[DIAGRAM] Origami Crane (Taiko Niwa)

[DIAGRAM] Origami Crane (Taiko Niwa)

Make two valley fold creases as shown Turn the paper over Make one horizontal and one vertical valley crease Use the existing creases to form the preliminary base Fold and unfold the top layers to make valley fold creases Inside reverse fold the two corners Turn over Fold and unfold the top layers to make valley fold creases Inside reverse fold the two corners Make sure there are two flaps on both sides Rotate the model Fold down one flap Squash fold the flaps as shown Make sure that this tip matches the line Make two valley folds on each wing Leave a little space for easier folding of the next step Repeat on the other side Make sure that the position of the model is like this Fold down the upper sides of the legs Make two creases, they will be used later Make a valley fold crease. The crease will go through all the layers The tip of the tail should maych this point of reference Repeat on the other side Turn the model over Make two additional creases as shown Each side should touch the reference point and create a right angle Turn the model over and use the existing creases to fold it Pull the hidden paper from both sides and form the tail Make a valley fold crease to make the tail more colourful Repeat on the other side Squash fold the body as shown Petal fold using existing creases Fold the right side to the left Make a valley fold crease on the neck Outside revers fold Fold and unfold, making another valley fold crease Outside revers fold You can leave the head as it is… … or you can try and shape the head Shape the head to your liking These steps are optional Bend the neck to make the model more lively Fold and unfold one leg, as shown Outside reverse fold Add extra shapes the make the model more 3D

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  1. Congratulation for your beautiful crane origami and thank you very much for your amazing tutorial kind regards

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