Disney Princess Go Back To School

Disney Princess Go Back To School

I’m scared I won’t
make any friends. What if nobody likes me? You’re fine. I’m here. We’re in totally
different grades. Stop worrying. You’re overreacting. You’re fine. It’s OK. It’s all right. [BUS PULLS UP] [CHATTER] Come on. [CHATTER STOPS] [TAPS SEAT] [CHATTER] Hi, I’m Anna. Hi, I’m Belle. I’m currently having
a giveaway where I give away a MacBook Air. And the only rule to enter is
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which one of the princesses are your favorite. Everyone. Comment, everyone, what’s
your favorite, by the way. [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] I’m actually so happy
to be back at school. I’m just so tired. I can’t wake up
early in the morning. I feel you. Oh my god, yeah. It’s honestly brilliant. Hi! Hey. Did you notice anything
different about me? No. Do you notice anything
different about me? No. Come on, guys. Anything? Oh my god, you got a new dress. Well, yeah. But that’s not what
I’m talking about. [INAUDIBLE] Come on, guys. I got a haircut. OK, Rapunzel. Nobody cares that
you got a haircut. No one. Everyone cares that
I got my hair cut. Anna, do you care? No, no. Anna? Well, kind of. She’s being nice. She’s new. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [MUSIC PLAYING] Jasmine. Aladdin. You guys are literally going to
see each other in 45 minutes. You don’t have to have a
whole choreographed dance routine every single time
you guys see each other. She doesn’t understand. [CRICKETS CHIRP] [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Are you nervous? A little bit. Well, people do take classes
according to what they like. Yeah, I take oceanography. Wah! Oh. Ohf. OK, well. And I take geography,
because I’m trying to figure out this
whole new world that Aladdin showed me. Well, just know, no
matter what happens, everything’s going to be OK. You got this. [ICE CRACKLES] Elsa! Is it just me, or is everyone
else really dressed up? Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing. [CLOCK CHIMES] Can I have another pencil? No. Literally every single
time I give you a pencil, it turns into a pumpkin. This is not a pumpkin. It’s a kabocha squash. Please? Seriously? Don’t even try to look at me. Don’t even try. [SCOFFS] What grade did you get? I failed. How? That was such an easy test. The teacher hates me. I doubt that. [LAUGHING EVILLY] You’ve been painting on this
canvas for over an hour. And it’s still blank. Well, I’ve been painting
with the colors of the wind. Do you want to fail this class? I’m not even tired anymore. I’m not tired. Hey, [INAUDIBLE]. Hey. Hey, how can you be sleeping? Oh my god. Have you ever had coffee? I’ve had, like, six cups a day. It’s great. It’s amazing. I’m not even tir– [CUPS CLATTER] I’m not tired. Hello, Aurora. Did you have a restful summer? [SNORING MOCKINGLY] [DEVILISH GIGGLES] Seriously? Don’t you think you’ve
caused damage already? Oh, careful, Belle. Or I might just turn your
boyfriend into an animal again. Who were those girls? Those are my stepsisters. They’re really mean. I try not to associate
myself with them. It’s OK. [TAIL FIN SQUELCHING] [SIGHS DEEPLY] Ariel, why are you
dressed like that? It’s really hot out. I got dress-coded. [HUMMING IN DISAPPROVAL] [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Pocahontas. Merida. Elsa. Belle. And Rapunzel. Ariel. Anna, come. Come join our team. [MUSIC – “THEME FROM A SUMMER’S
PLACE”] I can’t with this. [INAUDIBLE] [CHUCKLING] Merida, Merida, no. No. No. You’re not playing? Nah, I got to make sure
I don’t injure myself. I got transferred to
guys’ football team. But you’re not a guy. Look at me. They can’t even
tell the difference. Because your hair is in a bun? Yeah. A man bun. Mm, I love sushi. I can’t believe
you’re eating that. I can’t believe
you’re eating that. [SCOFFS] Who is that guy over there? He’s really hot. [FAST STOMPING] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Uh– [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Today we will be
dissecting frogs. [LAUGHING] [NERVOUS CHUCKLE] [SHRIEKING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] How was school? It was really good. Good. Hey, we should hang
out after school. Yeah, that sounds good. Awesome. See? It’s not that bad. Wait. Where’s Sleeping Beauty? [SNORING]

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