Design Your Own Multi Sided Box the Pentagon Dollar Money Origami MoneyGami © #DrPhu Part 1

Design Your Own Multi Sided Box the Pentagon Dollar Money Origami MoneyGami © #DrPhu Part 1

Hello everyone in this Brief basic tutorial I will show you how to design your own Multi-sided box of this type We’ve got the three sided box Pretty cool that one it’s a little bit more difficult We’ve got the square box I’ve got a video tutorial on this box On my channel, but the five sided box the Pentagon Six sided hexagon box Yep seven sided box. There it is seven sides And the eight sided box I just did a tutorial on that So I didn’t do a nine or ten yet, but you can you can Let’s do the five sided Right. I haven’t even hardly made this shit. I didn’t even make the bottom and Let’s let’s show you how to make the top if you wanted to design your own So what you do is The dollar is 156 mm across And then vertical It’s 66 MM ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN MM So based on those numbers if you want to make a five sided box You’ve got to determine how wide the sides are gonna be So you get your calculator? And you’re gonna you need an extra flap on this type box so you put in 156 and Then you divide by six in this case Because we’re gonna make six Equal flaps and normally this is the bottom, but we’re gonna make it at the top So you’re gonna have to actually learn how to design your own a little bit From watching the other videos and see how to make one a little bit bigger or smaller So that means that 26 centimeters Is gonna be the width of each side? Now we’ve got to determine the angle of the folding Of these Top pieces So what you do on that is You you you know, you have 26 wide Millimeters on your panel So I’ve got some graph paper here each square is five millimeters So we’re going to draw a vertical line On the graph paper and That’s like the left side of the dollar and then this is gonna be the top of the dollar going across Just a representation You don’t need to draw the whole bill so there’s the top left corner of the dollar now You’ve got to determine the angle of the folds And so it turns out What we want five angles To make not 360 that’s wrong a hundred and eighty degrees You know or you can measure differently but this is how you can do it Okay, so you’ve got a hundred and eighty degrees. That’s the same for all the boxes that being 180 and Then you divide by five angles we want to make Comes up to 36 degrees So, that’s our angle So now we’ve got to draw a 36 degree angle in the top here So you just you need a little protractor? This little tiny cheapo one is good enough And it’s just you know, if you gotta know how to work one this one you put the the little X in the center right there on your point and Then you turn it right here till it’s at 36 There’s the 30 that’s 35 and then just a little bit past So it goes right there When it goes this way, so I’m a Teta in 136 degree angle from here to here So, uh 36 degrees I’m here to whatever that line is And so now we turn it to 36 35 Plus a little bit more 36 Line up our center dot right here And so now we’ve got 36 degrees and you just draw a little line Now each panel We said was going to be 26 MM and each one of these is 5 so 5 10 15 20 25 and One millimeter past that so that’s right there So now you have to draw another vertical line Connecting these so now you’ve got a little rectangle panel 26 millimeters wide it sits about there So The shorter line is it really so now what you do from this point you Draw through your line of your angle Over to here and So now You measure down 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 And it really goes to 36 right here 36 MM ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN MM So now what you do is you divide your bill into six panels and then 36 Millimeters is the amount of material. You need to cover the top. So 35 36 and your fold would be right there So now Keeping that mark So now we have 36 Centimeters vertical and Then you would divide your bill in 2 sixes into 6 So you divide it in half? and Then you already know from your math That each panel is 5 10 15 20 25 26 so with a little ruler like these you can just slide it over to 26 and Make a mark right there Fold that in and You want to do all the folds the same direction if you can so we’re going to reverse that one But these are all 26 or you can divide each side into thirds What’s it? With the S method if you want So this one we’re really gonna reverse Yeah, I think is right about there but we’ll just just check it anyway I Want the Little demo to come out Do you send it out right so It’s a little bit off, but that’s fine Then you can Flip this Cruz to the center crease and Line up those points Flip it over Come on up those two points So now you’ve got your three pieces over here And line up the center with this one see that one’s right there Blowing that up And that up Cuz we’re just going through this real quick. So now you’ve got your six pieces and Somewhere we measured 36 it was right here 36 Just just Check it again. It’s it’s a little bit off boy. Every time you fold the dollar you lose a little bit of material so when it’s like this, it’s 66 So I’m off 67, but then if you measure from here to here You know, that’s 35 and the other piece is 32 So we didn’t really lose any yet, but anyway it seems like it does when you do it So then you just you crease that down Watch the square box tutorial or the more gamma to peace box To see how you fold If you have any questions now, this is the sides of the box And you don’t want this to be the edge of the box. It’s just too flimsy So you just fold that in and if it’s gonna be the top you make it short, it’s gonna be the bottom you make it longer so I’m just gonna make a Little top of a box or something folding that in all the way to the crease because we’re just demonstrating the method Of designing your own like you can try to make a nine sided box after you learn how to do we’re doing a five and I just did it this way and It came out awesome So then you do these little angle folds right here now Excuse me All right. See you did these little angle folds right here. And so that point is is this crease mark point right here and That point is the corner of the bill And so you get folded all the way over until that makes perfect little point There we go And make sure it goes right to that point Crease it down. You can even you know, turn it upside down and Embed that fold good then you do the next one So yeah you need some Intermediate origami skills to do this, but if B if you can fold some decent stuff you can design your own box like this and That’s going all the way. There’s this straight crease is right here And so we’re going all the way to that Punk And that’s that’s the technique all the boxes I just showed in the video So And you can change it up after you learn how to make it and you don’t have to make the top this big later Maybe maybe we’ll make some videos on that Later on Let’s see. It’s starting to be a pentagon shape On the Pentagon the top sticks out across the edge So making it shorter would be a neat thing to learn on this one But this is this is the basic principle For all those boxes I should now that one you can tell right where that point is Because the paper stopped folding Man you’ve got this one Keep this nice and flat. Whoops trying to slip out on all the way over to that point Right And then the last one you just fold over from point to point right here so There you go, I Just wrap this around Tuck one inside the other Now when you’re when you really get to starting to make the bottom of the top one’s gonna be shorter And so you tuck the shorter one inside the full length side and then It helps a little bit. I think use a little binder clip and hold that together So now this the slap lines up with that one on that angle You’ve got your Pentagon shape and the horizontal lines the vertical lines that you folded to divide the paper into six pieces remain Mountain folds and The angle ones are the valley folds and you just twist it on together and down and there is your box and Different ones are a little bit harder. I Think the square one’s about the easiest and this one’s fairly good You can even leave the top like that. That is a cool design For the Pentagon one or You can just fold these points under these little sides Make sure it’s how you want to keep it And what I learn now is you start at the edge of the paper one. So that’s this one edge of the paper and you fold that point under first And it’s not very deep of a fold keep your finger to the bottom Or you can use the tool to Fold it If you have one of these rulers, I’ll show you how to Crease it down. Really Well and go to the next point fold it under the next flap And so on all five points And that’s a real simple way to Actually design your own box because you get to decide how tall And after you make several of them You’ll realize you can make this longer or shorter, too Giving you more flexibility in height of the box And so now I’m all tucked in And it makes its own little Pentagon on the top. I don’t came out a little bit Now what you do if you get one of these you get a little flat tool definitely You know noragami fold and bone I’m sure comes in handy we have to try one of those out But you could stick it under there now You got something really solid to pinch these folds on and There you go. So I hope you liked the tutorial about the basic design instructions For making your own little design It’s just this simple math to make all these different kinds of boxes Enjoy Thanks for watching

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  2. I did a moneygami mágic ball and a Bull using a dollar Bill. I love origami if you want, check my channel.

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