Distress Oxides Brayer Technique – Four Card Ideas With Rubber Dance Stamps

Distress Oxides Brayer Technique – Four Card Ideas With Rubber Dance Stamps

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room
In this video I’m going make cards with distress oxide ink and a brayer technique I have my distress oxide inks in a fun colour scheme and I use a small brayer which works best for this technique and it’s cute so that’s always great and I have craft perfect ultra smooth card I just start with the lightest colour and then I just start rolling the brayer on
the ink pad and I am going to do all cards at once sort
of bulk crafting I lift and roll so the complete roller is
inked and then I roll it over the cards I add it in different places and I go for a grungy look so I touch the paper lightly and a bit more here and there I roll the brayer on some kitchen paper to
get the most ink off and then I pick the next colour and I do the same just add the colour in different places on the cards the brighter or darker the colour gets the less I apply so just touch the brayer lightly on the cards if you don’t know how it feels or you’re
afraid to mock up your paper take a piece of scrap paper to test how much
pressure it needs in between the darker colours I clean and
dry the brayer the more ink is on the card the less I apply
in the next colour I sort of pick the open spots to add bits
of ink Just so you know I added the main products
I used in the description box for you you can find the full list of supplies on
my blog and if you are new here and you like what
you see don’t forget to subscribe and when you do so you may like to click the
little notification bell so you don’t miss a thing I just keep adding the colours on all cards so they all look different and while you are here have you seen the community tab at the top only available at smart phones and desktops for now I will share new and fun things there like behind the scenes polls and such So you can check that out if you like and I want to add some more of the pink on
top so I make sure the brayer is all clean and
dry I just add bits of the pink and now I am going to use the mix a sentiment stamp to add some words I have a scrap piece of paper on my stamp platform and I draw the outline of the stamp as a guide with a pencil and I add the stamp with some glue from a glue stick to the platform I add a card in the space I outlined and I add some masking tape on the card and block the sides I ink up the stamp and stamp it a few times
to get a nice dark image and then I remove the card and do the same
with the rest but in different places and I use the darkest colour the blue for
stamping because I used that the least it will be visible
but not to much for a background here you can see them up close and I do the other cards in the same way Now I am going to stamp on the cards
with the big leaves from the love leaves set I use the same colours I used for the background I picked the biggest leaves from the set but you can use small ones too and now I am going to make a bigger card to
put behind the mini cards and I am going to line up a bunch of leaves
on the card and then I measure with the small card if
it fits I add two sticky notes next to the card
so I can line the next cards up easy as my stamps are sticking out on all sides so I can’t use the raised parts of the platform and then I ink up the stamps and stamp the card two times I don’t want a perfect image but more the grunge look again so I don’t press to hard and I do the same for the next cards I clean the stamps and add the next colour and I stamp the other two cards And here are my two stamped card bases and now I am going to ink the edges
with the same colours I used for stamping I added the big card to a white note card
and the small card to a white mat with some foam on the back to create some
dimension and I add a bit of thread to pop out from
under the mini card and I finish with some words from the mix
a sentiment stamp I added the gold thread to the other card
too and add it on the big card and and I finish with the words I cut and I finish the other two cards in the same
way with foam on the back of the mini card and
the words I made sure I turned the big cards so I have
different looking backgrounds I hope you liked the video don’t forget
to like share and subscribe and make sure to keep on crafting

34 thoughts on “Distress Oxides Brayer Technique – Four Card Ideas With Rubber Dance Stamps

  1. Beautiful cards. Did you know you were using the clear stamp setting instead of the rubber when you were using the stamping platform? TFS

  2. Je kaarten zijn zo gaaf!! En wat een leuke techniek inkt aanbrengen met een brayer! Dank je wel voor het delen ❤

  3. Very nice video , thank you . One question …. would it be easier to do a whole sheet of paper at once and then cut? Just wondering ……tfs

  4. After watching your video , I went to play. So far I am to heavy handed and am going to have to work on a light touch. I used some greens and purple with lots of blues and sprayed with water . Made beautiful under water scenes . I the was fun . Thanks again

  5. Hi Gerry, I really like to see you work, your ideas are fantastic. some beautiful cards !!! 💕💕💕😘😘😘

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