Design Notebook –  Use What You Have – Sustainable Fashion

Design Notebook – Use What You Have – Sustainable Fashion

This video is from my Design Notebook Series I have made a decision not to buy any more fabric
until I have used up all that I have stored I am sure I am not alone
in that I often over buy thinking for example I might make a jacket to go with the skirt I’m planning Or I come across a lovely fabric
and buy it without a plan for it These days, I work out my cutting out layout beforehand
and buy exactly what I need Follow the hashtags
#usewhatyouhave and #sustainablefashion I have had this furnishing fabric for years and have always thought
it would make a great coat or jacket Recently I have been drawn to the idea of using
the wrong side – what beautiful colours and this would be great over jeans I bought this lovely Sand Sharkskin
Italian Pure Wool Suiting last year from only because it was on special offer
and these colours go so well together I was going to make a suit
but perhaps I should team these two up instead For the coat I’m thinking of an eighteenth century style
man’s frock coat shape A high rever collar A square shoulder with some padding shaped to a narrow waist and then a full skirt to the hem Slim sleeves and bold cuffs Welt pockets at the low hip line This would need to be a princess line cut Small buttons and buttonholes all the way down the front So what would look good underneath? I am not sure what to do at the neck but a tailored
all in one culotte dress appeals to me Cut to well below the knee
This is very on trend I hope I have enough fabric for the coat The fabric is 137cm, that is 54” wide
and I have 1.8 metres I can make the coat shorter if necessary Next I have this wonderfully bold woven tweed I bought it from Fabric Land a few years ago
the last time this style was trending I thought I had missed the boat
I still love it and it’s back on trend this year I hope to make an oversized coat with a big shawl collar and a roomy drop shoulder Cut full for pulling in with a wide leather belt To wear with slacks or jeans Roomy sleeves with bold cuffs The coat will be big enough to accommodate
a chunky pollo neck sweater underneath I may even cut this on the cross Or maybe an unbelted version with bold buttons And oversized patch pockets I could make this coat even longer
considering how much fabric I have All the way down to the calf
is very fashionable at the moment At least I now have some ideas scribbled down and hopefully I will have this pattern
available on my site soon Lastly, I bought just 1 metre of this
beautiful Harris Tweed last year from
to add to my collection of pencil skirts but I didn’t get around to making it up I love this flecky weave It is 150cm that is 60” wide and I bought just 1 metre Now I wish I had more as I have decided
it would be much nicer as a jacket I believe I have enough for a short boxy jacket
with three quarter length sleeves I will decide on the length when I cut the pattern So this is a tailored jacket, again square
across the shoulder with soft shoulder padding The sleeve crown will be high
to give me the square shoulder line I can trim the cuffs with a vent
and fancy buttons for extra interest Panels will help me get the most out of the fabric I’ll probably slip in some pocket flaps
into the panel seam just for show A few nice buttons down the front This would be great over a dress a pencil skirt or wear it with black jeans Perhaps a delicate silk shirt with a neat Peter Pan collar For a Chanel Jacket look
adding braid would be a great finish Made up in hard wearing Harris Tweed this versatile
jacket will last for ever! I will be publishing these patterns for you to download This series will continue in an effort to use up
all the fabrics I have been storing for so long I hope I have inspired you to do the same Please subscribe to my channel
to be kept up to date with videos and patterns And of course please visit my site for the best and easiest PDF Sewing Patterns Thank you for watching this tutorial

5 thoughts on “Design Notebook – Use What You Have – Sustainable Fashion

  1. Now that was a fashionable design. Please include the EU measurements standards since it is different from the UK.

  2. I love this idea. I am currently doing this with some fabric I had left over from some dresses I made for my mom this summer. I was also lucky enough to find an old shirt jacket pattern from 1972 at a yard sale. I am making one with some of the fabric and I think it will be so fun to wear when I get it done. Old becomes new again. Thank you for your wonderful videos. I am self taught and always looking to learn techniques. Your videos are so nicely done and calming too. I learn something new every time.
    Dedra from Indiana, USA

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