue the printables onto the craft foam and then cut
them out. Once you have two pieces, a front and a back, then you can glue the two pieces
of foam together. To cover the edge take a strip of your craft foam and glue it right
around the edge. Now you can stop right here or you can add the buttons just by cutting
tiny pieces of your craft foam and glueing them to the sides. Now you have volume control.
To make a skinnier iPhone just apply the printables to one sheet of craft foam on the front and
on the back. Now to make your iPad and your iPad Mini you are going to use the same method.
Just take the printables, apply them to your craft foam, cut them out, glue them together
and then cover the edge with a thin strip of craft foam. And again, you can add buttons
if you like. [Music] Now your dolls can watch YouTube, take pictures, call their friends and make
stop motion videos. Leave us a comment and tell us what your dolls are going to do with
their new devices. [Music]

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  1. My opinion: I don’t channel because most ppl that play with dolls are kids. And kids can’t print. And most moms and dads would say “it’s just a doll” so please start making stuff without any printing

  2. I love your channel cookbook much.I will definitely make this.There is this reaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyy cool channel called og girls. Can you pleeeeeeeaase subscribe

  3. S
    Oh my god! My doll Luciana LOVES her new phone! 😜 thank you so much for your kindness and btw I LOVE ur videos and ideas that u make I have an idea for you… how about try to make a American girl doll AIRPLANE

  4. I Would Be REALLY Happy If You Showed How To Make Some Kind Of Bathroom Set (toothpaste, toothbrush etc.) And If You Can't Then That Is Fine 🙂 And BTW I LOVE Your Channel! My Doll Is Going To Be SUPER Happy When She Arries To All These Life Hacks! I Watch All Of Your Videos Multiple Times Because I Can't Get Enough! <3 :3 😀 🙂

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