Definition of Sustainability – Automotive Plastics and Crumple Zones

Definition of Sustainability – Automotive Plastics and Crumple Zones

Sustainability. It’s a word you’ve probably heard a lot
lately. But… what does it mean ??? We don’t stop developing new
technologies…. We don’t stop using energy…. We don’t stop driving… We keep doing all these things… but we do them smarter, and, BETTER!!! When it comes to today’s cars new lightweight plastics and composites
are making them safer and more fuel efficient than ever. It’s simple… Any lightweighted vehicle can consume less energy to move… every mile… for its ENTIRE useful life and the savings multiply globally! Using less fuel means lower emissions, potentially, MUCH lower emissions. Lower emissions can mean cleaner air for
us all. Is a lightweight sustainable car a safer car?? Of course. Consider the
difference between cars have the fifties and today’s lightweight family cars with
airbags, seatbelts, and multi-material crumple
zones. We can do all this…while creating the
beautiful and forward-looking cars of tomorrow Plastics even enable assembly-time
reductions new strength and stiffness properties
and opportunities for sustainable transportation, playing a role helping to conserve
resources and preserving our environment. That can mean our kids will have
resources for the future for technologies we can’t even imagine today. It means the cars up tomorrow will
build on the sustainable technologies were developing now using even more lightweight plastics and
composites to travel further on less and less fuel. We know our planet has finite resources but our ability to
find better ways to use those resources is infinite…that ability… means
SUSTAINABILITY… for today… and tomorrow… To find out how advanced plastics and
polymer composites in today’s cars are helping to ensure a sustainable tomorrow, More at and

14 thoughts on “Definition of Sustainability – Automotive Plastics and Crumple Zones

  1. I don't see how it's safe to have a lightweight car, when everyone will be driving their 50's to now heavy ass cars that will plow through your lightweight car and destroy you. But extra gas mileage is cool.

  2. Plastic can only be recycled at best a few times and is often made from oil.  It is not sustainable.  We need to use a lightweight material that can be recycled indefinitely and is abundant and doesn't create a huge amount of toxic byproducts during its manufacturing process.  Perhaps a car made from Gorilla Glass material.  Just need to make sure when it breaks the class breaks in such a way as not not become deadly shards.

  3. three links to help save the world

  4. How about an electric car, we did it before but they recalled and crushed them. We also had cars before that got between 35 to 45 per gallon, all the way up to 52 mpg, and now we have hybrids that get only 35.  Way to chain us to the pump.

  5. Please. Nothing but a Lie. Sustainability was attainable, you actually already did, but then Greed took it back.
    1991 Ford Festiva Built in Korea, 55mpg, 3cyl, 5 speed stick, 4 passenger commuter car. Why Did You Stop Making that car ?

  6. Id prefer a 1958 Impala, retooled, re-engineered, modern braking technology, in a big heavy car, speed limit 50mph.
    there is no need for speed unless you are on a race track.

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