DIY 3-D Paper Garlands Paper | Craft Tutorial + Templates | Country Hill Cottage

DIY 3-D Paper Garlands Paper | Craft Tutorial + Templates | Country Hill Cottage

In this tutorial, we’ll show how to make
a romantic 3-D heart garland. The garland is made of cardstock and a printable
template and looks great as decoration for weddings, engagements, or Valentine’s Day. We created an eBook with more templates, such
as balloons, butterflies, or stars, which are fantastic to set the scene for any celebration. The technique shown in the video is the same
for the other shapes. Each template comes in two different sizes
giving you many options for creating 3-D garlands. The purchase link and more paper craft ideas
are in the description. Happy crafting! We recommend using light-weight cardstock,
scrapbooking paper, kite paper, or regular printer paper. Gift wrap, heavy cardstock, crepe paper, or
tissue paper are not suitable for this technique. Print out the template and cut out the large
heart. Lightly trace the template with a pencil and
cut out hearts. To speed this process up, stack and cut multiple
sheets at once. For a short garland, you need six of each
light pink, hot pink, and red hearts. You can make the garland as long as you wish
by adding more hearts. Fold each heart lengthwise in half. Then place the heart on the template and make
two small folds at the side using the dashed lines on the template as an indication. Add a thin line of hot glue along the middle
fold of the heart and attach a second heart of the same colour. Try to align both shapes as closely as possible
and gently press together until the glue is set. You now have the basic element to build the
garland. Continue this step with the remaining hearts. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the side
fold of a heart and attach the side part of a differently coloured heart. Repeat this step at the back of the two hearts
and make sure the glue line is facing inwards. Spread the hot glue thinly and aim to align
the side parts evenly to create a beautiful garland. When working with hot glue, be mindful not
to burn yourself. Continue attaching more hearts to build the
garland. Using a single hole puncher, punch a hole
in the first and last heart of the garland. Thread a ribbon or cord through the hole and
hang the garland. If you’re not hanging the garland, it can
be collapsed and stored flat. Thanks so much for watching and please subscribe
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  1. Add pops of color and fun with handmade 3-D garlands, perfect for baby showers, birthdays or weddings. πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Get more paper craft ideas: and shop the eBook and templates:

  2. Hi, beautiful ladies. Your garlands look simply beautiful. What do you love about Ellen's no bake cheesecake recipes? Have a good day, beautiful ladies. <3

  3. My best friend just got engaged so I'm passing along all of your awesome craft tutorials like this one on to her since she's trying to stay on a budget. Thanks as always for these beautiful projects to make the ordinary extraordinary!

  4. I think I'll be making some garlands to dress the kitchen with! I love the baloons and stars. I also really want to make your pinecones for Christmas tree ornaments, too.πŸ˜ƒ Thank you!!❀

  5. This is so pretty and festive. My little girl love butterflies! I'll try to make that for her in her next birthday party! Thanks for the idea and tutorial! πŸ™‚

  6. ahh i've missed so many videos ._. my favorite garland is the hexagonal one! such a pretty color scheme πŸ™‚

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