Designer Paper Gift Bag

Designer Paper Gift Bag

Hello stampers, I’m Kelly Acheson at and I am going to show you how to make this beautiful little
gift bag today. It looks kind of complicated but it really isn’t. So let’s
get started. I’m going to bring in my paper trimmer and scorer – I’ve got two pieces
of designer series paper and it really does work better if you use double-sided
designer series paper – you have a design on both sides. I’m going to put these together
and cut them both at the same time. You can cut individually if you want but
they both need to be the same so that’s why I’m doing it this way. Now I know
that this paper is 12 by 12 and I need some handles for my little gift bags so
the first thing I’m going to do is cut 3/4″ off the edge
of both of these sheets. These are going to be my handles for my gift bag. Next
I’m going to take my designer series paper and I’m going to cut it at 9 3/4″. I’m just going to set these aside – those are
scraps to use for some other project. Then I’m going to cut this at 9 3/4″ also so this bag is – you’re going to use two pieces at 9 3/4″ by 9 3/4″. And again these are scraps that I can
use for something else. Now once you have these done we’re going to separate them
and do one at a time, and I’m going to move my cutting blade out of the
way because we all know what happens if we don’t do that. Who’s been there? We’re
going to score from the top and the bottom at 1 1/4″ on both pieces. Once we have that done I’m going to hold
my paper so I know my score lines are at the top and the bottom of each piece. Now
we need to score on the left side and I’m going to turn this over – this is
going to be the outside of my bag. This is the gorgeous Petal Promenade designer
series paper we’re gonna score it at 1/2″, 1 1/4″ and 2″.
I’m going to turn this around and score at 1/2″ – I always kind of like to
go this way so I know that my paper is going to be up against this backboard
nicely, then I’m flipping it around and doing 1-1/4″ and 2″, and we’re going to do that on the left side
of both pieces, so you want to make sure that if your paper has a different
pattern on one side than the other you want to make sure that you are scoring
this on the left side of both pieces. I’m gonna do 1/2″ here and then flip
it around and score at 1 1/4″ and 2″ again so I’ll show you this in
just a second. So we have score lines at 1/2″, 1 1/4″ and 2″ on both of
these pieces on the left side only and then we have a score line at the top and
the bottom that is 1 1/4″ and 1 1/4″ Now we’re going to come in with both
of these pieces and we are going to do a little bit of trimming on this bottom
tab. Now we have a score line at 1 1/4″ from the bottom and then we’ve got a
score line at 1/2″ 2″ and 1-1/4″ so
that’s what this is going to look like. Okay this is our 1/2″, this is our
1 1/4″ and our 2″ and that’s how you’re going to fold it. We’re
going to fold it just like this .Now we need to cut off this little outside tab here
and we’re going to do that on both pieces. We’re going to cut on this score line also. This is the 2″nch score line.
Anytime you’re making bags or boxes where you have to put these ends
together you want to take a little sliver out of the tab so that they will
go together easier – it just makes them lay nicer. We’re going to do the same thing
here so I’ll repeat this we’re going to fold over that little tab and then do a
mountain and a valley here just like that. Now we’re
going to again cut off this little tab and cut this piece and trim out a little
sliver there. We folded up the bottom on this
piece on our gift bag – the bottom is folded up; the top we’re gonna fold
backwards because we want to see this on the outside of our bag. So again the top
we’re going to fold backwards just like that and at this point you can put some
adhesive in there to hold this down, so I’m just going to add a little bit of
liquid glue to this layer just to hold it in place. Then we’ve got our tops folded down
on both of these. Now we’re going to glue these tabs together on our gift bag and
we’re almost finished – that’s how simple this is. You want to use your bone folder
to go through and burnish those edges so you get good crisp folds. I’m going to do
the same thing over here, then we’re gonna add a little bit of glue
just to this tab right here. Don’t put too much glue – we have a tendency to use
too much glue and if you use too much glue
it’ll be oozing out all over the place. You don’t want that and you also don’t
want to have to hold it too long in place. The less glue you use the less
drying time there is and the better and happier your project is going to be. You
won’t get glue all over your fingers. You can also use any type of a very strong
adhesive – tear-n-tape works good, sticky strip, any type of a product like that.
Then you’re just going to simply pull these together, make sure everything’s squared up – I like
the glue because it gives you some wiggle room, right? It works really good.
And there’s our cute little bag. Now we’re going to finish up the bottom here –
we’re going to fold in these tabs and we’re going to add just a little bit of glue. So
I’m going to put a little bit of glue right here on the tabs and then fold this down.
now again this will wiggle around on you so you
want to make sure that you’re squaring your box up when we get this glue on
your bag. We’re going to square this up nicely – make sure
all those ends are matching up. Now I’m going to turn this over and put my hand
down in here so I can put some pressure inside to make sure that that’s glued in
place, just like that. Now that we have our bag done we can put our handles
on. If you want to you can trim these handles down so they’re not so long. You
get to decide now whether you want this side of your designer series paper to be
your handle or if you would like this to be your handle and I think I’m gonna go
with the peach color. I do have some brads to put in the handles. While it’s
not necessary it will certainly secure them in place so that they will never
come apart but if I were to do that I would glue this down first of all I’m
just gonna put a little dab of glue on my handle, make sure that’s nice and straight, and
then I’m going to add a brad in the center of one of these little die cut
flowers. Now the flowers are just a nice little embellishment – they’re not
necessary but they’re going to dress up your gift bag a little bit if you happen
to have a flower that you can add. I’m just going to grab one of these
little silver brads and add that, and now I know that my
handles are never going to come off, right? Not unless you tear them off. Push that
down there – isn’t that cute? Add a little bit of glue over here… that was a lot of
glue. Then I’m going to come in here and add
one of my die cut flowers – there we go. We’re going to do the same
thing to the other side. Get that paper out and make some gift bags!
I’ll show you a matching card in just a second that I made with another piece of
this gorgeous designer series paper – the other pattern that I showed at the
beginning of the video. I do have a matching card that goes with that and
it’s oh so pretty. It really takes your gift-giving from
special to fabulous, right? All gifts that we give are great but if somebody knows
that you put time and effort into making them extra special it’s just a bonus. And there’s our last flower, there we go. Here is our adorable little gift bag.
Isn’t that precious? so here is the other bag that I showed you at the beginning
that I made – this comes out of the same pack of paper. I put a
little tag on it here with some ribbon and I also made a matching card with
those scraps that are left from your gift bag. So thanks a lot for joining me
for this video today – if you happen to make one of these bags please upload it
to the Splitcoast gallery for the designer series gift bag so that we can
see your creativity at work too. For more information and more creative ideas
you can visit my blog at Thanks so much have a great day, bye

11 thoughts on “Designer Paper Gift Bag

  1. Thanks for a great video and gift bag with matching cards. I always love using the scraps, and you've used them beautifully! Thanks for the time in doing the video and the tutorial, Kelly! Hugs!

  2. This is such a cute idea!! Thank you for sharing!! I think this would be a great way to use retired dsp!!
    May I have your permission to use this to make gift bag/card kits to sell at bazaars?

  3. Excellent tutorial, Kelly!!! I'm glad you included such thorough & detailed instructions, and didn't speed through or skip over any important parts. Love how your bags came out, and a neat idea to make a matching tag & card from the scraps! 🙂

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