DIY 3 Creative NoteBook Designs for School | ANN LE

DIY 3 Creative NoteBook Designs for School | ANN LE

(upbeat music) – Hello everyone, how’s it going? Anne here, and I am in front
of my desk again (laughs). I’m still trying to get
a feel of my studio space and figure things out. I’m
redecorating around here. So, today’s video, I’m
going to show you guys how to do some fun and creative ways that you can personalize your notebooks. I found some solid-color notebooks here, and I can’t wait to
decorate them with you. I’m excited to do this. Let’s
go ahead and get started. This first design, I’m
going to show you how I made this painting and
how you can make this on your own notebook. The notebook is a different texture, therefore I’m going to show
you guys how you can use acrylic paint and create
that watercolor effect. Your first step is to
start with a damp brush and dab it into a little bit of paint. Then, on your notebook,
create a feather-like shape. Just imagine how a
feather would look like, and try to create that silhouette. Try adding two to three
colors to your feather. It will create a really
pretty gradient look and watercolor effect. If your colors aren’t mixing
well, add in a little water and if it’s too watery
then take some paper towel and blot it. Let the paint set for
a good thirty minutes. Now it’s time to draw
in the intricate design. This can be as detailed as
you guys would like it to be. I started with a stem,
and I drew a long line going in the center of the feather, and from the center of the feather, I drew out short, wispy lines. From there, you can draw
different designs or prints, whatever you like. This is just a fun doodle
project, especially when you’re in class, you
can work on the prints, and I feel like I concentrate better when I’m doodling in
class, what about you guys? I feel like it really exercises my brain. For the finishing touch,
you can write words under the feathers, so each
feather can represent something. For me, I’m writing the words
create, dream, and achieve, and hopefully whenever you look
at it, it will motivate you. For this next look, we’re going to create a colorful, crackle marble effect. I’m using a special paint to
create the crackled effect, however you can still get the marble look using acrylic paint. There’s a few techniques you
can use to apply on the paint. You can use a dropper, a straw, just like what I’m doing
here, or just pour it straight onto the notebook. Then with your straw, blow on the paint so that way it can
create a splattered look and also mix in with the other colors. Make sure to do this in a ventilated area, and not to inhale any toxic fumes. As you can see, this creates
such a beautiful effect, and of course I have to add in
a little bit of gold glitter. This next design is a great
way to cover your books or your notebooks. All you will need are so some fabric. Make sure to cut some
fabric leaving 4 to 5 inches extensions on the sides,
and also 1 to 2 inches extensions on the top and the bottom. Flip the fabric over, with
the wrong sides facing up, and then lay your book on top. Fold in your fabric on
the top and the bottom, so that way it matches with
the edges on your book. Do the same thing on the side, and add in a little dab
of glue here and there, so that way the fabric can hold in place. For the pocket part, I’m going
to use the same pair of jeans that I used in my pencil case tutorial. For the pocket, you want to
cut enough to wrap around your book, or either the
front part of your book. You also want to consider how much you will need to glue in as well. For me, I’m leaving
about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of extra fabric on the sides. After determining where you
want your pocket to sit, fold in the raw edges and glue it in. This way, you will have
a nice, seamless line. This is such a fun, customizable D-I-Y. I just love it, because you
can re-purpose old clothing and make it into this lovely
notebook cover or book cover. I absolutely love this design. I put in my watercolor painting kit, and my pencils and brushes. It’s so convenient because I have everything there for me. Alright, guys! Thank you
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you guys have to say, and I do comment back, so I might just comment back
on one of your comments. If you guys haven’t seen
my last couple of videos, I did a room decor hack, and
also a pencil case holder, so don’t miss out on it. You can click on the videos
on the side right over here, or I think I might have
some here, I don’t know. Somewhere there (laughs). Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you guys next weekend. Ciao!

99 thoughts on “DIY 3 Creative NoteBook Designs for School | ANN LE

  1. +Ann Le {AnneorShine} YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! I tried to make these notebooks and it failed so badly 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I have watercolor pencil crayons. Those really hope you keep a steady hand and draw it like normal. You just draw and colour with them and then just paint over it with water and it becomes just like a watercolour painting! Also you can even draw with pencil before you paint and go inside of it. Make sure if you do that though you keep the pencil line not covered with paint so you can erase it after.

  3. I always loved drawing in class. it would help mi focuse on the subject. but my teachers didn't want me to draw and always yelled at me :/

  4. ALL These are so Adorable .. and creative… i made dream catcher Note book using original feather.. 🙂 on my channel

  5. I always draw on my book when I am at school. I find it really interesting 🙂 I love the feather notebook it looks really nice and pretty.

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  8. Great ideas. It would have been awesome if Youtube had been a bigger thing back when I was in school. These would have been great to do to my textbooks and notebooks. Also yes doodling did help me concentrate while I was in class.

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  10. You are seriously one of the most-talented women i know, Ann! One of the best DIY notebook tutorials we've seen! Miss you! xoxo

  11. Who ever is reading this I comment on get crafty crafty and I said you look perfect with Ann Le!!haha he comment on my comments to time you guys should read what I comment

  12. In your draw life video you said you lived in Boston MA!!! Do you currently live there still? I live in Boston but, the city of Newton! I love all your videos soo muchh!!!!! You are my favorite DIY web caster!! You should always follow your dreams and listen to your heart wherever it takes you! Always keep your hopes up!! I love you!!

  13. I AGREE! About the drawing helps you listen better. But when I was in high school one of my teachers would scream at me (for not listening paying attention). Then another teacher even took away my pencils and markers then refused to give them back to me, when I needed them. So I helped myself into her desk, and took them. Then saying. "AMY GO TO OFFICE!" And am all "Pff whatever.."

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