Decoupage Stones  Painted Rock

Decoupage Stones Painted Rock

here we go
we are going to be using these sanatorini nice stones my friend gave them to me so
I am gonna see how they do I’m not gonna do a base paint background I’m just
gonna go from here I cut out these two little things from the magazine I don’t
have great scissors but what a lot of people do is they would actually cut
that entire silhouette out and then put it on there where it looks like it’s all
separated not where it’s one big piece but I just don’t have scissors for the
it don’t turn this rock this way now put that on there so messy just just me love it yes there
we go this brush has seen better days that’s washed out this will do oh no
that does not look great no no no but it is getting up some of that extra glue
that I have on there okay so that will be I’m just gonna sop up this glue and now I’m gonna still look for a
regular brush just gonna have to use a sponge one there’s something on that one
so there we go get that off of there I’m gonna get all these bubbles out
there’s a lot of bubbles from the spongy one that I just use which this one’s
spongy too but I’m not gonna use it as a sponge I’m wiping with it okay that is how it’s gonna look for now
I will get back on once it dries as promised! I would be back once this dries
this one has some bubbles in the top so I am going to write something on these
to make it not so obvious and I am going to use this micro line 0.5 I’m just gonna write
the great outdoors and then on this one I’m gonna write it
smaller now we’ll want to go over that again already dry that one will seal them an hide ’em I’ll
post them on Pinterest once they’re done

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