Dinosaur Toy Crafts | Kids Cooking and Crafts | Dinosaurs in my Toy Box  πŸ‰

Dinosaur Toy Crafts | Kids Cooking and Crafts | Dinosaurs in my Toy Box πŸ‰

– Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Ava. – I’m Axel, and I found
dinosaurs in my toybox. – Whoa! – There’s dinosaurs
all over in this thing. Today we decided to show you how to make, 3 dinosaur toy craft activities for kids. Alright, let’s get
started with, number one. – So, we’re gonna do shadow drawings, let me show you how this works. – Lets head outside, come on. Whew, alrighty, yeah this
is a really good spot. The sun is going down, so
the shadow is really good. Mm, let’s decide which one to use, ooh, I’m gonna choose this one. – I want this one or this
one, I don’t know which one. Alright, we chose our
dinosaurs, we place them on our paper, and now we
start tracing the shadow. – Axel, check out this long
neck, it looks so cool. – It looks like a real one. – Yeah. (orchestral music) Whoa, that looks so cool! (wicked laughter) – Check that out. – This is kind of hard,
because the sun moves, and so the dinosaur will start to move. (playful western music) – Lets see what this one looks like. – Whoa, look at that long neck! – Just gotta connect
the feet really quick. Whoa! – Look at this one,
it’s gonna look so cool. – Alright, let’s take these
pictures inside, and color them. – Don’t forget the dinosaurs. – There we go, alright
let’s start coloring them. I’m gonna do the long neck in green. (honkytonk music) There we go, he’s a happy dinosaur! (honkytonk music) – Alright, I’m all finished,
and look at my dinosaurs. – I’m done, voila. Alright, so my dinosaurs are in a desert, because there’s a cactus, and a dead tree, and the sun is blazing hot. Pretty cool huh? Lets move onto our second dinosaur craft. Three, two, one. (magical sound) – Wow! – Balloons. Alright for this next craft,
we’ll be putting these dinosaurs inside of an ice egg. First we put our dinosaurs,
inside of the balloon. This is kind of tricky,
we’ve gotta stretch it out. Alright, so I think
that I’m gonna hold it, and Axel’s gonna put the dinosaurs in. Try not to break it. Come on, push it in. Alrighty, there we go, one dinosaur in. – He’s diving in. – Head first. (panting sounds) – He wants to get in. – Get in. There we go. Two dinosaurs in. Oh no, this long neck
is gonna be really hard. Look the little slippy
tail is sticking out. Push it in. The last one. – What about this one. – Alright. – We got all four in. – Now time to add the water. – Let’s go and fill them up. – Come on. (footsteps running) (rock music) Hey cameramom, can you help me tie this? Awesome. (rock music) (balloon snaps) Thank you. Alright, we’ve got all
the dinosaurs filled up, and now let’s put them in the freezer. – Come on. – They’re so warm. – Ooh we have ice cream! Three packets, there we go. (laughs) – Eight hours later. Whoa, look they’re solid. (ice knocking) No way, come on let’s bring them upstairs. – Cool potato cool. – They’re so cold! (gasping) Alright, let’s cut these babies open. I can already tell, that
this is gonna be awesome. – We can, oh my, I can
see it, I can see mine. – Whoa, look at that! It’s like the dinosaur’s frozen! – It is frozen, but. (laughing) – Right let’s cut open the other ones. We gotta do this fast, or
else they’re gonna melt. (funky music) Whoa, you see how you can’t
really see the dinosaur? Maybe, if you maybe warm
it up, just a little bit, whew, that one really got in there. Look there’s it’s little head. Look at the back, look at this, it kinda looks like a flower. – Whoa. Oooooh Hey there’s a grass in mine. – Cool. If you warm it up with your hands, it makes the ice more clear, see? (techno music) – What do you guys think
of our baby dinosaur eggs? – They’re super cool. – That looks so cool. – They’re already starting to melt! They’re so slippery, and a great part about these ice eggs, is that once they fully melt down, you can use the dinosaurs
for another craft. – Oh man. – I’m gonna put a
flashlight behind the eggs. – Whoa look it’s glowing. – I wonder what the other eggs look like. (dinosaur sounds) (techno music) Time for our last dinosaur craft, in three, two, one. (magical sound) We will be showing you how to make, a dinosaur key chain. First off, my mom helped
us screw these eyelets, into the back of the dinosaurs. – This will allow the dinosaur
to hang on the key chain. – Alrighty, we got some string here, and we got some magical beads. – Let’s take this thread through here. Now I’m gonna put both
strings into a bead. (fast western music) Alrighty, there we go! Tadaaaa! Now I got these, really cool rings, they look like the one eye glasses, ooh. And these awesome rings
make it so that you can hook it onto your keys, your purse, or even your backpack. So let’s tie these on, right here. There we go, tadaaaa! Now I gotta cut the ends off. There we go. – Done. – I’m done too! (whistles) Wow, and these are our
dinosaur key tangs, chains! (laughs) And there you have it,
our dinosaur key chains. (dinosaur noises) Thank you guys so much
for making these dinosaur toy crafts with us, it was
so much fun to make these. Don’t forget to like,
subscribe and comment below, on which craft was your favorite. – Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out, how we made our dinosaur egg. – That one was really fun to make, we were cavemen. (caveman noises) – And we had a unibrow. – Alright, see ya bye! Hello everybody welcome back
to Kids Cooking and Crafts, I’m Rapunzel and I’m here
with my two favorite dudes, Superman and Batman. So today we’ll be doing a quick, easy DIY necklace tutorial. Let’s get started. – So these are the supplies we need. We need foam paper, hole
puncher, pair of scissors, some string, glue stick, and
then these little tiny beads. – They’re so pretty,
they look like a rainbow. – And my favorite part, is
what is inside this chest. (magical sound) – Gems! – First we’re gonna cut foam,
into our favorite shapes. (funky music) – Ooh! – Superman! – I made a heart. – I made an octagon. – I’ve got my hole puncher here, so I’m gonna hole punch a
hole, so that we can feed a string through, so
that it can hang on it. (funky music) Alrighty, now I’m gonna put my string through it. – I’m gonna punch it right there. – So, I’m just gonna
feed this string through, and I’m gonna put it
above these two strings, through like this. (funky music) Voila. Now let’s start putting the beads on. – So many to choose from. – Ooh I’m gonna do a rainbow. (funky music) You can either use the string,
or you can use a needle, to put the beads on. (funky music) – Tadaa – Tadaa – Tadaa – They’re flying through the air. – Now, let’s glue on our jewels. Aaaaaah – They’re so pretty! (funky music) I’m done, are you guys done? – Awesome. – That looks awesome. That looks cool too! You guys like mine? – Yeah. – I like mine. – It has the S on it, and everything. It’s kinda cool, how we
all used the same stuff, but we made things so different. – Yeah. – Hey Rapunzel, I made this
so you could remember me. – Oh, thank you. (menacing music) – Rapunzel’s my girl,
I’m gonna give Superman, some Kryptonite. Hey Superman, I made
this necklace for you, wanna try it on? – Thank you. Whoa, this looks so cool, I don’t feel so good. – Was that Kryptonite? – Maybe. – You know what? I feel kinda bad that
everybody’s giving each other necklaces, so I’m gonna
give this one to you. – Oh, thanks Rapunzel. I, this is great, this, – Heeheehee. Thank you guys so much for
watching our quick, and easy DIY necklace tutorial. – Make sure to like,
subscribe, comment below. Make sure to check out
some of our other videos, Bye. – Bye. (whistling music)

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