Different types of eyes – crochet tutorial

Different types of eyes – crochet tutorial

Hey guys, and welcome back for another crochet tutorial today I’m going to be showing you how to make a ton of eyeballs, so if you’re going to make some hats this Holiday season then you [know] I’ll give you a couple ideas of different eyeballs that you can use to make your hats look different and more interesting [I’m] going to be showing you how to make a small one and a large one so I’m going to start with the large one and I’m just going to start by doing a Magic circle and I’m going to do 12 double crochets into the center of that ring, so [all] the patterns and everything will be located over at my blog and all those [links] will be in the downbar [and] Also, don’t forget to [subscribe] because I really appreciate it And I’m so thankful for you [guys] that my channel has [been] Growing and I’m so excited and every day. I check the subscriber count because I’m just so excited But yeah, so we’re just going to [continue] on doing our double crochets, and I’m just going to speed it up in a minute and Then I will cinch up that circle and we’ll start on round two But first, I’m just going to do a quick slip stitch Just to complete that row So I’m going to chain two and that will be the first double crochet And then I will do two double crochets into each stitch So that will take it from ten stitches now twelve stitches to twenty-Four So I’m just going to go all the way around this [is] a very very very simple Pattern not complicated at all Okay, now. I’m just going to finish my row with a slip stitch and Then I will chain one and now we’re going to do single crochets all the way around so the first thing I’m going to do is do two single crochets into the first stitch and then one single crochet into the next and I’m going to continue on doing two in the next and then one and then two [and] then one all the way around Sorry, if I totally sound sick, I think I notice you’re starting to really bug me right now, so I probably sound [measly] So yeah, I’m just going to quickly do that and then that will be the base of our eye And you can do many different variations So let’s just say you saw a hat and you didn’t really like the eyes that [were] on the hat and you can definitely take [some] of these [ideas] and incorporate it into your hat pattern So now I’m just going to do a slip stitch and then tie it off I’m just going [to] show you quick [the] small I I will have that pattern linked over at my blog But that pattern is super easy. It’s just two rows Okay, so here is a variation of the same Pad, and I just did but [instead] I did the block for the first round turquoise for the second round and then white for the third round and I Really love how just that one You know I? Base can really turn into like a real eye with just a couple colors so depending on you know the child that you’re making It for if they wanted to have blue eyes to match their eyes or you know purple because that’s your favorite color Then you can definitely do that according to your little receiver So I’m just showing you quick that you can take this eyeball and add a little catch light and I think this really live-ins up the eyeball makes it look a little cartoony and catch Lights are just if you ever look in a photo, you’ll see You’ll see when the flash goes off. You’ll see a little catch light in people’s eyes, [and] it just kind of brings the [photo] to life so now I’m going to show you how to make a Winky eye or squinty eye which however you look at it Super easy, I’m just using my darning Needle it’s a black thread and of course the only way you can ever do anything is if you have a Companion who wants to sit and possibly lay on top of your work like mine is but yeah, so um I’m just doing three large stitches And then that will appear to be as a winky if you had one eye open and then that one Then you know I’m really cute, but if you wanted to have two of these eyes And then the other one flipped, and then they would look like they’re squinty, so that’s really cute, too So I’m going to show you how to make a sleepy eye So let’s say you had an owl hat and you wanted it to look like a sleepy owl and then you could do this Type of eye, and I’m just going to be doing a black Half Circle, and then do the little lines for the eyelashes I Made a few I will [hats] and I think it’d be really cute to make it with a sleepy eyes Actually, you know I saw a unicorn hat which was really cute I really want to make one and I thought that was really cute. It totally had these eyes and [I] was like One day, I’m trying to figure out the horn, and I would love to make a tutorial for that So definitely subscribe if you haven’t and then maybe you will see that in the near future Okay, so I’m just going to finish this up and don’t don’t worry about how the back looks because you’re not going to see it Once you so the eye on to your hat [all] those stitches behind if they’re crossed over and you know all messed up You’re not even it doesn’t even matter Just Gonna do one last eyelash And then I’m going to show you how I worked with the small eye So if you have a smaller hat then you could use a smaller eye and you could do black [in] the center white around the ring or you could use some buttons and Do it this way? This is really cute, or you can have the button down low like that so here’s my half [Ace] [I] Have the link to the pattern down below. It’s not my pattern I really like this pattern though, and it’s like just a regular base, and then you can just do whatever you want to it basically And so here are [my] eyes I’m just [gonna] place them on the hat so you can see this hat was on 18 months. I [think] 12 to 18 months here’s a little one, so it’s a little tiny so probably better for like a You know [0] to [9] [month] hat baby? Unless you’re going for giant eyes, and you can totally do that So yeah, that’s pretty much it. [so] I hope you enjoyed this video wasn’t necessarily a full [tutorial] but it was maybe some idea building tutorial So if [you] have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below definitely follow me on Instagram Twitter My [Facebook] page, [I] would love to see if you make anything with these eyes or any of my previous projects and tutorials Definitely go over to my pinterest [too], and if you would love to support me on Patreon I would also love that all the links are in the downbar. Thank you so much for watching I hope [you] enjoyed the tutorials and thank you so much you [have] already subscribed I appreciate every single one [of] [my] subscribers, and I will see you guys next time bye guys

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  1. this video made my day. I was trying to crochet eyes and I was getting frustrated until I found your channel. Thanks so much!

  2. How do you prevent that a hole starts forming in the middle of your circle while you are chrocheting the 2nd round?

  3. Thank you thank you for this video! I'm getting ready to make a owl cocoon baby blanket and want the owl face on it! You just got another loyal subscriber

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