DIY 3D Butterflies With Holo Glitter!

DIY 3D Butterflies With Holo Glitter!

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse. Todays DIY are these cute 3D holo butterflies. I made these to go along with the project
I’m working on. DIY 3D Butterflies with holo glitter! A quick reminder to please turn on your notification
bells so that you can be notified as soon as I upload a video. Let’s get started! I found these butterfly images online and
I printed two of them out. It printed out that color because my printer
ran out of the black ink. It wasn’t on purpose but it worked out anyways. After you print them out you’re going to
decoupage them onto something more sturdy than paper… like, card-stock, some thin
cardboard or poster board, which is what I used. Using a brush spread some Mod Podge… Place the butterflies… and give it another coat to seal them in. Once they are dry, using acrylic paint I painted
each one the colors I wanted and let them dry. You can use whatever you want to color these
in. Watercolors, crayons, markers or color pencils. We’ll be gluing these together later to
give it that 3D effect so make sure to color the pairs the same color. Unless you want them to be two different colors
and that’s the look you’re going for. Using holo glitter glue and a brush, I coated
each one, let it dry and gave in another coat. I then cut each one out. I separated the sets… taking the set that
will go on top, I painted and glittered the backs of those. I then took some diamond puffy fabric paint
and outlined all of them. Lastly, I hot glued the set together as you
see here. And here they are, all finished. I think they came out super cute and they’re
perfect for what I’ll be using them for but you can use these butterflies for anything. Use your imagination, change the colors, sizes
or add more detail if you want. As always, have fun, be creative and make
a mess! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please don’t forget
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to cry.

18 thoughts on “DIY 3D Butterflies With Holo Glitter!

  1. Wow! Love those! I really like that you put up your list of supplies so I can watch what your doing instead of make a list and missing the content! Thank you

  2. Can't wait to see what you got in mind for the roses and butterflies. Thank you my brilliant friend. 🦋😀🦋

  3. Ali express has butterflies magnets 12 in a pack for 1.50 all different colors, I added rhinestones an glitter. Yours look awesome, I did a time cheat

  4. I just want to say first, i read your story in the description box. How amazing is your testimony!!! God is truly using you showing you and us your talent He has given you!! Second, keep striving in the race and youll continue being blessed. Lastly, im amazed by your creativity. Your stuff is so different than the other things ive seen. I came upon your channel accidentally. A video showed up in the feed about a decoupage crackle bottle. It looked pretty so i watched. And it took that one video to subscribe😁😁 i love diy's!!!! I just did something last week. Anyways, i just wanted to show some love❤❤ Where are you from? Let me guess🤔 jersey? Lol are you dominican? Sorry for personal questions lol you just seem really personable😊

  5. I definitely llover them , I was trying to make them before and now I got it , thank you✨✨✨✨✨👍🏼

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