100 thoughts on “Decoupage Tutorial Image Transfer on Canvas – Μεταφορά Εικόνας σε Καμβά – DIY Craft by Debi

  1. Hey Debi, I was Absolutely Enthralled, gorgeous work, I was wondering would you be willing to share where you get your images…and can I do this on wood??? thanks for you help

  2. Oh, es ist so schade, das ich Ihren Erklärungen nicht folgen könnte auch englisch beherrschen wir nicht. Sind 11 Anfängerinnen. Wir versuchen es jetzt über den Visuellen Eindruck dies nachzumachen. Das Bild ist wunderschön, einfach nur wunderschön

  3. Γιατί εκτύπωση λέιζερ και όχι ινκτζετ, υπάρχει πρόβλημα…; Επειδή εγώ έχω ινκτζετ γι αυτό ρωτάω. ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ

  4. Hello, Does the paper that I printed my image has to do with the transfer? For some reason that I don't know why the transfer does not work with me all the time. Please advice me. Thanks


    S IL VOUS PLAIT pouvez vous me dire ou trouver les IMAGES VISAGES ET POCHOIRS ARABESQUES BAROQUE ? car je n en trouve pas dans le commerce .MERCI

  6. Gia proti fora parakoloutho mia ergasia san tin dikiasas. Eime entiposiamenos ! Bravo ! Elpizo na epaneltho se alosas ergo mia epomeni fora ! Klo vradi. Lefteriotis Andreas

  7. I'm going to try inkjet print glued to canvas. No transfer. Then do the body moulding and acrylic paint . Should work. Thanks for these ideas.

  8. Gifted by God! Art is Everything, Everything is Art! Duane Henry Hoefer Lyon! Purple Bear Productions! Jordan Kentucky USA, MANITOBA CANADA!

  9. Thank you 👏👏This was lovely and I’ve always wanted to know how to transfer an image! 😍🌸

  10. Maravillosooooooooooo!! felicidades por tu trabajo y creatividad.
    Saludos desde SudAmericaaaaaa

  11. Run this by me again; how does this glue-on job count as art??! Wow, live and learn, my friends, live and learn! And, here I have been thinking that the junk they call 'abstract painting' was the king (or queen) of them all…

  12. how to paint… if you cant paint…

    1. steal other peoples work…
    2. cover the edges with paint…
    3. profit…

  13. Coucou …. C'est magnifique ce que tu fais !!!! Peux tu me dire où tu prends les photos stp ? Moi j'ai essayé avec une vrai photo, mais ça ne marche pas 🙂 Merci pour ce magnifique tuto 💖💖

  14. This is a piece of art. Many decoupage videos are simply of people sticking a picture to a surface, but this has real artistic merit. Very creative.

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  16. Богиня искусства. На картинке еще одна богиня, которая радует сердца.

  17. Sometimes you have to know your limits and when to quit. It started off nice then pretty, then beautiful and then why. Why finish it like that? Oh well. Lol

  18. I am making decals for my surfboards so im going to rub my dog picture down onto rice paper/tissue and then pregnate the resin through it laminating the 6onz /40nz fibreglass cloth over the picture/logo. hope to get back to you on the results SURFS UP    GREAT VIDEO THANKS

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