deli paper envelopes stencilled & stamped (2 diferent ways for junk journals)

deli paper envelopes stencilled & stamped (2 diferent ways for junk journals)

feeling a little art craft crazy
hi I’m Donna from art craft crazy. and I’d like to show you how I made these
beautiful lightweight deli paper envelopes. I’m using deli paper you can see here it’s
quite transparent it’s very light it’s it’s not tissue paper it’s actually a
food style paper now what I’ve done is I’ve grabbed an A4 piece of paper and
I’ve wrapped the deli paper around it I taped it at the back using a bit of
washi tape just so it’s easy to remove and I’ve done it like this to hold it
down on both sides so make sure you’ve got enough tape to make it stay square
now once you put that through your printer you’ve got this beautiful light
soft print now I’ve used the ode to the bees which is a printable from Nick the
book Smith I backed it off at 80% and that just gave me the bees and when you
take it off the background paper just work out where you want your pattern to
be I’ve provided the pattern for you for free for this one this pattern will go
across the page that way and you can turn it around and put it on the
portrait now just trace around it I’m just using pencil now that we’ve traced around it just you
can use scissors I’ve just used a craft knife it just gives me especially for
envelopes it gives me a nice clean edge because this paper is very light just
take your time when you cut it because if you drag your knife across and it’s
not sharp it’ll just sort of scrunch it up and tear it rather than cut it so do
take your time now rub out the lines the pencil lines now we’re ready to actually
put the envelope together it is pretty easy to make so just flip it over and
get your ruler on that straight line and fold over the first flap of the side I
just used my skin and cut scraper to do this because it’s really fine pushing it
against the ruler and do the same to the other side make a parallel with the edge
of the envelope and fold down that flap now this flap can be put on the inside
of the envelope or the outside I’ll show you in a minute now we’re going to fold
the back piece towards the flap just use your fingers to crease this envelope is
designed that the flaps go under this top piece but you can if you want to and
if it’s a look you’re after you can put it over the top and square the flip off and fold it these now are the flaps what they look
like and over-the-top like I said you might not like this the little side
panels showing over the top it just once they’re glued down they’re not as
noticeable but I’m going to put mine underneath I’m using art glitter glue
today because it dries clear and you only need the tiniest amount now don’t
put it all the way up that side fold piece because the well the back of the
envelope only comes up to the angle of that now that’s pretty much your
envelope made you can round the corners the job I didn’t do on my first one but
I’ll do it on this one now do take your time again because this dolly paper is
just a different paper to work with you can leave it like this or you can use
your distress ink to put our stencil design on it I’ve used a honeycomb and a
flower stencil you could leave the envelope plain like this just with the bees on it
it’s got I printed this at 80% so it’s hasn’t got the honeycomb showing
that come on the actual printout I backed it off because I want to use my
own colors and my own designs on it but I’m going to use two stencils my first
one will be the honeycomb and I’m going to do it in two colors the dried
marigold and the abandoned coral and then I’m going to go over the top with
these flowers and I’ll do that in the vintage
photo it just gives a little bit of a different look and I think that looks
really pretty and so you just start off by using my dried marigold first don’t
need to go overly heavy you just want it to show up it’s a good idea to let your
paper dry too before you start doing this sort of stuff so I’m getting some
light and some dark in it I’ve got this side let me take it off a bit lighter change colors and go in with some “abandoned coral” the reason I’ve done the change of
colors is to just give it a bit more of a floral look I’m putting the stencil back on where it
was before just so that it doesn’t look too messed up and very lightly just
adding some pink in there I line it up down here and you can actually not put
any more color in and get some good color out of that so if you want it to
fade out just back it off ever so slightly and that fades out it gives a
bit of interest there now I’m going back over the same pattern again I’ve got to
remember so you’ve got to line up the two going very light on the front I
don’t want it too obvious and I’m going to darken this corner and blend it out this one here I’ll do similar and I am
just you know I’m just going to blend it in to this one here now I’m going to use
the vintage photo and put some I’m not going to do the whole thing I’m just
going to pick some random areas so two or three flowers show up and I’ll go
dark in the middle again dark in the middle again I’m just picking those
three flowers and then I’m blending it out gently so down here I’ll just pick that flower
blend it in the middle and just blend it out you can have a sneak peak before you
pick it up to know if you need to go darker and that looks very pretty it’s
one of my favorite techniques now if you don’t want it to go under here which I
don’t just grab a piece of paper and put here I’ll do one full flower in the
middle and then blend it out and I’ll put some more down here blending out dark in the middle and that
just gives that nice extra something something and that’s the envelope all
finished this deli paper is just so nice to work
with it just gives you a another use for it other than just using it as pages in
your book you can make these envelopes you can make them in a variety of styles
I’ve made this one with the square with the big bigger size envelope which are
really lovely to put in your journals and then I’ve also made one in the
traditional size which is a lot smaller so if you’ve got some patterns of the
envelopes and you want to make it just a little bit smaller that’s about four and
a half inches by three that I just used a full stamp and after I’ve made the
envelope and I just stamped on that and I’ve colored the edges both front and
back and just very slightly on the edge of this one
just to give it some a you know a nice line so get your dely paper you can go crazy
and fill it all in and get something totally different it’s
ideal for making these envelopes if you haven’t got any glassine envelopes and
you’ve got plenty of this deli paper it’s a good idea to, um help you use
some of that up… i’m donna from art craft crazy thanks for watching and bye for

19 thoughts on “deli paper envelopes stencilled & stamped (2 diferent ways for junk journals)

  1. We call that parchment paper. What you have is unbleached parchment. I think??? Never thought of using that. Can’t wait to try it. It comes in rolls here.

  2. You are one of my favorite channels to watch on a regular basis but I have made several attempts to get that envelope template and failed everytime..I must be doing something wrong!..but no matter what love this video and have learned sooo much from you. Hugs from Gina B

  3. The deli paper makes such soft and pretty vintage looking envelopes. Thank you for sharing this lovely idea πŸ™‚

  4. I love these!! Where did you get your stencils from? They are wonderful!! These are a Fantastic add on to your journals!! Tfs🧑

  5. Love your envelopes Donna! I would love to see how they are used in a journal and how to decorate with other pieces. tyfs!

  6. Hi New to your channel and I will be here often, loving what I'm seeing. I know your Australia as I am, I'd prefer to buy paper in the store. Can you please advise if Deli Paper is similar to either grease proof paper or the glad bake type of paper. THanks

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