Discover craft brewing, arts and culture in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Discover craft brewing, arts and culture in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Welcome to Grand Rapids, Michigan, a unique
destination with breathtaking natural beauty, urban sophistication and small town charm.
With great art, shops, restaurants, exciting nightlife, and cultural attractions, Grand
Rapids is the perfect holiday destination. Hello, I’m Victoria. There’s a lot to
lure visitors here, so it’s no wonder people come from miles around to experience the vibrant
and energetic city of Grand Rapids. There are plenty of opportunities for fun
for the entire family. Plus, friendly people and safe streets magnify the allure of Grand
Rapids. These are just a few of the reasons Lonely Planet named Grand Rapids and Michigan’s
Gold Coast as the “Number One Place to visit in 2014.” For the foodies amongst you, a great way to
start your holiday is to pay a trip to the Downtown Market. Open daily, year-round, this
indoor-outdoor market boasts fresh foods, specialty artisan products, flowers and restaurants,
as well as local entertainment. Everything is locally grown, bringing the farm to your
table. This is a family-friendly destination for
all seasons, and truly a place that will please beer connoisseurs, travelers and revelers
alike. Grand Rapids was even voted “Beer City USA”
in a national poll, and you can find the craft beer favourites in many downtown breweries,
restaurants and bars. Head over to Ionia Avenue to experience one of Grand Rapids’ vibrant,
hip and energetic neighbourhoods. While in town, get in touch with your inner
art critic and visit the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, a 132-acre outdoor oasis
just 15 minutes from downtown. Experience masterpieces of art and nature that will delight
a multitude of senses at one of the nation’s premier gardens. For example, you can see
Roxy Paine’s mind-blowing Nueron sculpture, or Auguste Rodin’s The Kiss. And for music
lovers, the amphitheatre makes a beautiful venue for outdoor concerts, with nationally-known
artists performing during the summer months. There you have it! Grand Rapids is one cool
city! Be sure to include it on your next US Bound holiday.

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  1. So cool. No wonder Grand Rapids city Michigan has the number one economy in America and their airport rated number one in America as well😉wow safe at night time too

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