today I will show you how to make digital typography by first making typography on paper and then moving it illustrator without the use of a Wacom tablet we’ll come back again in store graphics a quick reminder that i do now upload six times per week and across my channel aim to put out content that covers all areas of graphic design from artistic too technical to expect a wide range of content from me here on turtle graphics three video uploaded a video on how to make hand lettering typography with a Wacom tablet in Illustrator I subscribe asked if I could make a tutorial and how commit typography you can scratch with pen and paper and then reboot illustrator resulting in some digital typography for today have a quick video on two ways you can do this very easily starting on paper and finishing in Illustrator with digital typography designers this process first requires that you create your hand lettering on paper either with the pencil or pen or you can use typography ink pens to create some and lettering I here have a very simple ink tag that I made the photo quality is not the best i’m just showing the technique here and you will see later that is very easy to clean up the quality in illustrator you can make a tag like i have done or you can go all out and make some really detailed fancy typography whatever it is you do take a picture of it and transfer it into your mac or pc and then upload it to illustrator from here you have two options firstly you must lock the image itself and then grab the pen tool you then will manually create the past around the lettering to create your digital toggle raphy this process can take a while but you have complete control over each and every single anchor point on the path the second option is to use the live image trace tool you must have the image unlock and then select it the neighborhood image trace window like so from here you can choose your settings you can use fixed preset settings that are available or you can manually do it yourself you for this you must select the ignore white option so the background is not about to rise to once you’re happy with your results and go to objects image trace and expand the table crazy now vectorized from here you can then take the white selection tool and go into your lettering and edit it so that is smoother or however you wanted to be the quick tip which I’ve that it’s curved object at and then simplify this were really smooth edges of your lettering I’m personally going for an ink and style my tab or goofy so I don’t want it to be too perfect I’ve set up as a choreographic story one designed by humans which is an online teacher printing side as for now i have three designs both in white and black versions you can choose a wide selection of colors and i are fitting t-shirts hoodies sweaters and polo boots with both eyes and girls I have both sold and pulled from their printing service before in the past but I was quite a long time ago and the quality was great but to make sure i have purchased one of my own shirts which would becoming the mail soon and when it does arrive i would do an unboxing video on my channel so if you want to help me out 12 tour graphics with my channel and you have something physical like a shared maybe wait until i get my shirt in the mail or you can go ahead and pick up one now for yourself let me know if you found this video on how to take your typography sketches i finish up with digital designs illustrator helpful let me know in the comment section below subscribe to stay updated all of my graphic design uploads and leave a like on your way out so until next time design your future today yes you I

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  1. Hi bro good tutorials I am looking for digital painting I couldn't find a better tutorial here I have very less knowledge about Digital painting but I want to learn it can you please make one video atleast I can start from basics? And wacom tablet is necessary for doing digital art?

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