Decoupage tutorial for beginners – DIY.  How to decoupage a box. Serviettentechnik.

Decoupage tutorial for beginners – DIY. How to decoupage a box. Serviettentechnik.

Paint all the surfaces of the box except the top with grey acrylic paint. Paint the top of box with white acrylic paint. Carefully tear the motif out of napkin. As a rule a napkin has 3 layers. Use the top one. Put the napkin on a regulare film (punched pocket). Pour water on the napkin. Carefully smooth the napkin out by fan brush. Lift the film together with the napkin to let water flow down. Put the film together with the napkin on the top of box. Carefully remove the film. Carefully smooth the napkin out by fan brush. Apply glue immediately to the center of motif. (Water down glue 1:1). Spread glue from the center to napkin borders. After drying apply the acrylic varnish. Paint the top of the box (near the motive) with acrylic paints. After drying apply the acrylic varnish. Add the ink to the silicon stamp. Than stamp the image compress hard. Paint the surface with rose acrylic paint in dry brush technique. After drying apply the acrylic varnish. Fasten the decorative handle. Glue the decorative laces.

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  1. Everything you make is beautiful, thank you for sharing.  Do you have a tutorial for the dry brush technique as I didn't quite understand what you did for that part?

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Some us crafters just lost another crafting friend, fast & unexpected. We are going to do a memory box in her honor for her family with bits of stuff from her friends. I think I am going to do this for the top of box. It just turn out so beautifully. It would make a great base for everyone stuff to sit upon. I was just wondering what the film was you used under the napkin when applying the water? Again, thank you, I love your work. Karen.

  3. Very pretty box but I am a beginner I. Decoupage and I think it would have it easier to understand if you talked and explained it because I would have like to know why you put it on plastic and what was the first liquid you applied and then the second liquid and then how to do the technique with the sponge brush.. Just a suggestion but it did come out so pretty thank you for sharing with us

  4. Loved the video, but what was the liquid you poured on the napkin before you put it on the box?  Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this video. You have helped me better understand how to decoupage. However, I find in crafting, there is a such a large variety of products that I can never be sure what the instructor is using in their videos. For example, what type of ink are you using? Could I use acrylic paint on the stamp?

  6. Svetlana, I am interested in purchasing the clear (acrylic) stamp you use in this tutorial.  I can't find it on your web site.  Thanks

  7. can I use almost any kind of paper? it just has to be kind if thin paper? I want to use a map, music sheet or free vintage printable images.

  8. Mravillosa. Un ejemplo de paciencia. Me encanta. Gracias por compartir el tutorial completo. Un beso desde España.

  9. how do you paint the top of the box without getting any pain on the SIDES of the box top?? I can't figure it out. Thank you!

  10. I went to settings English subtitle on youtube and it helps to have more understanding. It seems easy when you just watch the video. However, as the BEGINNER, it still confuses me. What kind of glue to use, what varnish to use, how long to leave the item to dry and etc. But thank you for sharing this video anyway.

  11. Loved all the little details you kept adding. Just when I thought it couldn't get any prettier, you kept adding to make it even more beautiful! ♥️

  12. coucou Svetlana ta réalisation est splendide!! j'aime beaucoup faire du serviettage et tt ce que tu as fais est dans des tons très doux ce qui est très agréable. Merci beaucoup pour le temps et la passion que tu as prise 🤗
    🌹 Scrap'bisous 🌹

  13. Светлана а где это у вас такая студия если в Германии я бы хотела ваш номер телефона спросить если можно

  14. I have to agree with Christines MovieReview. Beautiful results but no idea what you are using etc, etc. etc.

  15. На заднем плане столько заготовок для работ , целая мастерская вот бы мне такую , клевоооо :))))

  16. I am currently on your site attempting to purchase the items needed for this project. Most of what is needed I can purchase from your site, however, some of the items are no longer available. Would you please be so kind as to give a better description of items needed? The brushes you suggest are no longer available on your site, but because I don't know the size, I'm unable to find these items elsewhere. The sand colored acrylic paint, for example, what brand is it?

  17. Hi! I was wondering what kind of glue you were using? Is it special glue for fabrics or the same glue like for napkins? Or maybe it is the simple glue? Thank you!

  18. Iwould like to thank u for the wonderful idea how to stick th napkin easly without wrinkles i tried it and it really works
    Thank you ❤

  19. What a load of twaddle! I have no idea what I have been watching, let alone learn anything from it. What's in the bottle? Lemonade???

  20. There are English subtitles on all ours videos. Ci sono i sottotitoli in Italiano. Hay subtítulos en español.
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  21. I just found you!! Used to be your loyal subscriber, I changed countries and phones, Happy to found you again subscribe again, and keep learning from you! THANKS

  22. First off, this is gorgeous. Have you ever tried to cut in with some real tight close up shots while you're actually working? Dry brushing effect is hard to see from a distance. I was thinking maybe an overhead camera.
    Grazie mille!

  23. Beautiful video, well orchestrated, instructions very clear. Thank you. (Did have to turn off the sound as the repetitive music was driving me a bit nuts but I'm a bit nuts anyway.)

  24. The knobby handle kind of ruined it … It really wasn't necessary … Even the lace was a bit much… but other than that, I really like it

    I grew up in a family of artists but my parents are gone now and we all moved i the course of time, but watching this brought back many memories of hours of wonderful times doing all sorts of arts and crafts … Thank-you

  25. i sotto titoli sono in inglese,ma io, parlo come mangio,e il mio piatto forte è la pasta con il ragù o pomodoro, dio caro !

  26. Нравится всё кроме ручки. Я сделала бы её светлой. Любой тон сочетающийся с основным цветом шкатулки.

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