[DIAGRAM] Origami Chipmunk (Kyohei Katsuta)

[DIAGRAM] Origami Chipmunk (Kyohei Katsuta)

For this model you need two pieces of paper. Fold the paper vertically, as shown. Unfold and make two creases, as shown. Measure about 3 cm from the edges and make a mark. Make two creases using the marks, as shown. Turn around and make another reference point. Fold the sides to this point. The first part is finished 🙂 Fold and unfold the paper in half. Fold the sides to the centre crease but leave a little space. Unfold and fold two corners at the bottom, as shown. Fold the wings. Make two creases using the reference point. Unfold and make two new creases, as shown. This side should match the crease. Make two more creases using the existing ones. Fold the corners up. Fold down the hidden layer, as shown. Fold up the hidden corners. Fold small corners using the circled reference points. Fold down the flaps. Make a crease, as shown. Fold behind. Fold to the right using the circled reference points. Repeat on the right ear. Fold the sides to make visual strings, as shown. The second element is ready. Let’s assemble. Put one part into the other, as shown. You can use a clipper to hold the parts for a moment. Adjust the parts. These creases should align. Fold the head down (mountain fold). The tip of the nose should align the crease. Make another crease here. Fold down and rise the head up at the same time. Remember about the right angle here. Turn around and make another crease, as shown. Fold the tip of the nose. Hide it back. Now fold down the other layer to lock the paper. Make a crease using these reference points. Make a crease, as shown Fold down. Unfold and repeat on the right. Fold the tail together. Fold the model in half. Raise the head and fold the sides a little. Make a crease and repeat on the other side. Make a fold, as shown. Fold behind. Mountain fold, as shown. Fold up the hidden parts of the legs. Pre-crease the front paws. Mountain fold. Unfold for now. Fold the legs. Pay attention to the circled reference point. Fold and hide the corner. Repeat on the other side. Fold the paw using the exisiting creases… … and lock the side, as shown. Repeat on the other side. Pull out some paper. Fold behind. Repeat on the other side. Rabbit ear, as shown. Fold the paw down. Repeat on the other side. Shape the tail. Fold flap the front layer of the ear. Fold up and behind at the same time. Repeat with the other ear. Shape the eyes. Shape the head.

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