Diy Αναπαλαίωση Μπουφέ με Χρώματα Κιμωλίας – Boho Style – Craft by Debi

Diy Αναπαλαίωση Μπουφέ με Χρώματα Κιμωλίας – Boho Style – Craft by Debi

Hi, I’m Debbie and welcome to my channel for some reason some frames have been lost where I make the presentation of the video… can be for good as usual All the products you will find below the video, in the description and we’ll make this amazing buffet like, subscribe and share the video Click the bell to get notification about every new video first of all we put the furniture in the yard, if we have one to do a very good rub now, do you want to use a sander
or do it with sandpaper? it is up to you. I used both a good scrubbing We do not need to get to the original form of wood just to make the surface a little wild because, as you can see, it is painted with oil paint Also a very good wash with soap and water until the water comes out clean remove the soap with a damp cloth you need to do it a lot of times until the water comes out clear again and we start to paint we will do boho style whenever I chose Edinburgh I will need my round brush and a sprinkler why the sprayer? spray on top of the brush to soften the brush you don’t have to dip your brush in the water when you work with chalk colors just spray the brush though if necessary apply the color in every direction you do not need to follow any particular direction I insist on carving and paint the entire buffet and because the buffet is too big I will not show you the complete furniture I only show you one piece it has many doors and I don’t want to bore you so I dye the whole buffet with Edinburgh the quantity I use (that’s what I want you to notice) It is very small, very thin let it dry very well second layer of paint it’s already pretty covert because the color was very intense below it needs a second coat with a small brush I will paint between the carvings let it dry very well and now with Berlin the black color Dublin turquoise-green and Stockholm which is a beige color and with brushes a very old one … don’t throw away your old brushes … a simple soft brush a brush with harder hair bristle and a stencil brush spray with water on the brush with the black color and I insist between the carvings I paint between the carvings I have wet the brush to make it slip more easily with the toughest hair the second brush soften a little applying the color I dyed the buffet soften the edges so that the black color does not end abruptly soften it with Edinburgh I’ll do the same in the side I’m lucky, because the buffet had its own wood carvings and I didn’t have to stick anything it was ready soften around with the color I dyed the buffet and now with Dublin and with a dry brush, with cruel hair apply the paint on the wood carvings I emphasize and I’ll do it again you can do it as many times as you like and everything will become more intense now again with the black color to correct some imperfections I had not seen earlier or not I thought earlier to do them and soften with Dublin again helps me a lot the brush with the hard hair spreads the color very easily it has softened quite now and I check the details Little Stockholm now it’s a beige color applying with the brush with the hard hair I insist only on the carvings so that I can give them a greater emphasis and that is what I will do wherever there is carving here I paint again with a dry brush and basically you can do whatever you want if you like it, do it, if not just bypass it with the dry brush technique shading or giving light keep going until you like the effect after I have finished all the door Ι check the details Now I’ll continue with the stencils and I’ll use Stockholm and Moscow and Nicosia and Dublin and Berlin i confuse you i know it is too much I just want to say in the same stencil I will use in different points different colors again the same brushes the stencil I will use not to wash my brushes every time I’ll use three different brushes place the stencil and I start with Stockholm, the light color it doesn’t have to have the same tension everywhere may at some point be more faint Some other points more intense it doesn’t bother me at all, after all it’s my desire to be like this It depends on how pressed my brush continue on the whole door Ι show it a bit fast it makes no sense to show it in slow motion just paint the stencil after I have finished all the door scrub with a sponge sandpaper and see how faint became immediately and now I will apply the second and third colors a little Dublin in some points I always lift up the stencil to see what it looks like Sure, you can add and black, and red and yellow I’ll put them all but I will put them in such a way that won’t look at the end that all these colors exist I slightly shade the edges helps a lot with this brush It is specific for the stencils but also helps in shading we see the details in the end you can finish all the work and then want to do more or to remove something here’s a little detail but very important to make it a little special again with a dry brush very discreetly add all the colors here I work with the yellow then add a little Dublin to the yellow at some points, at other points no that’s clearly a game theme at the moment not to put a little Moscow; Ι apply a bit of Moscow so a little red I told you, I’ll put all the colors but they will look very discreet at the end Ι sweep and gets faint! Μagic? and here’s a little red of course, all this will have to repeat in the six doors of course they won’t go out the same but it does not matter because this is the beauty of the handmade but I will try to make them as similar as possible but…. ok … it may not succeed minimum amount of yellow in stencil at least, it doesn’t want much and at some points, not everywhere a little red Moscow again very small amount again at some points and again the brush with the hard hair and the beige color for emphasis on wood carvings what you see now is one of the doors it’s not the same one you saw earlier because it is six in total same here a little red, a little yellow, a little green and the whole game becomes very soft with the brush that has hard hair and a little yellow red to and in general that and as you like it looks like this before applying varnish and wax you see the details that have been made with a very small amount of color in essence the basic color I used here it was Edinburgh all the rest is a minimal amount of color to make the rest of the effects polyester water varnish mat I’ll dilute it with a little water and you’ll see this amazing magic happening when applying varnish to chalk paints come alive, as if they changing colors watch it the portion that has been passed with varnish and the part without varnish how different it looks a little silver patina over the carving that was the video for today I hope you liked it like, subscribe and share the video press the bell to get notifications for new video waiting for your comments below to tell me your opinion I’ll see you next time! Bye

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  1. Δεν εχω λόγια… τέλειο οοο! !!! Φανταστικοοοι!!!!! Τέτοια να βλέπουμε! !!! Φιλακια γλυκια μου!!!!

  2. Καλημέρα, απόλαυσα το breakfast μου με το βίντεο σου, το λάτρεψα το επιπλο, το θυμάμαι πως ήταν και πως το έκανες, εκπληκτική η δουλειά σου, χαρά στην υπομονή σου γιατί είναι πολύ μεγάλος ο μπουφές. Το αποτέλεσμα όμως σε δικαίωσε. Περιμένω ανυπόμονα και άλλα βίντεο σου. Λατρεύω τα χρώματά σου

  3. Enhorabuena por su trabajo le dejo enlace de un dormitorio que pinté con una técnica muy parecida un saludo y gracias por sus explicaciones

  4. debi μπραβο παρα πολυ ωραιο.μια ερωτηση μονο.η μετα που περασες την πατινα δεν περναμε βερνικι απο πανω?δεν θα φυγει?ευχαριστω

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