Designer Series Paper Charts – Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalog 18

hey guys this is Angie at chicnscratch
my video today is about the designer series paper charts so we have a brand
new catalog it just launched on June 1st I don’t have all the paper in stock but
I did go ahead and make all the charts so they’re free they’re over on my
website you’re gonna have two choices you can either print the blank file or
the brick the blank one I print them on whisper white cardstock and then you add
your you cut up your designer series paper in 2 inch squares and you add them
to your blocks or I also have a scanned copy over on my website now I don’t have
all the paper yet so the scanned copy is not ready I will update that as soon as
I get my paper later this week so right now I only have about five of the
different patterns of paper yeah and we’re gonna do we’re going to assemble
one really quickly here in the video here are the occasions catalog if you
guys missed it I was late posting these and so you can
either print the blank ones or the scanned copy and again they’re over on
my website I’ll link to those so what I’m going to do now is just show you if
you decide to print your charts on whisper white you want to make sure that
you print two pages of the ones that have the stack so like garden
impressions you want to print two of those and don’t print the back page
because that’s the instructions okay so here’s the share what you love I’m going
to show you how to add these so again I’ve cut these in two inch strips and my
order should be in I think Wednesday for the rest of the paper so I will try to
have the scanned copy of the charts posted by Thursday or Friday it really
depends on how quickly I get my order on Wednesday sometimes I get them midday
and then sometimes it’s like the very end of the day so okay so I’m just
putting a little bit of adhesive I normally use liquid glue but not today so again the scan copy all you’re gonna
do is just print it but I will warn you that sometimes our colored printers
don’t necessarily portray the exact colors excuse me I’m losing my voice so
it doesn’t show you exactly how the colors look so that’s the only thing you
want to be mindful of is that sometimes they look much prettier in person than
they do from the scanned copy I have a pretty good scanner so I think it does a
pretty good job but it depends on your printer really of how it’s going to look
okay I slide these in a page protector and keep them in a binder so that way I
can look at them at a glance at any time okay so if you have any questions let me
know have a great day bye

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