DIY 3 Cute Neon Highlighter Notebook Designs | Journal design |  aiimadeit

DIY 3 Cute Neon Highlighter Notebook Designs | Journal design | aiimadeit

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I
got this mini notebooks on my local supermarket on sale. Being the
notebook hoarder I am, I bought it! But only two of these designs I liked, so I
decided to revamp and redecorate these three bad boys and turn them into some
cute stuff. By redecorating I mean using
highlighters! I really like these neon colors popping in front of my eyes. Let’s
start with the first victim. Remove this notebook spring first by
twisting it outwards or you can use magic like this and voila!
It’s gone! I used a white cardstock to cover the front and back cover. (PS: I’m
sorry if my sentence is a little bit redundant I know, but what do you call
these two notebook covers? Comment down below πŸ˜› ) Lately I’m into cute Flamingo designs that’s why
here I go! Enjoy the montage of how I made this cute,
neon flamingo with a little bit of summer hangover. Here’s some fun facts for you: There are
only six species of flamingos in the world and the word flamingo comes from
the Spanish word “flamenco”, which means fire. You can also follow the notebook design
I made which is also inspired by my online research of the Flamingos. You
can also create your own design by adding little details like some mini triangles or
any geometric shapes you want. I made a mistake punching holes early,
because I decided to wrap the covers with some contact paper to protect the
notebook covers, and also to create a more polished look. You’ll see what I
mean later on. For the notebook pages I really think it’s a little bit dull, so I
went and color the sides with the same neon pink highlighter
I have. I also added two extra notebook pages using some pink colored paper as a
notebook accent. This is totally optional but I decided
to paint the spiral spring in gold paint to match the theme of my mini notebook.
And the first kawaii notebook is done! In a separate DIY video, I created the
phases of the Moon journal notebook. Make sure to check it out after watching this
video.This second design was inspired by it. I wanted to recreate that idea
with a twist ,which is still with a touch of summer! I still can’t get over summer as
you can see, well I’m sorry! I once saw a picture of a blue watermelon and later I
found out that it was photoshopped, but nonetheless it looks cool and that’s
where I got this idea from! The blue watermelon was called moon melon that
also inspired this notebook design. Just like the first mini notebook, I
added two page accents using shiny craft paper and I also painted the spring in
gold paint. Don’t forget to color the sides of the notebook pages so it won’t
feel lonely. I did it in this yellow bright neon color. Being an extra I
am I wanted to glam this design more by adding some small pearl beads. Just insert the pearl beads while
twisting the spring alternately. Just make sure the beads are small enough so
you can still open the notebook pages with ease. The last and probably the simplest but
the most colorful design, was just a basic bohemian pattern inspired notebook.
I just googled bohemian pattern and just draw on freehand. I really like how this
looks raw and imperfect, a handmade craft, but still looks so well made. If you know
what I mean. I just made the same pattern for the front and back cover.
Since this already had too much color and busy pattern, I the left spring in its
original black color, but I deliberately colored the sides of the notebook pages
in this bright rainbow color. It’s such a happy color isn’t it? ♥_♥ Finally we are done with this three Kawaii-super-cute-mini notebooks! I really like how these three turned out and I’m so happy to add them to my growing notebook hoarding collection. (Teehee) If you want to see my
notebook collection just let me know. I hope you enjoy this one
make sure to tag me photos if you try to recreate any of the diys I made. Leave a
like and subscribe ♥♥♥♥ Have fun, enjoy more art, and stay creative! I’ll see you on my
next video. Have a great day everyone ♥

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