Designs With Flair | Ep. 1 | Decorating A Christmas Tree

Designs With Flair | Ep. 1 | Decorating A Christmas Tree

Hi, I’m Becky Rathbone
Welcome to Designs With Flair Today I’m going to teach you how to decorate
a Christmas Tree I’m going to teach you how to use
all the family ornaments that you’ve collected throughout the years
and give it that designers look with several just easy steps
So, Thanks for joining us! **Music Plays** So today on Designs With Flair
I’m going to take you to a families living room
where I’m going to show you hands on how to decorate a tree
So, lets get started. So we’re in the living room
and we have this tree that we’ve got in the stand
And if you have a big tree it’s nice to have somebody help you with it
because these trees are really heavy In my case it was my husband that helped me so we have this tree in our stand
and mine happens to be a pre lit tree so one of the things we first need to do
is see if all the lights work and boy that’s a cross your fingers thing
because we all know how irritating Christmas lights are
so we’re going to flip the switch and see if they work. So one of the things that’s very important
in a tree is shaping it and it takes a good amount of time to shape
it and get it all shaped completely
and if you notice there are three sections here
Usually when you first get a tree they’re really tight
so you have to kind of spread them apart a little bit
and then you’re going to straighten out the tips
and kind of do some out on the edges and then in the middle do them up
and this gives you a nice full tree it helps a lot in the overall look
and I know it takes a lot of time but it’s really worth it You might ask what’s the difference in the
tree I see some that you can get in the paper for
$149 – $199 and I see some that are $399 There is quite a difference in quality
this one is a very nice full tree it’s a very nice quality tree
and the difference is in a lot of times in the gauge of the wire
if you have heavy ornaments and things if you have a heavy gauge tree it’s going
to help hold those ornaments It has to do with how many tips are on the
tree how many lights are on the tree
and the quality of the lights so you really are paying for what you get
You just kind of have to look at what your budget is
and how long you’re going to use it and kind of go from there
and once you get this all… I like to do the tree in sections so it’s
not so cumbersome
and I’m not fighting the branches like I had that one flipped up and I pulled
it down… and I’m ready for the next section You’ll want to have a powerstrip underneath
the tree to kind of help get all the sections plunged
into it and you probably to save lights will want
to put it on a timer so you don’t have to worry about plugging
it in and turning it off every time
I’m going to continue to shape this tree and then we’ll go onto the next step Ok, we have our tree all shaped and ready
to go and our next step is going to be setting the
stage we’re going to put a background in the tree
the background kind of helps your regular ornaments
kind of stand out and it kind of gives that designers choice
because we’re going to set the stage with all
red and gold and that’s kind of going to give that designers
look so when we put our ornaments that
we’ve collected through the years It’s just going to make it all come together It doesn’t matter really so much
what we put on the tree and can even be things your kids made
but it’s still going to have that designers look So I’m going to start with this netting
this is called ibaka garland it’s about 12-18 inches wide
and there’s different kinds of netting you can use
some designers like to use big balls in the background
instead of the net and maybe floral in the background
but something that kind of helps your ornaments stand out When I put the netting in the tree
I’ve learned over the years if I start at the top
Once here at the top and one here at the back and come around at a diagonal
It doesn’t take as much product So I’m going to start one here and stick it
way back in the tree and as you’ve noticed I’ve got gloves on
These trees can be quite sticky so that really helps
And I’m just going to come down and I’m just going to kind of move a branch out
of the way and stick my fist back in there to catch it
And I’m going to leave some of it out where you can see it
And we’re going to keep coming down the tree. And like I said just at a diagonal lifting
up the branches and pushing it some of it back in there
and bringing the rest of it around Ok, now we have the background all in the
tree or the netting
and the netting works well also if you have one of those trees that’s not so full
It helps kind of hide some of those holes in the tree too
so that’s another good thing and see how it kind of comes in and out
that’s what we wanted. So, now I’m going to do the top of the tree
and I like to do floral in the top of the tree
and it’s almost like building a flower arrangement in the top of the tree. This is some really pretty Eucalyptus that
I have And I’m going to take and and go pretty much
on the same level all the way around the tree
And since I can’t reach over there I’m going to go onto the next level
so the next level as I kind of come in an angle
and take it into the tree kind of right in between the first level
right in between them and I come up the tree
and then I’m going to go up to the top and do the same thing again
come more straight down this time right in between those first two
and it doesn’t have to be this exact product I mean there’s so many things in the market
these days that you can use and uh, you know
maybe you want to do yours all green and red or you want to do it silver and red or whatever
make it be yours make it be your personality We have our base that we’re making the flower
arrangement out of the Eucalyptus is all in place
and next we’re going to start adding in the flowers
These are beautiful hydrangeas that I have they have a little bit of gold on the outer
edge of them which are very pretty
and the poinsettias kind of do the same and just kind of stick them in in an angle
and kind of go back though the tree. sometimes you have to work around a little
bit of the netting and stuff to get it back in there
It’s really probably a little bit easier if you cut the stems shorter
In the shop I don’t like to do that because somebody is going
to come along and purchase them and they may have
them for another use so I don’t always do that. Ok, now we’re to the point of adding beads
to the tree beads aren’t necessarily a necessity
but they add a little bit of sparkle to the tree
and it’s another part of the background stage too. So I already got the lower ones on and I’m
working my way around
making nice little drops as they come around the tree
and one way of attaching them is to just take your beads and just bend
since this is all wire just bend that up and you don’t have to use any other wire
if you don’t want to do it that way you can do it with floral wire
and I have all of mine attached and that’s how I attach them
with floral wire. and you don’t really notice it so it keeps
it long enough so I can keep going
So I’m coming on around the tree Trying to get the same height
Each one, make sure your drops and you know nice where they hang nicely and don’t
hit the branches so much and just keep working your way around the
tree. Another thing I like to do is to put ribbon
or bows on the tree If I use the ribbon I probably wouldn’t use
the beads I would go down the tree at the same diagonal
that I would with the Ibaka And just kind of stuff it back in there
you don’t want it out too far you want it to be able to be seen
but not out too far so I got my first bow placed
and from there I’m going to put the bows on in triangles
you’re going to hear me use that word a lot in decorating
everythings in traingles so I got one here and I’m going to come down
here and I’m going to go over there
and it doesn’t really matter so much how big your triangles are
if you want a lot of bows on the tree make your triangles small
so when I but the bow on the tree a lot of people, one of the mistakes they
make they put them way out here on the tip
and that makes the tree look heavy and they kind of look like they’re flying off
somewhere so as a rule if you go back into the tree
where you got that really heavy gauge wire where the tips are attached
and you take it back that far and just kind of wrap lightly your wire around
the tree and it will stay in place
if you have little ones that might like to test it
and it doesn’t have to be on there just really tight
so I kind of got it fluffed back there on the tree
and it’s still part of my background So I got one here
and here and I’m going to put another one right over there
and I’ll probably come down here and here and just keep going in the triangles So now that we have pretty much the background
in the tree it’s time to start adding the ornaments
that you collected all these years so I do like to use glass balls
because they add some shine and I don’t necessarily like putting them
out on the edge again I like them way back in there
they help kind of give another background element
to the rest of the ornaments so just kind of start putting them back in
there same kind of thing
kind of go in triangles you can make your triangles big or small
but kind of work on triangles as you go okay, now we’re just going to start adding
all the fun stuff you collected over the years and kind of as a rule if you have long drops
and things that catch the light good
that’s a good thing to put out on the tips of the trees
if you’ve got flat kind of ornaments like this that shine
it’s ok to put it back in the tree a little bit
and kind of give a little bit of shimmer back still in the tree but those just kind of glisten
as the light catches it so we have all kinds of fun random ornaments
that you might not have put on a themed tree but because this is our family tree you can
do that the thing that’s going to help complete this
is your look comes from all the floral and your background
but it doesn’t matter so much what you put on the tree
just have fun with it and moms this is a good point to get the tree
to and then let the kids help
because that way they get to have fun and be
a part of it too **Music Plays** Thanks for joining us today
I hope you found some of the information useful be sure to subscribe so that you can see
what we do in the future we’re going to come up with some fun things
to help you decorate

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  1. That is the first time I have ever seen anyone pull off a theme AND incorporate the bits and bobs collected over the years. It really worked, thanks for the tips.

  2. Excellent video! This is exactly what I want to do – create a theme tree incorporating over 30 years of ornaments. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Soooo good ! I'm always wondering how to spruce up my family-traditional ornaments…saved over 35 years tree !!! I love what you did…and will try to do it myself this year. Thanks so much !

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