DESIGN TEAM Kit Reveal from the Rubber Cafe (no longer available)

DESIGN TEAM Kit Reveal from the Rubber Cafe (no longer available)

Hi everybody! I just wanted to come on here
and tell you about this kit club that I am a part of. It is called The Rubber Cafe Creative
Card Kit Club and let me tell you. I am so impressed with the kits and what Melissa puts
in them. This is by far one of most favorite kits that I’ve received and I can’t wait to
get started playing with it. Let me just dive right in! It comes in this nice box. I also
use it for storage.I just write the month on the side and then I can stack them up.
Then later on, I’ll probably figure out some other way to store them so that I can see
all the items that I have in there or when I have leftovers and I want to create something
else but I do love these boxes. They come shipped like this every month. I have already
opened it so it would be easier for me to show you. Now each kit comes with ribbon and
Melissa gets nice, nice sheer ribbon. This is good quality stuff. This isn’t the cheap
ribbon that frays or doesn’t hold. This is very nice. It comes in this brown and you
get a good amount of it. I mean that is probably a good yard and a half if not two yards. So
you get the brown. You’ll also get the pink which is a really, really pretty pink. It’s
like a baby pink. It’s probably, no it’s not showing up as dark on the video, but it is
. . it’s like a medium pink. It’s not really light like it is showing here. Let me see
if we can get a closeup. The light that is in here is probably reflecting a little bit off of
it but I don’t know if you can tell on the video but look at that shine. Isn’t that gorgeous?
I mean this is really good ribbon. So you get the white and then you also get twine
with this kit and this is so versatile. I love making bows with it and again you get
a good amount. She is very generous with her product. Then we have these little roses and
these are so cute. These are similar to the ones you can find at different places online.
She gives you a whole bunch. Then . . she has these cute little tags. Look at these
little tags that you can put on your card or any other project that you are going to
be doing and that would look really great with that twine. Then this bling. This bling
I have to tell that these are called frosties. They do not have any dimension but look look
at how shiney and just adorable they are. That’s from Queen & Company and that is by
far one of my favorite bling companies. Then you also have what they call Jellies but they
are so similar to those enamel dots that are so popular right now so you should go check
them out. These are Jellies and these are in Tan and again that’s Queen & Company. Then
in this kit you also get the Vintage Lace Bazzill Basics Cardstock Stickers. These go
so well with the kit. Look at that. It’s so shabby. . . so chic. I love all the sentiments
on it. The colors. This is just my style right here and then you also get the coordinating
paper. This came with a plastic cover on it. It’s not bound on the end which I like because
inevitably when you are trying to tear the paper out those paper pads they rip or tear
and I’m not really good about doing that but these are loose and come in a little plastic.
It’s by Bazzill Basics and I’ll just go through real quick. The paper, I just love it. You
can see the front and the back and you get three sheets so if you like the back design
or the front, whichever one, you have plenty to work with. Isn’t that pretty? Look at that
one. and that one there with the nondescrip. I really like it . . uh. . blue . . look at
that. So shabby. Love it. Ohh that’s pretty too. Look at that! Okay so that’s the paper.
You get a whole pack. Then you get these cute little embellishments. They are not like regular
. . oh what do you call them . . regular . . uh . . plastic embellishments. These have like
a little felt covering on them. So they are really soft when you feel them. That would
drive my friend nuts because she can’t handle anything velvet. Hi Brandy . . (laugh) Yeah
those are really really cute. I like those. Then you also get this paper. She does such
a wonderful job with giving you different textures and not just different colors but
different textuers. Some of it is embossed and some is just kraft but look you get this
really pretty bubble gum pink color and then you get the brown. This has a texture to it.
Okay I’m not sure if you are going to be able to see that or not but it has like a swirly
texture on it. See if I can get it right in the light. Maybe you can see that or not.
I love that. It’s like an embossing over the swirls. Bazzill calls it White Swirl Embossed.
I’ll hold that up there for you. See it? Then she also has the Bazzill Peanut Cluster and
this kind of like a kraft cardstock. See that? Okay. Then you get this really pretty . . oh
that matches my nail polish. Look at that perfect match. I love that color. That’s also
a texture. It’s like the orange peel texture. Then you get the cream. Just normal cream.
Now you not only get all of that but you get one of these stamp sets that comes in the
main kit but you have the option of purchasing the add-on. So here is the stamp set that
comes in the main kit. Oh my goodness. Let me hold it up to you. I’ll use a piece of
cardstock. This is so pretty! It’s shabby chic. It’s just awesome. Look at that stamp
set. Look at those flowers. You get the perfume bottle and the sayings I love them. They are
so cute. There’s a friend saying there. The swirls. I really really like this kit. Look
at that hat. That’s so shabby and the telephone. Love the little border on there. Again that’s
the main stamp set that you get in the kit. Then you have the option of buying the add-on
and this add on, oh, I think this is my favorite. This add-on has it all. Look at that. It’s
got the parasol. It’s got sandles that are strappy, a dressform, and a little broach
and a purse and look at that little coin purse. It’s adorable! Then you’ve got the sexy shoes
and the sayings. Oh I just love this kit. I’m telling ya. I can’t wait to work with
it. Alright. So if you like this kit and you want to go get it, you are going to have to
RUN over to the The Rubber Cafe because they only put their kits up until the end of the
month. Then pretty soon, probably within the next month or so they will probably put them
in the . . the storefront but run and get your kit now because it’s not going to be
available for much longer. Again that’s The Rubber Alright.That’s my video.
Talk to you later. Bye.

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  1. Oh darn! Didn't see that this was in 2014 at first and got all excited. It doesn't seem like she's doing this anymore.

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