DIWALI CHALLENGE Girls vs Boys #Funny #Family Green Crackers  Aayu and Pihu Show

DIWALI CHALLENGE Girls vs Boys #Funny #Family Green Crackers Aayu and Pihu Show

This is girl’s team which has Mom and Pihu and this is boy’s team which has Dad and Aayu Today they are going to do Diwali challenge they both are trying to tease each other and are saying that we will win now they are saying something to the camera boys are saying that we will win no girls are saying, we will win and they are saying, they will win this challenge they are teasing each other while dancing Girls team said, we will bring our stuff and boys team are saying we will bring our stuff both of them have gone What has happened? both of them brought the same kind of boxes yes yes it’s a family challenge they brought it from the same home the packaging is same, no worries but they are saying, you are cheater you are a cheater, you are a cheater Oh start the Diwali challenge yes take out the crackers now it will be fun here is the 1st cracker for the girls team oh what? paper, huh? This should be a diwali cracker have they come to do home work this isn’t school or class What are these girls doing? They busted a paper cracker Boys are happy, they are dancing The dad took out a new cracker it’s a huge packet a small packet inside it in it there is a small poly bag in it there is a little cracker no this us pop pop these are kids crackers Why is mum getting scared of this? Oh they are bursting it at their feet Woww.. it’s so fun Aayu and Dad together are scaring Mom and Pihu Mom and Pihu are dancing here and there Aayu busted the last one Both of them are doing a hi-five and they are saying boys team is amazing they will win from the girls team no girls team are saying they will be back Girls team is taking out a new cracker Such a big cracker boys are getting tensed This year we are going to celebrate a green diwali Not allowed yes this is not allowed Big crackers are not allowed they cause pollution Mom has taken out a big cracker Dad is getting tensed See Mom is going to light up a such a big cracker Aayu and Dad are tensed They are laughing What happened? Girls didn’t get a match stick, they forgot Pihu took out the match box Pihu turned out to be smart Mom forgot, no worries That is team spirit we support each other Mom is lighting the cracker Dad is holding Aayu Dad is trying to extinguish it and the cracker busted What happened? Colour is coming out of this huh? This isn’t holi, it’s Diwali What are they doing? On the day of diwali they are firing up holi’s smoke bomb Very colourful scenario Aayu and Dad are spreading colour in the air Wow.. they both are dancing They have started dancing too the whole family is dancing they are enjoing together, it’s a good thing Now Dad is saying he will bring a huge cracker Girls team is saying, they will get a big one too Dad is saying wait I will be back Dad has taken out this big cracker from his box Long one Very good, this looks like a rocket This will go high and burst This turned out to be a party popper It’s okay because it’s a green diwali But Mom is very happy Dad put the remaing glitter on Aayu’s head both of them are really happy Dad is going after Mom and Pihu both of them are running Now it’s girls turn Girls team is saying, they will take revenge Boys are saying, we will only win Boys team are teasing girls team, looser looser and girls team took out this big rocket this looks like a rocket Mom took out the match box Mom is bursting this cracker is her hand No, no don’t do it in your hand No don’t do it in your hand It’s a green Diwali, you can not burst big crackers and it busted Huh, what was this? This was also a party popper The whole family is following, the green Diwali rules they are not getting big crackers there is no smoke and because of this, they are dancing everybody is dancing there is glitter and paper confetti everywhere Dad is saying something to Aayu he is saying that we will get a big one very big one Girls team is gettimg tensed Boys have got a big cracker they took out a really big one this will definitely be something special Boys are very happy Girls are tensed They are saying, don’t do it See this time we should not burst big crackers this Diwali we don’t have to create pollution Girls are tensed They are telling us not to do it they are scared Girls are bribing Aayu they are saying, he will get 10 chocolates Aayu is saying, he dosen’t wants it Aayu said no to chocolates very good Boy, he is in father’s team today Dad lit up the match stick and they are getting further away and it burst This also turned out to be party popper Oh third one busted The fourth one busted okay let me count, 5th one 6th one 7th one, very good everybody is dancing they are very happy, because they didn’t cause any pollution they are celebrating Diwali together Dad is scared, what will burst Careful Dad otherwise it would have been really bad everyone is dancing with family Girls team is saying, they will be back Boys are tensed What will the girls get? Boys are saying they won very good boys team won Girls team has fled the ground very good Aayu and Dad both are dancing Very good boys team won Girls team is back What have they got? lots of balloons Huh? they have brought red balloons on top of the stand Aayu is tensed Dad is saying it’s a fun thing but what is this? Boys have worn red dress Girls team have brought red balloons What combination is this? Let us ask them what’s happening? They are going to say something Let us see what they want to say This time we couldn’t burst crackers so what we made? Green Diwali What is this in green diwali? Balloons String of balloons yes we made string of balloons You two won’t be able to burst them all Right Aayu Yes I want to burst them too We all will do it together Should we start? 1, 2, 3 Start But how? Idea Very good, they have given a really good message That we will not burst big crackers this diwali will not create much pollution and it looks fun, that whole family is bursting the balloons Mom is on the side, Pihu Aayu and Dad are bursting balloons Mom is standing on the side, no worries It looks like girls are in the lead here Let us see what happens next? Dad this isn’t a candle, it’s an incense How are you trying to blow it? Oh it’s gotten dark Now boys team is saying, we will bring out our big cracker and they are getting something out it’s a long box something red is written on it What is Dad showing? Mom is saying it isn’t allowed What happened? Oh these are green crackers very good That’s the way there are green crackers in market this time which create very less pollution Very good they are lighting up something like a sparkler all of them took out a small sparkler all of them have it in hand Wowww.. it’s so beautiful This is a Diwali Song Light up one sparkler from another keep on clebrating Happy Diwali keep singing on Happy Diwali Very good the whole family is lighting the sparklers Dad is saying something These are green crackers they cause very less pollution This is green Diwali very good message Girls team is saying they will get something too Boys very relaxed, they are thinking they won But Mom showed something Green cracker because it’s a green Diwali this time Woww.. this is a green cracker even this will create very less pollution here is the green cracker there is some pollution, but less than usual very good, amazing Dad and Aayu’s team is gone again they brought out something big Now Mom and Pihu again tensed this is also a green cracker For you information all the green crackers have a green logo on them Look for green logo on the box then only buy those crackers Very good now Dad has lit the cracker and this is a siren cracker very nice Let’s hear it’s voice and this cracker is called My voice beacuse it makes a noise Girls are again saying they will get something Boys are saying they won Boy’s box is empty Girl’s box is empty too So the match is a tie Girls team and boys team is a tie Mom is signalling something to Pihu But what? Pihu that, that What? Dad is saying there isn’t anything But Mom is going to get it What happened? Dad and Aayu are discussing What is this? Oh no Paper? Kite? First we made Holi on the day of Diwali busted the holi cracker, now the kite This is Diwali challenge, what are you doing? Oh woww… Woww.. this lantern looks so nice green coloured and orange coloured woww.. Mom and Dad both ready Let us see, who’s kite flies first Yes the camera man took 360 degree shot very very amazing Dad let go of the lantern it flew in the sky boys lantern is flying amazingly very good going up in the sky Dad is saying something From Aayu and Pihu show Happy diwali to you all Dad is trying to flow Mom’s lantern but it isn’t working Dad will keep on doing it and if you liked the video, please like please subscribe Aayu and Pihu’s family gave such a nice message They used very few crackers this year and only used green crackers this year so that there is very less pollution Have a very happy, safe and prosperous Diwali Bye, bye Welcoe to Aayu and Pihu show OH, OH, OH ,OH OOOHH

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